10 Best TV Antenna for Basement [Reviewed in 2022]

If you live in a basement apartment, you know the struggle is real when trying to get a reliable TV signal. You end up trying numerous techniques to improve the reception, but nothing seems to work. And you finally have to live with the reality of “No signal” on your TV.

But don’t give up yet! You can solve this problem for good by getting the best TV antenna for basement. The perfect antenna will pull in TV signals from broadcasting towers miles away right into your basement.

Best TV Antenna for Basement

We’ve done a lot of research on basement antennas and gained valuable info that enabled us to compile for you the following list of the top-performance antennas for basements on the market today.

Best TV Antenna for Basement:

1. GESOBYTE Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna

You don’t need to spend your money on those expensive cable TV services to enjoy watching your basement TV. This digital TV antenna is designed to pull in signals right into your basement TV to give you 100% FREE, clear HD local TV channels.

The antenna comes upgraded with a new smart switch control powerful amplifier signal booster with a built-in smart IC chip Next-Generation plus crystal-clear Filter Technology. These enable the antenna to pick up quality HD TV channels from broadcast towers up to 180 miles away. The new built-in technology filters out the FM and cellular signals to give you a clearer picture with minimal noise.

The digital antenna comes equipped with an extensive 18ft. long high-performance coax cable for easy set up. You can place this antenna just anywhere in your basement apartment, including on the window or wall. And it will constantly scan for new channels as they become available for broadcast.

Also included in the box is a smart ic USB power adapter with built-in overvoltage protection to help you safely and hassle-freely connect the antenna to the power supply. With this antenna, you’ll be enjoying full HD channels without paying a dime. You’ll get to freely enjoy HD channels like CBS, ABC, NBC, PBC, FOX, and more. You’ll also get access to news, sitcoms, sports, and kids programs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with 18ft. coaxial cable
  • Gives you access to full HD channels
  • Up to 180 miles performance range
  • Integrated with powerful signal booster
  • Full HD sound quality

2. U MUST HAVE Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna

This U MUST HAVE TV antenna is a must-have if you live in a basement apartment. Designed for indoor use, this antenna is highly rated for its incredible basement performance, with the ability to deliver full HD channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, PBC, FOX, and so much more.

We feature this model among the best TV antenna for basement apartment is it has an excellent performance range of up to 200 miles. It comes equipped with the next generation smart switch control powerful amplifier signal booster in addition to a smart IC chip next generation and crystal-clear filter technology. This enables it to pick crystal clear signals up to 200 miles away!

You don’t have to struggle with placement; you simply put it anywhere in your home, and it will bring in high-quality channels from your local broadcast towers. It also constantly scans for new channels as they’re made available—ensuring you have full coverage of all your local TV channels.

Inside the package, you’ll discover an 18ft. long coax cable and a USB power adapter. These allow for easy and quick setup. Once you have this antenna up and running, you can sit back and enjoy watching 100% free local channels in full HD quality picture and sound.

Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Up to 200 miles range performance
  • Delivers full HD channels
  • Pull in HD quality sound
  • Built-in crystal clear filter technology
  • 18ft. long coax cable included

3. XFTREE Amplified HD Indoor Digital HDTV Antenna

Enjoying free HD channels without subscribing to the cable service is just a decision away! This XFTREE digital TV antenna comes designed for indoor setup and delivers strong TV signals from your local broadcasts to your basement apartment, ending your long struggle with “No signal” in your basement.

With a cool 160-mile reception range, this antenna has got what it takes to pull in all the TV channels in your locality. It also features a new type switch control amplifier booster to enable it to take in even more channels.

Keep in mind that this antenna is designed for indoor use. It’s pretty easy and straightforward to setup. It comes packed with a 17ft. long high-quality coaxial cable to allow for hassle-free, fast setup. With such a long cable, you’ll have no issues moving this antenna around your house or near the window for improved reception.

The antenna itself boasts a durable construction to eliminate possible signal interferences associated with cheaply constructed models, improve signal reception, and increase its lifespan.

