5 Best Tiller for Clay Soil [Reviews & Buying Guide 2021]

Properties with clay soil composition is a nightmare for avid gardeners. Suppose you bought land with enough garden space. However, that land has clay soil containing enough organic materials for plant growth.

All that space might remain barren and go to waste. However, with the right devices by your side, you can undoubtedly change that land back to a luscious green field. One of those devices is a tiller.

Best Tiller for Clay Soil

There are countless types of tillers available in the market. Finding the best tiller for clay soil can be difficult, which is why we have selected the best ones for you.

Our Best Tiller for Clay Soil Picks:

Depending on your needs, you have to pick a tiller that will be suitable for your backyard. Here are our five best picks for your convenience.

1. Earthquake 20015 Versa Front Tine Tiller

Earthquake 20015 Versa Front Tine Tiller

The primary issue with most tillers is controlling the machine properly. As clay soil has a mixture of hard and composite materials, deconstructing such soil with devices is very difficult. You can mistakenly lose control of the machine, and that might cause significant issues.

Earthquake Versa Front Tiller works perfectly for such resistant clay material. This product is known for its excellent stability. You will find that this machine has gravitational features available in the lowest center. This positioning allows the device to pull its weight in the middle.

As a result, when you turn it on, it does not tilt or move uncontrollably. The earth’s gravitational pull keeps the machine steady in place. Therefore, the stability of this ground-hugging machine will allow you to break down soil components more efficiently.

Moreover, this product has excellent versatility. Not only can you use it as a tiller but also you can convert it to a cultivator depending on your needs. The outer tines and shield of this device have removable properties. However, you do not need extra tools to remove those parts.

Removing any machinery parts without additional tools is a considerable advantage. You do not have to run to the nearest store. Hence, you can detach the outer tines to switch to the cultivator mode and remove excess weeds from your property.

Overall, this product has prominent features that will allow you to fragment stony clay soils. Alongside the features mentioned above, it also has a compact size.

Due to its appropriate sizing, you can maneuver it around narrow areas with ease. This way, you can handle the entire area systematically.


  • Tilting depth of this device is 11 inches
  • Engine with 99cc powers the tines
  • Machine provides the lowest gravity center
  • Rotating engine torque of 332 ft-lb
  • You can easily maneuver this product


  • Relatively heavy product
  • Hard to assemble this product

2. Schiller Grounds Care 7920 Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller Cultivator

Schiller Grounds Care 7920 Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller Cultivator

Most tillers available in the market are heavy. Such heavy-weighted tillers are problematic if you are someone who has a sizeable property. You will not only find it troublesome to maneuver it but also it will be difficult for you to carry it from place to place.

For ensuring an effortless carrying process, we have selected Schiller Grounds Care Tiller for you. This device has a straightforward design, including a carrying handle.

In addition to the carrying handle, this product is also exceptionally lightweight. Together, both these features will allow you to transport the device without any complication.

As there are carrying handlebars included in the design, you might assume that such long handlebars will make it inconvenient for you to store it. However, this tiller has an additional folding feature that allows you to bend the handles for proper storage.

Interestingly, even though this is a lightweight product, the engine is still powerful enough to break apart hard clay soil. The engine of this device is positioned directly above the tines and has a powerful two-cycle mechanism.

You will get maximum digging and rototilling advantages from this innovative engine.

Usually, it is harder to reach narrowed edges around fences or walls. You can maintain your garden beds appropriately, with the help of its compact size.

Moreover, this product has a flared and smooth surface for appropriate gripping. Your fingertips will have an increased level of control over the surface area.

All in all, this rototilling multi-purpose device will assist you in creating your dream garden. Even the most stubborn clumps of soil will stand no chance against this powerful device.


  • Easily installable this device
  • Suitable for people with weak hands
  • Lightweight product of 20 pounds in size
  • Ergonomic design for proper storage
  • Producer includes additional garden tools


  • Relatively expensive product
  • Turn-on switch is fragile

3. Troy-Bilt TB146 EC Cultivator with JumpStart Technology

Troy-Bilt TB146 EC Cultivator with JumpStart Technology

A versatile product that you can use for both your flower beds or flourishing garden is Troy-Bilt Cultivator. This device is a powerful machine with grab bars that have integrated materials for proper handling. You can prep your clay soil all season long with a comfortable grip.

