10 Best Pan for Searing Fish [Reviewed in 2022]

You simply cannot beat the taste of pan-seared fish with that golden, crispy outer layer along with juicy, delicious meat on the inside. But regardless of how much we may like it, making it requires the proper equipment and technique.

And not having the right pan can make your technique fail to shine. Therefore, it is paramount to have the best pan for searing fish to achieve that savory deliciousness. Except finding the one is not as easy as it sounds.

Best Pan for Searing Fish

Well, we are here to absolve you from worrying about that and concentrating more on your cooking with our list of the most impressive pans. Without further ado, let’s get searing.

10 Best Pan for Searing Fish Reviews

Having the right pan to sear fish can make it so much better. Here are the pans that we think will up your searing game to the next level.

1. Scanpan Classic Fry Pan

Scanpan Classic Fry Pan

As you know, having a comparatively larger pan can be a blessing if you cook a large volume of food at a time. It also performs well with heat retention, as it has more material to hold heat.

This product has a diameter of 14.25 inches. As we have already said, having a nonstick coating can make your fish-searing process much efficient.

A lot of nonstick cookware might not do well when it comes to washing them with a dishwasher or along with other metal utensils. This product is fine with both of those, turning it into a suitable option.

As many users might worry about the nonstick coating’s durability (which is rational), this coating is safe and free from PFOA. You can even cook on it with or without any oil.

Not just that, Scanpan’s quality coating allows you to get through tasks like searing with no issue at all. Thanks to that, the known problem with fish sticking on a pan will not annoy you.

There is one issue that we think could use some fixing, however. When using on a stovetop, it struggles a bit when it comes to keeping a consistent temperature throughout its surface area.


  • Dishwasher safe pan can sear fish perfectly
  • Oven safe up to 500 degrees F
  • Large 1425 inches diameter
  • Non stick surface
  • Free from chemicals such as PFOA


  • Heat retention could be better
  • Metal utensils might sometimes bring trouble

2. Matfer Bourgeat Fry Pan

Matfer Bourgeat Fry Pan

Even though most nonstick fry pans have become much safer for humans and environment-friendly, a lot of people still prefer natural materials. Many of them just like the taste those provide too.

For the ones that want a material with no artificial non stick coating, we have an excellent steel pan from Matfer Bourgeat. As we already said, this one does not have a coating. So how does this 11 7/8″ pan perform?

Well, it uses black carbon steel, which is a naturally-occurring material. This material means that this pan does not have any artificial coatings on it — be it PTFE or PFOA.

Now, this does mean that you cannot cook on it without any oil or seasoning. However, once you have seasoned it well, this pan does a great job preventing the fish from sticking and turning into a mess.

And thanks to the carbon steel, the heat tolerance of this product is much better in contrast to other non stick pans. That means it is incredibly versatile and will be sufficient for use on any surface.

In terms of the construction, you will realize that the steel handle is also welded to the product’s body. This durable construction adds to its strength, making the core more secure and preventing bacteria from being trapped.


  • Natural carbon steel pan
  • High heat tolerance, so fish cooks perfectly
  • A welded steel handle
  • Free from any harmful chemicals
  • No artificial chemical coating


  • Not as nonstick as PTFE coatings
  • Takes some effort into conditioning

3. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Up next, we have a heavy-duty cast iron pan for you. A lot of people prefer cast iron pans due to their versatility, durability, and the assurance that there is no artificial chemical coating used on them. 

Firstly, it is a 12″ pan, hitting the sweet spot between large and small for most people. Moreover, it comes with a handle holder as a bonus. This addition makes the handling of the product much more comfortable; hence, we appreciate that.

And we all know how effective cast iron is when it comes to heat retention and tolerance of heat. You can use this pan for anything, on any stove or induction cooker. And the excellent heat retention makes things even better.

Not just that, a consistent and even heating is just as crucial for these products. It performs well in this area too. But now, let’s address the elephant in the room. How good is this product at preventing the food from sticking?

Well, pretty decent. It comes pre-seasoned from the manufacturer to help with the sticking issues. And it uses 100% natural vegetable oil for the seasoning.   And thanks to this material’s properties, it ensures superb versatility. Therefore, you can use it for any purposes starting from searing to sauteing, broiling, and braising. 


  • High-quality cast iron
  • Pre-seasoned with vegetable oil
  • Comes with an assist handle
  • Great heat retention
  • Affordable pricing


  • Seasoning could use some improvement
  • Fish might still get stuck

4. Mauviel Frying Pan

Mauviel Frying Pan

For this pick, we have got something unique and premium. The price may seem to be a bit much for some buyers, but we think the price is quite rational for the quality of this 11.8″ pan. This is one heck of a pan for deep frying fish.

