10 Best Knife Bag Reviews 2022[Ultimate Buying Guide]

If there’s one tool you’re bound to require when cooking, it’s the use of knives to thinly cut up your various proteins, vegetables, and other condiments. Nowadays, cooking outdoors has become massively popular, and weekend barbecues are a thing most families celebrate worldwide regularly.

However, transporting your knives around can be a sensitive and risky task and might end with you getting injured at what was supposed to be a nice cookout or family picnic. To avoid such an unfortunate incident, keep reading our reviewto find the best knife bag to protect you from such situations.

Best Knife Bag Reviews

Our 10 Best Knife Bag Reviews:

Below are reviews of ten of the most popular knife bags that are available in the current market. Continue reading to learn more about their features, the advantages, and the inconveniences of using them to get a better idea of which one will serve your needs the best.

1. The Ultimate Edge 2001-EDOWS Knife Case

The Ultimate Edge 2001-EDOWS Knife Case

You may find yourself needing various knives to make the most out of your culinary experience when cooking for your family or your guests and might find yourself needing a container that can conveniently carry all of your knives.

In that case, you will find this product particularly handy because of its vast size, which will let you move all of your knives with ease.

An important feature of a knife bag happens to be its interior, as it is a vital indicator of its longevity and its efficiency in handling the blades.

The Ultimate Edge ensures that you won’t have to worry about this factor when using this product as it is heavily padded so that the knives cannot cut easily through it and ruin its effectiveness.

Length plays an enormous role in determining the knife bag’s versatility as it helps understand the wide variety of blades the item might be able to accommodate. You will get a great kick out of using this product as it has a length large enough to accommodate 18” knives, and the pockets have the elasticity to fit broad blades.

Although you will enjoy using this knife bag to carry your blades around, the real problems start to arise when you try to accommodate extras or attachments. This product is specifically made to carry an entire set and cannot move any spares or maintenance tools around.


  • Large area and dimensions
  • Heavy padding to prevent accidental cuts
  • Enough length to carry 18” knife
  • Expansive pockets to accommodate broad blades


  • Unable to carry spare knives and maintenance tools
  • Zippers are difficult to manage

2. Leather Knife Roll Storage Bag

Leather Knife Roll Storage Bag

Imagine having a knife bag that can efficiently carry all of your culinary blades while also adding elegance to your utensils. This wishful thinking comes to reality with this product.

Its cylindrical shape is good enough to carry all the necessary tools you will need for cooking when on a picnic and add an aesthetic value to the process.

Durability is paramount when buying a knife bag as you want it to have stellar longevity, which is good enough to repel interior cuts and damages from storing knives.

AARON LEATHER GOOD VENDIMIA ESTILO guarantees the most exceptional sturdiness level with this product as each unit is manufactured from buck calf leather of the highest quality.

Most knife bags forget to include features for securing the knives in place properly. They end up being clumsy products that have the knives falling out of place once you start carrying them.

However, this item takes care of that issue by having buckles that can safely hold the blades in their proper places during transportation.

By now, you may already have set your mind on buying this product due to all of its wonderful features, but it goes without saying that it does have its fair share of problems. Among them, the most significant issue is that this knife bag is not water-resistant and quickly develops stains when in contact with water.


  • Aesthetic cylindrical shape
  • Buck calf leather as primary build material
  • Buckles for fastening knives
  • Fortified elastic zipper pouch


  • Stains on contact with water
  • Poorly made straps

3. Chef Knife Roll Bag

Chef Knife Roll Bag

One of the most significant drawbacks of having a knife bag happens to be the pouch’s size, which can be challenging to manage and carry around. In that regard, this product is quite exceptional as it has a very compact body and can still carry up to as many as ten different kinds of knives at the same time.

Most knife bags tend to focus mostly on storing and containing blades and leave very little room for any other attachments or minor tools. EVERPRIDE manufactured this product with three tiny pockets so that you can carry tiny objects like tasting spoons in it alongside your knives.

Portability is an important issue when buying a knife bag as you want one that you can carry with ease without having to strain out your arms. To take care of this problem, this unit sports a leather handle and a shoulder strap so that you can move with the pouch effortlessly and conveniently.

There can be no complaints about the efficiency of this knife bag in terms of functionality; however, there is much to be said about the product’s lack of finesse. This unit’s leather has a couple of unfinished thread endings, which can make it look like an eyesore, and you’ll need to burn them out to remove them.


