Split Point Drill Bit Vs. Standard Bits

Split point drill bit and standard bits are the tools we use to cut material and make holes. Generally, the holes these machines create are circular. Drills are used to make holes in different materials and are found in different shapes.

The use of the right drill bit can help you work faster and save your money and time. Hence, we have given in this article the difference between the split point drill bit and standard bits in detail to make you understand it more clearly.

Split Point Drill Bit Vs. Standard Bits

Difference Between Split Point Drill Bit Vs. Standard Bits

The split point drill bit is used to cut metals and hardwoods, whereas the standard bit is suitable for wood cutting. Both the machines have different degrees with angle points. The split point drill bit has 135-degree angle points that are designed to cut metal. Standard bits are also known as regular point drill bits with a 118-degree angle point known to be the all-purpose point. It tends to cut mostly all materials.

The split point drill bit consists of two cutting edges and a chisel edge in the center of the drill point that chisels the material. This chisel edge also aids the drill to walk across the material. Standard bits that are specifically designed to cut wood contain a longer point angle of 80 degrees. It helps you with excess splintering on the wood backside when you are drilling through the wood.

Split Point Drill Bits

The split point drill bit is designed to cut metals with a point angle of 135 degrees. It can also cut hardwoods. The split point drill bit has two cutting edges with an additional chisel (located at the center of the drill point edge). This chisel edge serves two purposes.

Split Point Drill Bits

First, it is used to carve and chisel the metal or hardwood. Second, it makes the drill possible to go across the material. There are two additional edges of the split point drill that are grounded into the chisel edge. These additional edges make the whole point of the drill into a single long cutting edge. It benefits by reducing the manual pressure required to make the drill cut.

The split point drill bit is a self-centered drill machine that starts cutting the material right when it comes to contact. These characteristics are suitable and the best for drilling in metal also some harder wood.

Standard Bits

Standard bits contain an all-purpose angle point of 118-degree. This drill bit is also known by the names regular point or v-point drill bits. Its angle points are suited to cut metals, but standard drills are also designed to cut wood. However, the standard bits for wood cutting usually have a longer point angle of 80 degrees.

standard drill bits

This longer point angle (80 degrees) can help you with excess splintering while drilling through the wood. Most of the time, it works on a 118-degree point angle as it is designed to cut many materials. It is a speed bit that features three grooves in its shaft. It helps to lift away debris while drilling. As a result, you can drill holes faster without bothering any obstacles.


The split point drill bits and standard points drill bits are quite different from each other. But both are used for cutting purposes and for creating holes. In a nutshell, if you want to work on metals, you must use split point drills as it is designed for metals. In contrast, to work on woods, use standard drill bits with longer angle points.

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