Can You Shred Chicken in Food Processor?

A short answer to this question is a yes. There are various ways to process chicken depending on different recipes. Many of you find it challenging to properly process the meat while the food processer resolved this confusion.

Shredded meat is the best form of processed meat, and thus, a large number of chicken recipes use shredded chicken. Out of many different ways to shred chicken, chipping it in a food processor is the most common. Read on to know that how you can shred chicken in a food processor.

Can You Shred Chicken in Food Processor

Old Methods to Shred Chicken

When the use of a food processor was not common, people shred chicken in different ways. Some of these ways include the use of:

  • Fork and knife. It is a very common, cheapest but time and effort-taking method of chicken shredding. In it, you boil the chicken, and then you shred it manually with the help of a single folk or two. However, this method is not convenient in the case of a large amount of meat.
  • Okhli. Okhli is a bowl-shaped vessel in which you can grind substances with the help of a pestle. Even today, people use okhli to shred chicken by putting small cubes of boneless chicken in the vessel and crush it with the pestle. People also observe this method for smaller amounts of meat.
Old Methods to Shred Chicken

Food Processor For Chicken Shred

Food Processors were developed to shred a large amount of meat. At first, there were manual food processors with the blades. These manual processors are still available in the market. Electric food processors appeared on the screen in almost the 19th century.

Electric food processors consist of a capped vessel with a blade. You have to put the chicken in that bowl, cap the bowl and connect the vessel’s switch to electricity. Your processor will starts crushing the meat into the smallest pieces with its mechanism of the fast rotation of blades.

How to Shred Chicken in Food Processor?

If you are not aware of the proper method of meat crushing using a food processor, you might end up getting crumbles in place of the chicken shreds. You can shred the larger quantities of chicken in a food processor within no time. But for that, you must have proper knowledge of the correct usage of the food processor’s blades. Continue reading to know that!

Cut Chicken Fillet into Small Pieces

Take your raw chicken fillet and cut it into pieces. Remember that you have to put only boneless chicken pieces into the food processor.

Cut Chicken Fillet into Small Pieces

Use Slicer Blade

We recommend you always use a “slicer blade” to shred chicken (instead of another shredder blade). A “slicer blade” is the top blade that uses a one slit to crush the meat into a fine texture.

Benefits to Shred Chicken in Food Processor

We have the following plus points to shred chicken in the food processor:

  • It saves manual labor and time.
  • It processes a large quantity of meat within no time.
  • Furthermore, it gives away to numerous recipes.
  • It is more hygienic rather than buying frozen shredded chicken from the grocery store.
  • Also, it saves your money.
  • You can store this meat in the freezer and can use it for one at least one month.
  • You have the advantage of crushing the spices, condiments, or vegetables along with the chicken in the food processor.

Recipes with Shred Chicken in Food Processor

You can shred chicken in the food processor to make plenty of recipes. Here are the following recipes that contain shred chicken:  

  • Chicken salad
  • Shredded BBQ
  • Chicken sandwich
  • Various Appetizers

Moreover, you can use it as an addition to pasta, macaroni, and to load the French fries. In addition to this, people largely use shred chicken to fill for quesadillas, enchiladas, burritos, and sandwiches.

Chicken salad

A food processor is used to shred any meat, including beef, pork, and mutton, but we notice it to process chicken more finely. Also, chicken is widely consumed more than any other meat throughout the world. So, the food processor increased the number of the recipes we create with chicken.


The food processor is a greater invention of modern technology that helps you reduce manual labor and your precious time. Chicken that is more than other meat throughout the world can be easily processed with it. It not only gives a good quality chicken shred but also helps you in making new recipes.

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