Along with a conventional and compact size, this product has an engine that you have to power with gas. It has an impressive, sturdy engine with a 29cc four-cycle feature.

This feature allows the product to break apart even the toughest and oldest clumps of soil. Additionally, this engine does not require a mixture of gas and oil.

Moreover, you can tilt this machine six-twelve inches and adjust it according to the length of your garden beds. This adjustment allows you to reach even higher positions of your flower beds.

Alongside adjustable height, this device also has six premium quality tines. You can cultivate five inches deeper into your garden.

The most impressive mechanism this device has is a SpringAssist JumpStart feature. This technology allows you to initiate your machine without the hassle of pulling power cords. As a result, you do not have to bother waiting several minutes before your device starts working.

None of the features hold significance if your machine is not durable and long-lasting. Therefore, you need a product with substantial components that will provide you additional durability. Fortunately, this tiller has steel components that increase its life-shelf.

Alongside durable components, you will also receive a variable-speed throttle feature. This particular feature will allow you to control your cultivator proficiently. Overall, you will get a great result if you choose this product.


  • Contains a four-cycle cultivating system
  • You can till five inches deeper with six tiles
  • Features handlebars with folded features
  • A SpringAssist technology engine
  • Steel is the main component of this product


  • Pull cord has less resistance
  • Starter pin is quite flimsy



Clay soils have elastic properties that hinder nutrients and water from reaching into the earth’s deeper layer where tree roots reside. Hence, the growth of plants decreases tremendously. Additionally, such a low level of organic molecules in the soil inhibits new seeds from sprouting.

In such cases, you need a product that will reach deep enough into the soil so that enough organic materials can penetrate the roots. BLACK+DECKER Tiller is perfect for this reason.

This product contains a dual tine feature that allows it to exert powerful transmissions. They break up all the clay soil particles to enable minerals to reach deeper.

Unlike manual tillers, this electric device has MAX lithium-ion batteries powered by 20 Volts. The superior battery quality increases the lifespan of the machine. With per electric charge of the machine, you will cultivate 325 square feet of land. You can decrease your workload with this device.

Additionally, this also has a counter-oscillating tine feature. As you already know, persistent tangled weeds can damage your device and take up much of the nutrients from the soil.

Hence, plants grow insufficiently. This counter-oscillating feature inhibits weeds from forming tangles.

Moreover, you can adjust the handle of this device depending on how you feel comfortable. It also contains a telescoping tube that allows you to adjust the device properly. The handle includes materials that will provide you a softer yet firm grip.

You can charge a fully deflated battery in eight hours with an energy star quality charger. Overall, this standard designed device is perfect for dealing with clay soil and improving your garden.


  • Charger and lithium-ion battery comes with the device
  • Lightweight
  • You can reach down to 325 feet with one usage
  • This is perfect for people with a weak physique
  • Prevents weeds from tangling up


  • Not appropriate for extensive gardens
  • Not very powerful

5. Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch 8.5 Amp Corded Electric Tiller

Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch 8.5 Amp Corded Electric Tiller

It is easy for gardeners who are beginners to get overwhelmed by so many available products. Some of the products have a complex design and intricate mechanisms that can easily confuse any novice landscaper.

Therefore, newcomers need simple and ergonomically designed machines to maintain their land.

Earthwise Electric Tiller is suitable because it has straightforward mechanisms and an uncomplicated design. The cutting width and tilting depth of this machine are consecutively 11 and 8 inches.

This amount is efficient for covering a small to medium-sized garden. You can prepare the clay soil without any hassle.

Additionally, this electric corded tiller contains not one but four tines with steel material composition for durability. An electric motor of 8.5-Amp powers it. This motor can deal with clumpy soil particles. The run-time of the engine is superior even though the design is simple.

Moreover, the extension of the cord will not cause you problems. You can secure that extension effortlessly with a cord retention hook that you will find in your electric tiller. As this is an electric device, you do not have to purchase additional gas or oil.

Another fantastic feature of this product is rear wheels. Most tillers do not contain any rear wheels. As a result, you can find it very taxing to carry them or maneuver them everywhere.

Also, You will not be able to store the extension of the power cord correctly. However, the rear wheels of this device provide the perfect storage system.

