Can a Track Saw Replace a Table Saw?

It is vital to choose an accurate saw for your work type in order to receive the best results. However, you need to look into various factors, such as the type of wood you will be cutting, the type of saw required, and the specialty the saws come with.

That said, many wonder whether can a track saw replace a table saw or not. Well, it can! However, it also depends a lot on the job you will be doing. There are cutting styles that a track saw excels in, and there are ones that table saws are better at.

Can a Track Saw Replace a Table Saw

In contrast, woodworkers usually don’t get a table saw at first and don’t invest in it unless they have their own workstation. But a table saw can make working with wood easier, especially if you are a newbie.

What Is a Track Saw?

Track saws are a type of cutting tool that helps to create accurate cuts on all sized boards along a straight line. This circular saw allows cutting pieces in various ways, including cross cuts, plunge cuts, rip cuts and angular cuts. The tool is portable and you will be able to carry it around your workplace with ease.

What Is a Track Saw

The structure of a track saw includes a rotating blade that is attached with the help of a clamp or bolt to a housing motor. It also has a handle and a plate to ensure leveling on the surface cutting.

What Is a Table Saw?

On the other hand, a table saw is a cutting tool that has a table-like setup. These are mounted beneath the surface of a table while the part of the blade is extended above the surface. The exposed part of the saw helps to cut wood pieces with more control and accuracy.

What Is a Table Saw

A table saw consists of a table surface mostly made up of heavy-duty steel and cast iron for the wood pieces to be cut on. It consists of a powerful circular saw along with a 10 inch blade. This also has a blade plate from which the blade rises above and up the table.

Track Saw Vs Table Saw

Although both the saws are amazing to work with when it comes to woodwork, they differentiate from one another when it comes to certain features. One might outweigh the advantages in contrast to another. Thus, it is essential to know those factors in order to come to a conclusion about the replacement.

Track Saw Vs Table Saw


Track saw comes with an amazing feature, and that’s none other than being impressive with accuracy. Its guide rail’s inclusion results in taking away in sort of guesswork and provides with clean cuts. Although a table saw is also very accurate, the tool is way too bulky to be carried around, which can be difficult.

Track Saw

Making Rip Narrow Cuts

Track saws use tracks that are way too wide to make straight and accurate lines. Using a track saw will require extra wood if you want to make Rip narrow cuts. In contrast, table saws are the best when it comes to this type of cut as it doesn’t require any further equipment or any rigging. Hence it is better than track saws.

Cutting Depth

It is important to keep in mind the depth a saw can reach before choosing which one to work with. Depending on the thickness or deepness of your board and pieces, you must get the saw that can reach the end.

Track Saw Vs Table Saw

Usually, table saws are able to make 3 to 4 inches of deep cuts, whereas most track saws can only go till 2 inches. In cases of boards with a higher depth, it is better to use a table saw and vice versa.

Cutting Speed

Speed is an important factor to keep in mind if you are making money through woodworking. It is vital to get the projects finished within time because time is money.

If we are talking about building boards of identical sizes which are usually used for creating projects like cabinets, then the best choice would be to go for a table saw. It will help you to get the job done faster and with ease.

Track Saw Vs Table Saw

Using the table saw, you can cut as many boards as you want without having to reset the fence. On the other hand, you will need to mark each board after measuring if you use a track saw instead. As a result, it might take you a long time to finish the work.

In contrast, track saw is the best to cut rims, ripping off boards, and great at splinter-free cuts.  You can have amazing control if you are working on projects that include wood flooring as well.

Portability and Storage

When it comes to portability, track saw is undoubtedly the winner. Since the table saw is adjusted on the table you won’t have the freedom to move around with your cutting tool. However, you can move it around your workstation and take it wherever you want with a track saw.

Portability and Storage

Furthermore, when it comes to storage, track saw is easier to deal with in comparison to table saw. Table saw requires lots of floor space to work with hence it requires more storage, unlike track saw.


FeatureTable SawTrack Saw
AccuracyVery goodVery good
Cutting depth3-4 inches2 inches
storageLots of floor space neededLess storage space required

Final Thoughts

If you are still wondering can a track saw replace a table saw, you need to consider a couple of things.

Firstly, if you are a woodworking enthusiast who needs to create accurate woodcuts on any size of wood, then the track saw is the best option for you. Furthermore, if you don’t have enough floor space or a workshop of your own, then you should purchase a track saw already.

With time, you can get into working with a table saw once your project starts to differentiate and requires more specialized cutting. Having a table saw will help you to get deeper and variety of cuts with a better speed. We hope this article has helped you with all the necessary information to make the right decision!

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