The biggest highlight of this product is perhaps its material, which is copper. As you know, copper is an element that heats up surprisingly quickly and efficiently, making it a suitable option for pans.  

Moreover, the outer portion of this product has a layer of stainless steel on it. Cooking fish on copper is not probably what you would want, whereas stainless steel is used on pans throughout the world, with good reasons. 

This thin layer of stainless steel ensures that the product is durable, non-reactive, and perfect for all kinds of cooking. While it is true that it doesn’t have a non stick coating, it still provides a decent result.

However, it does mean that seasoning is necessary for it to provide a good outcome. In terms of handling, it uses high-quality cast stainless steel, which looks fantastic while delivering better balance.

And of course, we do realize the necessity for versatility. You can use this product on any cooking surfaces. Even for searing, it manages to provide a decent result even without the coating.


  • High-quality copper body
  • Heats up quickly and consistently
  • Cast stainless steel handle
  • Suitable for all cooking surfaces
  • Stainless steel layer on top


  • Slightly on the expensive side
  • Requires proper seasoning

5. De Buder Steel Fry Pan

De Buder Steel Fry Pan

A pure iron pan is always going to be a classic due to some of its most significant properties — it does not have artificial and harmful chemicals. It is versatile and lasts for an astonishingly long time.

The next product ticks all those boxes and more. This is a pan with a diameter of 12.6 inches, hitting a decent spot. Moreover, its handling system makes it even more attractive.

Surprisingly, this product has two handles on opposing sides. This unique design helps you to manage it effortlessly, which only gets better with its ergonomic design.

And it has a French curve too, which makes it ideal for tasks like flipping or sauteing. As we already said, it is made from 100% naturally occurring iron, making it free from any chemicals.

All you need to do is season it, and as with all iron pans, it will keep getting better over time. Usually, this is one of the reasons why a chef might prefer to use a pan made with iron.

Furthermore, it also has a bee wax finish on it to prevent oxidation from occurring. Not just that, this coating helps the product’s seasoning, turning it into an even better choice for fish-searing.


  • Uses 100% natural iron
  • Has a bee was coating
  • No coating with artificial chemicals
  • Unique design with two handles
  • Affordable price tag


  • Heat tolerance isn’t excellent
  • Seasoning might take a while

6. All-Clad Non-Stick Fry Pan

All-Clad Non-Stick Fry Pan

First up, we have a nonstick fry pan made by All-Clad. As you know, the size of a searing pan is vital as it can have a massive effect on how you cook and how much you can cook on it.

This pan is a decently sized 12″ one with a non stick surface. The nonstick coating prevents the foods from sticking to its surface. And as you know, fish is pretty stubborn when it comes to sticking.

Therefore, this nonstick surface will be a fantastic addition to your arsenal if searing fish is something that you often do. Moreover, it features a three-ply bonded construction.

What this construction does is that it has three different sheets of metal layered together for better performance and durability. Furthermore, the non stick coating is completely free of PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid).

There is some evidence suggesting that it might be harmful to our bodies, so it is a good thing to avoid. When it comes to the surface, this pan uses high-quality stainless steel, which is durable and easy to maintain.

Lastly, you can even use this with an induction cooker, making it all the more versatile. Not just that, you can use it in the oven as well, as long as you are below 500 degrees Fahrenheit.  


  • PFOA-free non stick coating
  • Decent 12″ size
  • Three-ply construction with excellent heat conductivity
  • Uses quality stainless steel
  • Low profile shape


  • You need to clean it carefully
  • Handling experience could be better

7. Stone & Beam Fry Pan

Stone & Beam Fry Pan

Having multiple plies of metal in your pan is something that we like. That is because it has a few layers of metal, which allow you to get all the best sides of those metals, for example — stainless steel and copper. 

Our next pick uses a tri-ply stainless steel construction. Thanks to this design, you get the durability and strength of stainless steel and the simple maintenance too. Moreover, the usage of aluminum gives you impressive heat distribution.

How this works is that there are two layers of stainless steel and a layer of aluminum in the middle. Therefore, it inherits all the outer strength of steel while gaining consistent and effective heating capabilities of the latter.

And handling is just as crucial for a tool like this. This nonstick pan comes with a quality handle that does not rust. Moreover, its ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling.