Overall, this is a great antenna for your basement. It receives popular broadcasts like ABC, NBC, PBS, CBS, Fox, Univision, to name but a few, in crystal clear HD quality. It’s easy to set up and has an excellent range of 160 miles plus a built-in signal booster for more channels reception.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made for indoor setup
  • Free 4K HD quality channels
  • 160 miles reception range
  • 17ft. coax cable included
  • Built-in amplifier for stronger reception

4. Vansky Store Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna

Don’t let the high cost of cable services discourage you from watching your favorite TV program. With this Vansky digital TV antenna, you can get to enjoy a wide range of local TV channels in crystal clear HD quality—giving you free lifetime access to all the weather, sports, kids, sitcoms, educational programs, etc.

This best indoor antenna for basement features a reception range of 120 miles. This means it will easily bring in channels from broadcast towers within this range into your basement TV without any issues.

We also like that this antenna comes with an amplifier signal booster to increase the range and offer maximum signal reception for even more channels. And unlike most of its competition where the amplifier is built-in, this antenna’s amplifier is fully detachable, so you can take it out whenever you want to.

You will need to place this indoor antenna in a spot where the reception is stronger. This won’t be an issue for you since this TV comes with a longer 16.5ft. coax cable for flexible installation and movement around your house. If your TV is far from the window and needs to place this antenna near the window, this extended cable will come in handy!

With this high-performance 120 miles antenna for indoor use, you’ll wave goodbye to the problem of poor reception in your basement apartment. You’ll enjoy HD quality TV channels without paying costly monthly bills for cable services.

Highlighted Features:

  • 16.5ft. longer coaxial cable
  • Up to 120 miles range
  • Crystal-clear HD TV channels
  • Detachable amplifier signal booster
  • Durable, weather-resistant design

5. DrillTop Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna

If you’re looking for a better replacement for your basement antenna, consider this model from DrillTop. This model has been tested and proved to outperform most of the antennas out there. It will pull in more channels than your existing antenna, providing you with a ton of FREE channels.

Not just more and more channels, this antenna will also provide you with crystal-clear HD quality TV channels with no pixelation. You can rest assured that you’ll be enjoying popular broadcasts like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, etc. in the comfort of your basement without any monthly contracts.

Another feature that makes this DrillTop a good TV antenna for basement is the stronger signals it pulls in. It comes equipped with an upgraded signal boosting amplifier to give you the strongest, highest-quality signals. Couple this with 200+ miles operating range, and you’re assured of getting a variety of channels with this antenna.

We also can’t forget to mention that this antenna features a sleek round design that fits perfectly well in any interior to give your home a modern look. Setting up the antenna is quite easy, thanks to its plug and play design. Inside the box, you’ll discover an extra-long cable for hassle-free setup and placement around your house.

Highlighted Features:

  • Reception range: 200 miles
  • Includes signal boosting amplifier
  • Free crystal-clear HD channels
  • Sleek, patented paper-thin design
  • Simple plug and play installation

6. XFTREE Digital TV Antenna

Want to receive your local TV channels in HD crystal clear quality without paying anything? Consider investing in this antenna today. It comes ready to work hard every day to deliver all the channels available in your area. You’ll get to enjoy the most popular over the air TV shows, kids’ programs, news, weather, sports, and more, in breathtaking HD quality!

Thanks to its 200plus miles reception range, this antenna will bring more channels than your current model. Moreover, this range antenna will work even if you’re far from the broadcast towers.

We also recommend this antenna for your basement TV because it features a switch control amplifier booster. What this booster does? Well, if your antenna is pulling in fewer channels or can’t receive any channels in the current range, you simply turn the booster on to another range and there you have all the channels you want!

Looks matter in an antenna too! This model features a unique black classic and trend fashionable tones that perfectly match your décor. Its soft, ultra-thin, and lightweight design lets you easily hide it at your desired position.

The easy to install antenna steps in 3 simple steps. It comes with a longer 17ft. digital coax cable to let you place anywhere in your home for quality signal reception. It’s also equipped with a simple finger switch to let you easily operate it to capture more channels.