  • Compact body
  • Able to store up to 10 knives
  • Small pockets for accommodating mini tools
  • Leather handle and shoulder strap for convenient portability


  • Poor finesse
  • Buckle holes are too small

4. Hide & Drink Durable Leather Knife Roll

Hide & Drink Durable Leather Knife Roll

One of the most crucial things to remember when buying a knife bag is that you will be keeping it around wet areas like a kitchen a lot. Well, you will appreciate the fact that this product is entirely resistant to water and, therefore, will quickly adapt to such an environment with ease and won’t retain any stains.

Bulk is vital when purchasing a knife bag because you’ll want it to carry as many knives as possible with ease. Hide & Drink fulfills this requirement by featuring eight different pockets so that you can take as many knives as you will possibly need in the kitchen or during a cookout outdoor.

Longevity is crucial when getting a knife bag because you will want it to last for as long as possible without looking for any replacements whatsoever.

Good news. You won’t have to worry about longevity when using this product as it is made of full-grain leather, which ages wonderfully over time, while the interior has a lovely olive green canvas to elevate its durability.

You may consider this product a good choice for its efficiency and consistency in performance; however, most of its problem stems from its portability. This product has an oddly placed strap and is therefore difficult to place and carry around conveniently.


  • Resistant to water
  • Prevents stain creation
  • Pockets for containing 8 knives simultaneously
  • Full-grain leather and olive green canvas combination


  • Misplaced product strap
  • Knives don’t fasten securely

5. Chef’s Knife Roll Bag            

Chef’s Knife Roll Bag

With the passage of time, most chefs and home cooks look for their tools to have a modern and classy look. In that regard, users will love this product because of how beautifully sophisticated it looks, and its black, smooth look is bound to entice and attract other people.

To make the most out of a knife bag, you will need a unit with the ideal combination of carrying capacity and length to accommodate a wide variety of knives.

Noble Home & Chef includes ten slots for knives and four pockets for smaller attachments, with the size being impressive enough to host blades as long as 18”.

Most people prefer to believe that leather is the only option to go for when looking to buy a durable knife bag. Your misconception will be shattered when you start using this product as it uses a combination of polyester and 600 Denier Canvas as build material to substantially increase its sturdiness.

You might enjoy using this product substantially due to the touch of modernity it will bring to your kitchen; however, it has a few minor flaws that you should know. The most significant problem with using this knife bag is its buckles, which are made of plastic and might break off when carrying your blades.


  • Smooth, matte black aesthetics
  • Ten different slots for carrying knives
  • Capacity to carry 18” knives
  • Polyester and 600 Denier Canvas build


  • Flimsy plastic buckle
  • Knife sheath requires separate purchase

6. Chef Knife Sling Bag Case   

Chef Knife Sling Bag Case

These days, maximum knife bags tend to follow the traditional shape and pattern of a roll or a travel bag, which might get the job done but still isn’t the most convenient type for carrying around.

To maximize portability, consider this product, which features a design similar to a backpack. You can move around your knives ceaselessly without straining any of your limbs.

Alongside featuring an unorthodox design, this knife bag also focuses substantially on its durability both in the exterior and the interior so that you won’t have to worry about longevity. 

600D Polyester goes into making this product by Chef Sac with a double stitching build so that you can use it over the years without having to worry about its quality dipping.

Most knife bags tend to focus on their strength and power to carry as many knives as possible but forget to create a comfortable experience for their users. In that case, this product is quite exceptional.

It is incredibly lightweight so that the item itself doesn’t add any additional weight to your back when moving your blades around.

Size is an important factor when buying a knife bag. Sadly, this product forgets to take it into account. This unit has a comparatively smaller size than its competitors and therefore cannot accommodate knives that are any longer than 12”.


  • Backpack build and design
  • Equal weight distribution across shoulders
  • 600D Polyester double-stitch build
  • Exceptionally lightweight structure


  • Relatively small in size
  • Cheap material on shoulder strap

7. Hersent A Chef’s Knife Roll Bag 

Hersent A Chef’s Knife Roll Bag

Home cooks find purchasing a knife bag to be quite a taxing job because most of the market products are of professional build and design to carry as many knives as twelve at a time.

They will appreciate this product in this context as it is incredibly compact and can fulfill all their needs by featuring a minimal four slots for moving knives.

With a simple build and minimalistic slot design also comes the convenience of accessing this knife bag that you won’t find in most of its competitors.

Hersent provides you the comfort of rolling this product into a tight roll and an easy unpack mechanism to quickly unravel the item and start working with your knives in a matter of seconds.