In terms of size, the handle is around 8.5 inches. And the diameter of the whole thing is 12 inches, which is a decent size for most purposes. Furthermore, it does not have any coatings on it.

While this is good news for some, it also means that you need to go through some seasoning. Moreover, it can be used on stoves and ovens alike while being dishwasher safe. 


  • Can be cleaned with dishwashers
  • No extra coating to distribute heat evenly
  • Will not break the bank
  • Aluminum core and stainless steel cookware outer layer
  • Straightforward maintenance


  • Sticking can be an issue
  • Some users reported staining

8. Tramontina Fry Pan

Tramontina Fry Pan

As we have already talked about, if a product uses a high-quality coating on it and you stay below its temperature limit, they are entirely safe. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with wanting one of these products either.

For those people, we have got another pan with a secure coating that makes searing fish much simpler. It uses a nonstick coating that is free from any sort of harmful chemicals like PFOA so that you can be free of uncertainties.

Moreover, it has an impressive heat tolerance. You can use this 12″ pan on the cooking surface with heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is way more than what you might require while searing.

You can also use it on any cooking surface, be it ovens or electric cookers. But all of this is pointless if you do not get a quality material as the main element since consistent heating and durability are crucial.

Thankfully, this pan uses commercial grade 3004 heavy-gauge aluminum, which is certified by NSF. That means you can be completely free from any headaches about the build quality and durability of this product.

And we appreciate the little things that manufacturers do to improve the experience, like how they have added a removable silicon grip to improve handling. The price is quite affordable, as well.


  • NSF certified heavy-gauge aluminum ensures excellent heat distribution
  • Heat tolerance up to 400 degrees F
  • Exquisite satin finish
  • Stainless steel handle
  • High-performance nonstick coating


  • Metal utensils aren’t ideal for it
  • Might scratch glass stovetops

9. T-fal Fry Pan

T-fal Fry Pan

You might not be looking for a premium pan with professional intentions, which is perfectly normal for everyday cooking tasks. We have got an affordable aluminum pan with those necessities in mind.

Firstly, it is a 12″ product, which is sufficient for most tasks. For the material, it uses impressive anodized aluminum. This material has its perks — for instance, the heat retention is so much better.

Moreover, the strong protective layer that it has on the top makes it resistant to rusting and ensuring that it will not react to acidic food. Not just that, it also has a superb nonstick coating on it, making it ideal for delicate fish searing.

The coating lasts a long time, thanks to T-fal’s patented Thermo Spot technology and the ability to prevent warping even after extended use. What’s better is that its lid uses vented tempered glass for a superior experience.  

At this point, you might enquire whether the coating is safe for you. And it is — it is free of toxins and reinforced with titanium, preventing food from sticking and ensuring consistent results.

It also has a thermal spot indicator for proper placement and even heating. Along with the excellent riveted silicone handles, this product is oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is safe to clean with dishwashers.


  • Anodized aluminum build with glass lid
  • Thermal spot indicator
  • Titanium reinforced nonstick coating
  • Does not react to acidic foods
  • Vented lid and riveted handles


  • Somewhat heavy even with aluminum
  • Absence of a flat bottom

10. Cuisinart Round Grill Pan

Cuisinart Round Grill Pan

We have reached the bottom of the list. This time, it is a pan with a diameter of 11 inches. Its design will probably catch your eye first, as it has a unique grilled design.

One issue with many pans is that you cannot use metal utensils on them, which is not the case here. You can use this product with any utensils that you want. Moreover, its material is just as remarkable.

It uses anodized aluminum as its primary element. This offers several things; first, the product will do excellent in terms of durability. Second, its heat distribution and retention will be much better than most.

As handling is another crucial element, the handle of this pan also uses an ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold and does not get too warm. Moreover, you can wash it in a dishwasher as well.

Another great side of this product is that it eliminates hot spots. Hot spots might be the reason that your seared fish does not have that consistent crunchy crust — so this is undoubtedly a plus point.

There is one caveat — this product might not be as versatile as some of the other ones due to the grill surface. But for things like searing or grilling, you cannot go wrong with it.


  • Anodized aluminum body
  • Suitable for grilling and searing, can fry fish with crispy skin as well
  • Quite affordable
  • Okay with metal utensils
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Not as versatile as some other pans
  • Food will have grill lines

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Pan For Searing Fish

With the infinite number of brands talking about their new pan, their latest technologies, it is getting more and more baffling to choose one.

And being able to find out which one provides the best experience takes some know-how. Here is a short guide to making that process simpler.