In conclusion, you can maintain the aeration of your land’s soil correctly if you get this device. With only the snap of cord retention, you can operate this rototiller smoothly.


  • Extremely lightweight product
  • Robust 85-Amp engine
  • You can assemble this effortlessly
  • This device will clear out most of the weed
  • Lever has an ergonomic design


  • Safety button is flimsy
  • Not appropriate for extensive lands

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Tiller For Clay Soil

We handpicked the best tillers for you. However, you should always lookout for some features before purchasing tillers as they are a long-time investment. We are mentioning the basic features you have to look out for.


It is essential to measure your land before buying any tillers. Also, remember always to check instructions and specifications. Some tillers are best for large garden areas. They have powerful motors to deconstruct a large amount of soil.

On the other hand, other tillers are better if you have a small to medium range garden. They are also suitable if you are planning to create flower or vegetable gardens. If you get the wrong tiller for your garden, you will have to work three times harder.

Tiller for Clay Soil

Moreover, if your device cannot loosen up all the soil clumps, then your plants will not nourish.


Some tillers are relatively larger and heavier in size and weight. You have to check beforehand whether you can handle the machine. There are some spectacular tillers available for people with a weaker physique. The producer designs those machines specifically to provide comfort.

Power Source

You can get both manual and electrical tillers. However, both have some shortcomings. Manual tillers are better if you have a large surface area to cover as you cannot extend the electric tillers’ power cord too much. Also, electrical tillers require a proper amount of charging.

Tiller for Clay Soil

If you want to work for an extended period, manual tillers will be better for you. That way, you do not have to deal with the frequent charging of your machine.

However, for smaller areas, electrical tillers are much more preferable because you do not have to deal with the hassle of inserting gas or oil.


There are tillers that you can use for multi-purpose. You can till and burrow at the same time. Some even have the option of removing weed tangles, therefore increasing the organic material in the soil.

You can also get tillers for specific purposes. For example, there are individual tillers that are perfect for flower beds. The manufacturer builds them for removing hard clay soil.

There are plenty of other products that have an ergonomic built. You can effortlessly reach narrow areas and clean out weed efficiently. Therefore, you have to identify what work you need to do.

Type of Tillers

There are several types of tillers available. Some of them have multiple functions, while others have more of a specific need.

Tiller for Clay Soil
  • Front-Tine

This type of tiller has a robust and sturdy tine on the front of the machine. You have to propel the machine forwardly. As a result, it requires a moderately powerful force. People with weaker physique will not find it suitable.

  • Rear-Tine

This tiller contains not only forward tines but also backward tines. Two-sided tines allow these devices to finish the task more efficiently. If you have extremely heavy clay soil, then this is the best tiller for you. Although they are relatively expensive, they can cover a large area.

  • Mid-Tine

Some modified front-tine tillers have tines under the engine. This position of tine allows the machine to work efficiently by maintaining a gravitation pull. They are broad enough so that you can maintain proper balance as the device runs.

This type of device is relatively easier to maneuver; therefore, people with a weaker physique will find it appropriate.

Types of Tines

There are several types of tines available that handle different kinds of soil components.

  • Slasher

If you want to get rid of roots and heavy clumpy soil, they are the best. Big chunks of dirt will not clog the tines. You do not have to stop in the middle of tilling to remove clumps.

  • Bolo

You will see that some tillers have curved or L-shaped tines. If you are looking for tillers that will reach deeper into the soil, then make sure to get this type of tines. However, a common complaint with this type of tines is that clumps of dirt clog the blades from time to time.

Adjustable Handle

Some tillers have a bendable feature that allows you to bend and adjust the handlebar to your comfortable length. You can even fold them to shorten their length and store them easily.

Counter-Rotating Tine

Many tillers have counter-rotating features. This feature allows the tines to function in a reverse manner. Meaning as you move the machine, the wheels will be moving forward while the tines will spin reversely. This motion will help you to reach deeper soil areas.

Reverse Gear

Here, instead of moving forwardly, the wheels function in a reverse manner. You can easily maneuver your machine with the help of a reverse gear. This device can clear even the narrowest pathways.


Clay soil may be stubborn and clumpy, but nothing will stand in your way with the appropriate tiller. We hope that our best tiller for clay soil review will assist you in buying your desired product.

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