One of the biggest problems of having to carry sharp knives in any container is that at one point, they’re bound to tear through the packaging and make you look for a replacement. However, this item is completely secure from any sort of cuts and punctures caused by blades, therefore substantially increasing its longevity.

Although this product is very convenient for its unique design, most of its flaws also stem from its design. Compared to its competitors, this knife bag is tough to fold, and the stitch of the cords is not as fortified as it should be for carrying blades, which might cause the product to fall apart.


  • Compact and convenient structure
  • Designed to carry 4 knives
  • Easy to unpack
  • Resistant to internal cuts and punctures


  • Difficult to fold
  • Weak cord stitches

8. Messermeister 12-Pocket Heavy Duty Nylon Padded Knife Roll

Messermeister 12-Pocket Heavy Duty Nylon Padded Knife Roll

Are you someone who fantasizes about having a knife bag that is incredibly small but can also carry many blades at the same time? Then this product is what you’re looking precisely for as it moves as many as 12 knives at the same time while also maintaining a compact design so that it doesn’t take up much space.

You won’t have to worry about this product’s sturdiness as it will be years before you have to look for another replacement when using it. Messermeister ultimately fortifies this knife bag with 600D Nylon padding, foam core exterior, and metallic YKK zippers while ensuring that this unit is completely resistant to water damage.

One of the most critical factors that manufacturers tend to leave out when manufacturing knife bags is flexibility, which is crucial to fortify the blades they are supposed to hold.

However, each slot in this product maintains a high level of elasticity so that it can be hospitable for a wide array of blades without causing damage to either the knives or the pocket.

Although a lot of thought went into the construction and sturdiness of this product, Messermeister still fell short when it comes to the Velcro of this unit. The Velcro of this knife bag is very flimsy and will require a replacement swiftly for you to utilize it to its full potential.


  • Compact and accommodating design
  • 600D Nylon padding protection
  • High-quality YKK zippers
  • Flexible and hospitable knife pockets


  • Flimsy quality Velcro
  • Blades require extra restraining

9. Carhartt Legacy Tool Roll        

Carhartt Legacy Tool Roll

One of the biggest fears home cooks, and professional chefs share when bringing out their knives outdoors is the chances of rain, which can ruin the blade and the grip alike.

Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about this problem using this knife bag. Its Rain Defender feature ensures that it repels water and prevents droplets from infiltrating it.

At first glance, the packed nature of this knife bag might give you the idea that you won’t be able to carry as many knives as its more professional counterparts, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

Carhartt Brown manufactures this unit with the enormous capacity to take as many as 19 knives at a time and three small pockets to contain minor tools.

Fortification is essential when buying a knife bag because the last thing you want is your knives falling out of them and getting damaged or causing unfortunate injuries.

This product features dual buckles with side releases so that the blades stay firmly in place, and you can move them around without having to worry about them getting displaced.

The compact nature of this product makes it one of the best among its competitors; however, it goes without saying that it also has its fair share of flaws. Substituting the more modern zippers with the traditional hooks results in the smaller tools not staying secure and get detached easily.


  • Rain Defender feature to repel water
  • Capacity to carry 19 knives
  • 3 small pockets to contain minor tools
  • Dual fortified buckles


  • Small tools get detached easily
  • Handles are cheaper than predecessor’s

10. Shun Knife Roll                      

Shun Knife Roll

If there’s one thing that is recognized by chefs globally, no one makes knives and their maintenance tools better than the Japanese. Shun firmly secures this belief with this knife bag as it can accommodate blades as subtle as the Santoku and the more dynamic butcher knives simultaneously.

Tradition is the core belief of this product, as you will find all the conservative qualities of a classic knife bag in it. Containing as many as eight knives at a time, this unit secures them with a zipper’s convenience and features a shoulder strap for easy transportation.

Getting additional security options for your knife bag is always convenient, and it ensures that you won’t have to worry about your blades falling off once you fasten it to the pouch. You will find this privilege to come in handy when using this unit as it comes with Velcro and D-rings to fully secure your knives.

When it comes to identifying flaws, we can safely say that this knife bag comes with its own set of minor issues. Flexibility is a big problem when fitting knives into this product, and you will have to push the blades in and struggle with them to get them secure in the sheath.


  • Wide array of knife accommodation
  • Zipper and shoulder strap combination
  • Velcro and D-ring as additional security
  • Comfortable, padded handle


  • Rigid knife pockets
  • Relatively large in size

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Knife Bag

You might find buying a chef knife to be a very complicated task because of all the different features each of them has, as well as the wide varieties. However, keep an eye out for the following features when making your purchase. You will easily be able to identify the ideal product and not end up with an unsatisfactory purchase.

