Nutribullet vs. Food Processor vs. Meat Grinder Compared!

Kitchen life hasn’t been easy until now. But with the new kitchen gadgets coming into the market, kitchen life has been easier and a bit more fun. Nutribullet, Meat grinders, and food processors are used for liquifying food items, mincing meat, vegetables, and even making soups. In this article, we will compare these three to know their similarities and differences.

Difference Between Nutribullet vs. Food Processor vs. Meat Grinder

Nutribullet breaks down natural foods and blends them into a smooth drink. In contrast, food processors are better suited for lightly grinding, cutting, mixing, and grating. In contrast, the meat grinders are precisely designed to break down all types of meat into adequate quantities.

Nutribullet vs. Food Processor vs. Meat Grinder Compared!
Difference Between Nutribullet vs. Food Processor vs. Meat Grinder

Nutribullet has a slimline or a cylindrical-shaped jar with the capacity to blend smoothies and soups. A food processor has a more bowl-like shape and is larger than a nutribullet to shred larger quantities of meat and vegetables. On the other hand, meat grinders don’t contain any jar or a bowl. It rather has a tray and a tube from where the meat moves to the screw for mincing.


There are a lot of superfoods with essential nutrients and various health benefits. But can you think of eating so many fruits, veggies, and nutrients together? Nutribullet makes it possible! Many superfoods store their nutrients and other beneficial contents in their skins and seeds, which we generally toss. Nutribullet offers a convenient method for combining all nutritious stuff, e.g., skin, seeds, and all, into one tasty drink. The package of nutribullet includes everything you require to get starting on making nutritional smoothies. It includes the following:

  • Extractor blade. Four long blades made from stainless steel attached to the base of the machine. The blades are divided into two parts, which allows them to better cut through the skin, seeds, and rinds.
  • Refining blade. A smooth blade of steel designed to grind the grains, nuts, seeds, and herbs.
  • Power base. The lowest part of the machine with a motor that powers the machine. The chords are attached here, which you can put into the socket.
  • A Durable Cup for Mixing. It is made from durable plastic. You can put your desired fruits or vegetables in this cup. 
  • Short Cup. You can use a shortcut when you want single-serving smoothies. It has a lip ring handle for easy handling.
  • Single-Portion Cup. It is a small cup with a handle on the side.
  • Re-useable lids. Two re-usable lids to keep your smoothies fresh.
  • Booklet. It’s a small booklet of the user’s guide on using the machine and making healthy recipes.

Nutribullet has a superfast speed, the blade’s unique design that cuts down everything inside the container and merges them into one smooth drink or smoothie. Put your chosen ingredients in the nutribullet and start the appliance by connecting the switch to the socket. It will combine all of the elements evenly with no time. The smoothies that you make by the nutribullet allow all the nutrients to be fully absorbed into the body.

Food Processor

Food processors made kitchen life a lot easier. Having a food processor in your kitchen is like having a chef with you. A food processor saves you from tons of boring and tiring preparation work. You can shred, slice, grate, chop vegetables, and chicken in it. Moreover, you can pulse butter or make dough from flour, all in a food processor.

Food Processor

Food processors serve various functions depending upon which blade, type of attachment, or placement you are using. A food processor is often confused with a blender owing to its similarities with a blender in many forms. However, it is different from it. Following are the parts of a food processor that will help you to understand the machine better:

  • Base. The base of the food processor consists of a motor that moves the vertical shaft.
  • Bowl. A bowl made of high-quality plastic fits around the shaft.
  • Cutting Blades. Blades are connected to the shaft, fitted near the bowl’s bottom to operate.
  • Slicing/Cutting Disks. You can attach slicing or cutting disks instead of cutting blades. Disks spin near the bowl’s placement.
  • Feed Tube. Feed Tube is attached to the bowl with the help of a lid. It allows you to add ingredients while slicing or chopping.
  • Pusher. It is provided to slide through the feed tube to push the food inside the food processor while it is on.

The base set includes pulse and puree. Pulsing allows the user to chop large chunks in short bursts, allowing them to chop them into a manageable size. You should pulse the large chunks before, even if you pureed the ingredients so that they don’t get stuck in the blades.

On the other hand, when you puree the ingredients in your food processor, it blends them continuously. If you are going to make tomato sauce or pesto, then puree is the best option. Most processors allow the user to control puree’s speed. High speed will blend all the ingredients, while it may leave you with chunks at a low speed.

Meat Grinder

A meat grinder is an important appliance in kitchen life. It is used for mincing or chopping big chunks of meat into small pieces or minced meat. You can also use a meat grinder for mixing vegetables, raw meat, or similar food. The parts of a meat grinder are the following mentioned with their functions:

Meat Grinder
  • Tray/Plate. The plate determines the size of the pieces of the meat that are cut. For mincing/chopping the meat, you place the large meat pieces on the tray that goes through the tube into a turn screw.
  • Tube. You feed the meat through this tube to the screw where it gets chopped.
  • Screw. It is where the mincing occurs.

You can also use a meat grinder if you want to mix meat and vegetables. You keep on placing meat chunks on the tray that is protruding into a pipe. The food goes straight to a horizontal screw conveyor. Here you need to know that the screw conveyor can be motorized manually or with a motor that runs with electricity. The electric meat mincer is faster than the manual one and can do larger tasks within less time. It crushes and partially combines the meat and vegetables.

Meat Grinder

At its end, a knife is fitted in front of the whole immovable plate. When it opens, you can get your minced meat coming out of the machine. The size of the minced meat depends on the sizes of the holes present in the plate. These motor-operated grinders or domestic manual grinders are used in commercial areas, e.g., for the butchery and food industry.  It takes only a while to grind fine meat for like six burgers.


Nutribullet, Food Processor, and Meat Grinder are all equally important for different kitchen purposes. While nutribullet gives you full nutrition from fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds in just one smooth drink and you can use a food processor to processes the chicken, veggies, etc., to be used in so many dishes. However, a meat grinder has a more commercial use to crush piles of meat for burgers.

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