How to Oil a Nail Gun? Maintenance Tips For Durability

A nail gun is a tool that forces the nails into timber fixing at its place. A nail gun is a very convenient tool used at workshops and different working sites. Like other machinery, its parts also need maintenance and care, specially oiling. This article will share with you how to oil a nail gun and some important steps and precautions for its maintenance.

Oiling a Nail Gun

There are so many nail gun maintenance needs, but oiling is the most crucial of all. A nail gun consists of different parts like a nail gauge, adjustment wheels, and other parts.

How to Oil a Nail Gun
Oiling a Nail Gun

Parts of A Nail Gun That Need to Be Oiled

The following are the important parts of a nail gun that you cannot skip oiling.

  • Nail chamber. A nail chamber is a place where nails are placed in a nail gun. The nails are pushed from this compartment to the firing hole. So, lubricating this portion will ensure the smooth movement of nails.
  • Trigger. The trigger is a part that generates a push that forces nails out. If this gets jammed or stops working while shooting nail out, this will hinder your work and reduce your efficiency. Thus, lubricating it will prevent it from jamming or becoming stuck.
  • Air feed. Air feed is an air inlet through which air comes in the air gun. The nozzle of the air feed should be lubricated so that no dirt gets accumulated in the pathway. This oiling will prevent the passage from any blockage.

Suitable Oil for Nail Gun

We need to oil almost all the machines to reduce friction and let them work smoothly. Pneumatic tool oil is the best to oil a nail gun as it fulfills your device’s needs. Moreover, you should find the best lubricating oil which suits your environment as well. Hence the pneumatic tool oil is available differently for colder as well as warmer seasons with varying viscosities.

Suitable Oil for Nail Gun

Steps to Oil a Nail Gun

Following are the necessary steps to oil a gun:

  • Before adding the oil, make sure your device is switched off.
  • Stand up your tool vertically and oil in the inlet of air where your fitting is.
  • You will put the oil in the nail gun’s air inlet with the oil bottle’s nozzle.
  • The amount of oil that needs to be used depends upon your tool. Some take more amount of oil while others need less. Framing nails may need up to 20 drops of oil, while others need only around five drops.
  • After putting drops of oil, connect the nail gun to the air pipe and shoot 2 to 3 times so that oil gets flowing in the tool. Remember to shoot it after oiling before usage so that oil must reach to desired parts.

Importance of Oiling a Nail Gun

The nail gun’s main principle is the generation of pressure which pushes nails out of the machine. While creating the pressure, the intense movement of the tool’s parts causes friction. It may cause wear and tear of different parts of the machine. As a result, your device will not last as long as it needs to be. It would help if you oiled a nail gun to increase its life duration.

Importance of Oiling a Nail Gun

How Often is Oiling Required?

How many times you need to oil a device depends on how much it is used. If a nail gun is used throughout the day and mostly by persons working with wood items, they need to lubricate it daily before using it or twice a day in most cases.

How Often is Oiling

Remember, the guns which are not excessively used still need lubrication. Oil the unused nail gun every week because if you keep it without lubricating for a long time, it will get jammed by debris collection.

Maintenance Tips For Durability of a Nail Gun

Some additional care is also needed if you want to prevent a nail gun from malfunctioning. These are:

  • Frequently clean your nail gun with a soft and clean piece of cloth.
  • Prevent accumulation of dust or debris in its parts by cleaning it and providing sufficient oil.
  • Oiling is the most crucial step for the durability of your nail gun.

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