Build Material

To understand whether the knife bag you want to purchase will provide efficient service while also lasting you for a good time, you need to know the type of materials that go best with such products.

Not being aware of this factor can result in the pouch tearing apart a few days after buying the product and creating an emergency replacement.

Knife Bag

When it comes to a knife bag, the most premium ones use leather as they are difficult to penetrate and puncture with blades while also having an excellent sturdiness level. If you plan on going with a more modern look, then polyester can work just as well and even combat external factors like water damage.


The construction of the knife bag plays an important role in the comfort and convenience level you will get to experience from the product. Depending on how you fancy carrying around your knives, this factor will vary and change accordingly.

There are many different construction patterns knives are available in, and all of them are pretty dependable and sturdy for moving knives.

Knife Bags

If you’re going for a more traditional approach, then go for the ones that follow the classic roll pattern so that you can smoothly carry it around. And if you want something more modern, then the backpack construction is wonderful for its even weight distribution across your shoulders.


Finding out the capacity of a knife bag is vital, as it is a key indicator of the comfort level you will enjoy while using it and if it’s good enough to cater to your needs. Depending on whether you are a home cook or a professional chef, this factor will fluctuate and change.

If you’re a professional chef who needs a wide array of knives to execute the various dishes of the different cuisines you are proficient in, it’s better to go with a knife bag that can carry at least 12 blades and has room for smaller tools.

On the other hand, if you’re a home cook looking to have an outdoor cookout, then go for the smaller pouches, which can carry four knives.

Security Measures

Finding out the mechanisms that help a knife bag secure the blades in place when moving them is very important to understand the product’s efficiency. Simultaneously, it greatly helps alleviate the risk of injuries and accidents that can happen from knives falling apart.

Knife Bag

The most efficient knife bags will have side buckles to tightly fasten the product as well as sheaths to cover the knives within. Also, it’s best to look for a pouch that has ample amounts of interior and exterior padding so that the blade cannot pierce through the unit and fall off either.


If it isn’t obvious enough, you will want to have a knife bag that you can carry around easily. The entire purpose of this unit is to make carrying around your culinary blades extremely efficient, and therefore, this factor probably bears the most significance among them all.

Most knife bags have a handle on them so that you can carry them around with ease, but the most premium options go for a shoulder strap option. If you look really rigorously, you may even find the high-end dual strap option, which can significantly elevate the portability of the pouch.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the tools that must be present in a knife bag?

Carrying only knives within the knife bag is not a smart move; you should also carry a plethora of attachments and maintenance tools alongside it as well. You should aim for a combination of cutting tools and upkeep attachments to fill these products for the best possible protection.

When it comes to selecting knives, always ensure that your knife bag has a chef’s knife, utility knife, a santoku, and a few paring knives so that you can execute all possible cuts according to necessity. Furthermore, carry honing steel to maintain the blades and a peeler and measuring spoons as assistive tools.

2. What’s the importance of a knife bag for a professional chef?

If you’re starting to work as a chef in a professional culinary environment, you can be sure that you will have your very own station to do all your cooking. Therefore, you will also need to bring your very own set of knives to work.

Considering that knives are customized according to the chef’s skills and requirements, working with a stock set of knives is absolutely unacceptable. That’s where the significance of a knife bag comes into play so that chefs can easily carry their blades from work to home and vice versa.

3. Why are knife bags so handy?

Knife bags are handy mostly because of all the contents you can easily carry within a single container unit. Not only can they store your blades securely and with ease, but they can also even handle the maintenance tools that go with them.

4. How many knives should a knife bag carry?

The capacity of a knife bag depends widely on the purpose of the user. If you’re a home cook, then do not go for one that carries more than 4 knives at a time.

On the other hand, if you’re a professional chef, then you should go for a larger set that can carry at least 12 knives at a time. That way, you can be prepared for almost every possibility.

5. How does a knife bag maintain the knives?

The knife bag keeps each knife in a safe and individual compartment. Doing so helps to maintain the sharpness of the knife and keeps them safe from any form of damage.

Keeping knives together can be a dangerous affair as you might end up having the blades clash with each other and clatter around the container, thus damaging each other. For this reason, it is imperative that you get a knife bag to store your cutting tools.

Final Words

Finding a container that can properly safeguard and protect your precious chefs’ knives might have seemed like a worrisome matter in the past. However, now that you have gone through our reviews, finding the best knife bag will feel like a minutes’ task to you!

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