Highlighted Features:

  • Up to 200 miles signal range
  • Features 17ft. digital coax cable
  • Stylish, ultra-thin design
  • Installs in 3 simple steps

7. U MUST HAVE Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna

Like the other antenna we featured on this list from U MUST HAVE, this model also provides you with full HD channels like ABC, CBS, Fox, PBC, and so much more. It lets you access a wide array of programs for free, including weather, news, sports, kids, sitcoms, and more.

The antenna gives you full HD crystal clear TV and Hi-def. sound quality without paying any monthly bills. It’s engineered to pick up TV signals within a range of 180 miles radius. It features a new crystal-clear filter technology that blocks single interferences such as FM and cellular signals to present you with a clearer picture, low noise, and access to more free channels.

As a digital antenna, it keeps scanning for more channels as they’re made available for broadcast, assuring you of full coverage of the latest TV channels in your area.

Remember that this antenna is perfect for indoor use. It’s easy to set up, and you can hang it on the wall, window, or any other position with better signal reception. The complete package comes with a 18ft. long coax cable to make it easy for you to place this antenna anywhere in your house for quality reception.

U MUST HAVE amplified digital antenna will solve your basement poor reception problem. All those who have used it before agree it will bring in lots of free TV channels, with super-clear pictures and HD sound quality. The antenna makes it possible to get all the local channels without paying for cable services.

Highlighted Features:

  • Delivers full HD crystal-clear channels
  • Operates in 180 miles range
  • Upgraded amplifier signal booster
  • Package includes longer 18ft. coax cable
  • Supports nearly all TVs

8. GE HD Amplified TV Antenna

This antenna is a game-changer when it comes to enjoying quality content in your basement apartment! It’s rated as the best HD antenna for basement, and that’s for a good reason; it has great capabilities of offering you hundreds of HDTV programming with crystal-clear picture and HD sound quality.

The antenna boasts a signal reception range of up to 220 miles, making it the longest range model on our list. This means that the antenna will capture even more channels than the other models on this list. You’ll be spoilt for options here!

Even better, this antenna comes with an integrated amplifier to boost signal reception to ensure maximum signal reception and more HD channels.

Another thing that makes this antenna unique is that you can use it both indoors and outdoors. It features a top-quality waterproof sunscreen material to enable it to endure the outdoor environment.

When you purchase this antenna, you’ll also get a bonus 36 feet extra-long cable (this is double what you get from other antennas). This will make it super-easy to move your antenna around the four corners of your basement apartment as you search for a sweet spot for stronger signal reception.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made for indoor and outdoor use
  • Includes 36ft. long coaxial cable
  • Up to 220 miles reception range
  • Built-in amplifier signal booster
  • Weatherproof construction for outdoor use

9. Forlovv Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna

If you want to see a massive increase in the number of channels you receive in your basement TV, consider switching to this long-range digital TV antenna. The unique antenna boasts a cutting-edge hover design, where it mounts directly to the top of your TV to optimize signal reception while blending in seamlessly with your entertainment setup.

When properly set up, this antenna will provide you with free HD channels such as ABC, NBC, PBS, FOX, and so much more, at no additional costs. Remember, you’ll enjoy all these channels in full HD crystal-clear picture and HD sound quality.

The long-range antenna can reach a genuine 55+ miles from the broadcast tower and give you the freedom of placing it anywhere in your home without affecting its performance.

Unlike most of the models out there, this antenna will capture both VHF and UHF signals, further increasing the number of channels you can enjoy on your TV. The integrated Pure Amp Technology helps increase signal strength and reduce dropouts for the ultimate antenna reliability.

The antenna assembles pretty easily, and you’ll be through in about 3-5 minutes. All the hardware needed for mounting this antenna comes included in the box to make your work easy. Other mounting options possible with this antenna include tabletop and wall mount.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% free HD channels
  • Reaches 55+ miles range
  • Full HD crystal-clear TV
  • HD sound quality
  • Simple and fast setup
  • Includes a 5ft. coax cable

10. 1byone HDTV Antenna

For a basement TV antenna that pulls in crystal-clear HD channels, you can’t go wrong with this 1byone HDTV antenna. It comes optimized for indoor use and will pull in channels from an extensive mile radius of up to 50 miles, letting you easily receive every single channel from your local broadcast towers.

