How To Attach Grease Gun To Zerk Fitting Properly?

Those who have to deal largely with the different vehicles and much industrial equipment need regular modifying and tweaking. One important job is to lubricate them consistently. But the procedures of greasing become tricky sometimes.

The connection between a Zerk fitting and a lubricant gun is one of these tricky processes. It is not an easy process, and you can end up troubling if you try to do it without any knowledge. In this article, we discussed in detail that how to attach grease gun to zerk fitting properly. Before knowing the attaching process, you must have an idea about these two parts, so continue reading!

How To Attach Grease Gun To Zerk Fitting Properly

Greasing Gun

The greasing gun. It is widely used for greasing the joints of various machines and equipment. It can store lubricant inside it. By using the lubricant gun tool, this gun put the grease into required joints and junctions.

Greasing Gun

Zerk Fitting

Also termed a grease fitting, the zerk fitting is a lasting junction on different mechanical systems meant to grease the machine. For having a shape like a nipple, it is also named grease nipple. A ball is present in zerk fitting that allows the lubricants to protect the systems from harmful materials.

Zerk Fitting

Now we will discuss how to attach a lubricant gun with a grease nipple. There are many types of zerk fitting available in markets. Moreover, it is not big, making it easy for you to handle.

The Mechanism To Attach Grease Gun To Zerk Fitting Properly

Most of the people lost way while attaching a lubricant gun to a zerk fitting. As discussed earlier, the zerk fitting has ball bearings that allow the lubricants to pass, ensuring its safety from any unnecessary and harmful elements. When the angle is tight and the grease has a long way to go, zerk fitting will pass through.

Grease Gun To Zerk Fitting

Due to the lack of proper knowledge, the people cannot make it because it is a comparably tricky part. A lot of care is required to connect the grease coupler to the zerk/grease fitting. While connecting, you will find two surfaces to seal, i.e., jaws of the grease coupler and bull neck (around the head of the grease fitting). Read on the following simple steps for this connection.:

Steps to Attach Grease Gun To Zerk Fitting

  • Wipe clean coupler and grease fitting before lubricating.
  • Set the grease gun by tightening the extension hose on its tip to the grease gun with the coupler.
  • To reach the long and tight angle, the coupler’s setting of the grease gun with the hose pipe must be right.
  • For this, you will have to see a four-jaw construction control inside the coupler. It is used to adjust positions manually.
  • There is some space between the jaws, and when you rotate the coupler to screw it, you will notice the four-jaws closing up.
  • As we mentioned that zerk fitting contains a ball bearing that contains a hole that allows the lubricants to pass through it.
  • Furthermore, this hole here indicates four jaw construction into the coupler.
  • You’ll have to fix the zerk fitting jaws in the coupler jaws by turning the coupler from its shoulder.
  • The shoulder is the part beneath the ball-bearing part of the zerk fitting.
  • When the concentration has been confined or tightened between 4 jaw couplers and the fitting, it means the jaw concentration is closed after screwing it.

Besides, you can follow the reverse process, i.e., unscrew the jaws to remove a grease gun from zerk fitting.

When Is the Greasing Work Ready?

Observe the connection by freeing your hands after the coupler junction is settled with the Zerk fitting. The greasing work is ready to get started if it grips tight.

Greasing Work Ready

It would be best to verify that the grease gun is in close-fitting with the zerk fitting before putting the grease in it. The Zerk fitting allows the lubricants to pass with the help of its small hole. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned above to attach the grease gun to zerk fitting for a smooth grease flow.

Issues While Attaching Grease Gun To Zerk Fitting

Here the following issues that you are likely to face while connecting grease gun with the zerk fitting:

  • Jaw screwing concentration is not confined. The basic and common reason behind it is someone didn’t push or bolt it enough, and there needs to be more screwing to tighten the jaws.
  • The lubricant gun is stuck in a zerk fitting.  In the case of this issue, there can be a manufacturing fault in the common construction. Furthermore, you didn’t set the grease gun’s coupler with the hose pipe at a right angle.


After the above guideline, you came to know how to attach a lubricant gun to zerk fitting. You are also aware of how a lubricant gun and zerk fitting work and how to use them.

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