The size of your pan can make a difference in your cooking experience. You should know that your pan’s size is measured by the diameter of its total body, not just the cooking surface.

Some of the most common pan sizes include 8″, 10, and 12″. The most significant plus point with a larger one is that you can cook more food at once on it. Moreover, it plays a significant role in heat retention.

Pan for Searing Fish

That is because as the larger pan has more material to hold the heat, you can achieve better heat retention with it. However, you can use a smaller pan if you do not cook a large volume of food at a time. And these also heat up faster.


Along with the size, this is one of the most vital properties of your pan. The material used in a product can make or break the whole cooking experience.

  • Stainless Steel

This material is one of the most commonly used ones used in pans. The best thing about it is its heat transferability, which is extremely important when it comes to cooking fish.

In terms of induction cookers, stainless steel pans need to have some extra lining or plate to make them compatible. Other than that, these products are incredibly durable.

Stainless Steel pan

The maintenance of these pans takes a bit more work when compared to something like cast iron. Anyhow, they are still a fantastic choice for fish searing.

  • Aluminum

When compared to other materials like stainless steel or cast iron, aluminum is not as heavy-duty and versatile. Nevertheless, it is a great conductor for heat; therefore, you can use these for searing fish.

Moreover, the fact that they are suitable for more delicate workloads (e.g., cook fish) makes them all the better for this purpose. As aluminum is a light metal, maintenance is straightforward.

Aluminum pan

However, since it is not as strong as something like steel, you can end up with dents on aluminum without a lot of force. This property sometimes does not allow it to last as long as the more durable materials.  

  • Cast Iron

These pans are built like tanks, and you can even treat them as such. That means you can use them for anything ranging from stovetops to ovens. Cast iron does a magnificent job when it comes to retaining heat as well.

There is something unique about cast iron too. As you keep using it, its seasoning and taste keep getting better. Moreover, unlike something like aluminum, it holds its shape better with time.

Cast Iron pan

Nonetheless, there is one caveat with these products when it comes to searing fish. As you know, fish is a rather delicate kind of food, meaning that it can get easily stuck to the surface when searing.

In those aspects, a cast iron pan sometimes might cause a bit of an issue. That is because it might end up turning the fish into a little ball of a mess unless you are very careful.

  • Copper

Copper pans are usually a tad more expensive when compared to the other commonly used materials. However, it heats up pretty rapidly and does not cause uneven heating.

But as it loses its warmness just as quickly, heat retention is not as excellent with this material. And unless you have another element as a coating on top, it also reacts to acidic foods.

Copper pan

This is why you will find copper pans with something like stainless steel on their surface. Doing this provides rapid heating without any disadvantages.

Non-Sticky or Sticky?

As you know, fish is a comparatively delicate food. In contrast, imagine that you are searing steak on a cast iron pan. It is hard to mess up and does not stick as much.

On the other hand, fish is much softer. If you are not careful with the cooking process, it might stick to the surface of the pan. It is not rare for beginners to turn fish into a pile of chaos either.

Pan for Searing Fish

This is when a non-sticky pan comes in handy. These products have a coating on them that prevents food from sticking. Thanks to these coatings, you can achieve a consistent result.  

Is It Harmful?

Some people might think that these coatings are harmful to humans, which is not the case as long as you ensure some things. For instance, sticking below a temperature of around 500°F is something a lot of manufacturers attempt.

And in the question of whether Teflon is safe, that 500°F temperature comes into play. Unless you are cooking fish at a significantly higher temperature (even fish-searing requires way below that), this material is totally alright.   

Moreover, you will see a lot of products that have PFOA-free written on them. This acronym refers to a chemical called Perfluorooctanoic Acid and that the product is made without the use of it — which is a good thing.


When it comes to the maintenance of nonstick pans, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. For one, we recommend that you use a comparatively softer material like rubberized or wooden utensils.

These ensure that you will not harm the coating even with constant usage. Moreover, when washing the product, it is better to opt for handwash. This method ensures that the protective layer will not come off quickly and will last for a long time.

Final Words

The aforementioned products are our favorite picks when it comes to choosing the best pan for searing fish. Your necessities and criteria may differ, so choose what suits you the most and enjoy that delightful and savory seared fish.

As you have gone through the article, you should be able to pick a perfect pan for searing fish at home. Along with that, you should consider purchasing a set of fish cutting knives and stainless steel pots and pans that are healthy and durable.

Plus, you may love to have a look at our guide on the top hand mixer as well for your kitchen.

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