The antenna will grant you access to free HD channels for life. It boasts a powerful amplifier signal controller with a built-in smart IC chip next generation to enable it to deliver quality TV signals from far. It also incorporates crystal-clear technology that filters out FM and other interferences for superior sound and picture quality.

Like any other indoor antenna, you’ll need to play around with this antenna’s placement until you get a sweet spot that brings in strong signals. The extra-long coax cable (18ft.) included in the box enables you to freely move it around your house until you hit the right spot! And the USB power adapter ensures a problem-free antenna setup.

The little TV antenna comes in a modern, sleek design to give your home a breath of elegance. It also features a thin design and feels quite light. You can easily flip it between the black and white colors to match your interior décor.

Overall, if you only need to play just the local channels on your basement TV, this antenna will make a great investment for you. As little as it appears, it will pull in truly HD local TV channels for free, saving you from spending big sums of money on monthly cable TV bills.

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed for indoor use
  • Delivers free HD channels for life
  • Comes with an extended 18ft. coax cable
  • Small and light design
  • Sleek, modern design

What To Look For Before Buying?

Here are some crucial factors that will help you choose the best antenna for basement for your basement apartment.


One of the key factors that should define your choice of an antenna for basement is the reception range. This refers to the distance over which the antenna can intercept a signal from the broadcast tower. By knowing how far or close you’re to the local broadcast tower, you should be able to choose an appropriate TV antenna. For instance, if you reside far away from the broadcast tower, a long-range antenna will be a more viable option. The opposite also holds true.


Another important consideration to make when choosing a basement TV antenna is the amplification. As you might have noted from the top antenna models we’ve reviewed in our list above, they all come with a built-in amplification system. This is crucial for fixing the poor reception associated with the basements. The amplifier boosts the signal strength, ensuring a TV in your basements receives nothing but quality signals.


You should also make sure you get a TV antenna that’s compatible with your specific TV model. Though most of these antennas can work with nearly all TVs, including the older models, some models may not be compatible with your TV. It’s therefore important to confirm whether the antenna will indeed work with your TV to avoid frustrations.

Easy installation

Most people forget to check the ease of installing the TV antenna, assuming that it will be a smooth process. But the truth is, some models can be a real pain to set up. With this in mind, make sure the antenna you get for your basement is easy to assemble and connect to your TV. Make sure it comes with all the needed hardware for easy mounting. Antennas that come with an extended coax cable will give you a lot of flexibility in moving them around or mounting them.


Lastly, you should check the design of the antenna you want to buy. A good model should easily match your home décor. Its design should also facilitate easy placement as per your desires; small and lightweight antennas are usually easy to handle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will an indoor TV antenna work in a basement?

Absolutely! An indoor TV antenna will work in a basement if it comes integrated with an amplifier to boost the signals coming and beat the poor reception in the basement. However, you’ll need to move your indoor antenna around your home to search for a spot where the signal is the strongest.

Q: What is the best antenna to get free TV?

The best antenna for free TV is one that brings in high-quality signals to allow you to enjoy all your local channels in HD quality without paying a single cent.

Q: What is the strongest indoor TV antenna?

The strongest indoor TV antenna is one that pulls in more channels with higher strength. Such antennas usually feature a built-in signal booster to help enhance its reach and signal strength. They also have an excellent reception range to further enable it to capture all your local TV channels.

Q: What is the longest range indoor HDTV antenna?

The indoor HDTV antenna with the longest range comes rated at a reception range of up to 200plus miles. We’ve featured a few such models on our list of top antenna above.

Q: Are indoor TV antennas any good?

Indoor TV antennas are great if you live in a city or apartment where mounting an outdoor antenna isn’t possible. They’re also a great solution if you live near the broadcast tower. The good thing about these antennas is that you can easily move them around your house as you look for a spot where the signal is stronger and more stable.

Final Verdict

If you’ve been struggling with poor reception in your basement apartment, the solution is to get the best TV antenna for basement apartment. This antenna will pull in stronger, higher quality signals that will make it possible to enjoy watching your local TV channels in HD quality. The top models we’ve just outlined in this guide will offer you excellent performance in your basement and deliver all your local TV programming in HD and free!

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