7 Best Hand Mixer for Mashed Potatoes Reviews 2021

Hand mixers are often used to beat, whisk and mix components, all demanding a well-functional pair of beaters or dough hooks that spin smoothly and reliably while mixing.

Whether you want a mixer to make a cake from cake mixes or from scratch, or you just want to mash your vegetables, you need to check out some important features. Apart from the obvious, like the multiple speed levels, there are a few other things that must be considered when choosing a hand mixer.

In order to help you find the best hand mixer for mashed potatoes, we have included detailed descriptions of the top mixers in this review.

7 Best Hand Mixer for Mashed Potatoes Review

Now, we will provide you with an in-depth review of the best hand mixers for preparing mashed potatoes that you can find on the market at present. We’ll also illustrate the pros and cons, so you can pick the one you want the most!

1. Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer, Beaters and Whisk

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer, Beaters and Whisk

If you want a multipurpose mixer for your home, this is a good option for you. And if you are into bold colors, this is the one for you!

With a bright red frame and a snap-on storage case, this Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer is extremely classy and even more practical. It includes two dough hooks, two chrome beaters, and one whisk.

You can use the grey snap-on case to store the five additional parts when you’re not using it, and use the small door for easier access to your tools.

In addition, there is a bowl rest that comes along with the hand mixer. It’s essentially an integrated groove that allows you to place the hand mixer over a bowl so that splashes from the mixture go right into the bowl instead of spilling all over the countertop.

Now that we have established how great the mixer looks and functions from the outside – let us look at its performance.

With 6 different interchangeable speeds, you can make just about any food with this mixer. You can use the quick burst button to switch between different speed levels depending on the required consistency level of your recipe.

Equipped with 275 watts of maximum power, it can handle all kinds of different recipes. It is surely one of the best baking mixers.


  • Comes in a small and compact form
  • Equipped with 6 different speed levels
  • Has a slow initial speed to avoid unwanted spatters
  • Includes 5 additional parts for baking needs
  • Comes with a snap-on case for convenient storage


  • Weighs a lot due to the additional tools and snap-on case

2. KitchenAid KHMB732BM Cordless Hand Mixer

KitchenAid KHMB732BM Cordless Hand Mixer

Now, we present to you a different kind of mixer. It is a cordless mixer that operates on a lithium-ion battery. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t like wires hanging while cooking or preparing food, this is an excellent option for you.

If you are concerned about the mechanism of this model from KitchenAid, rest assured that it is a safe and convenient mixer. And it has a pretty simple mechanism.

First, you have to charge the mixer for about 2 hours using the rechargeable battery included in the packaging. Once it is all charged, you can use it to make mashed potatoes, prepare cake or cookie batter without any need for a cord.

It creates a more flexible and fun process. In fact, you can let your kids use this easy to use the mixer for baking their favorite goods.

More importantly, this model is designed with 7-speed levels that can be interchanged while using. It has a soft start function that steadily takes the beaters to the chosen pace to find a way to keep the contents from spilling all over the counter.

Although this specific option is black, it is available in a few other colors as well.


  • Equipped with 7 interchangeable speeds
  • Can be used to stir, mix, and whip
  • Operates using rechargeable lithium-ion battery and lights up when it needs to be recharged
  • Includes soft start feature to reduce messy spatters


  • Takes a while to charge
  • Doesn’t include whisk or dough hooks

3. Cuisinart HM-50BK Power Advantage 5-Speed Hand Mixer

Cuisinart HM-50BK Power Advantage 5-Speed Hand Mixer

Here, we have a small and super lightweight mixer for you. If you intend to bake for an extended period of time, you should consider a lighter option, so you don’t get exhausted over time.

From Cuisinart, this hand mixer is a light option as it is made mostly with plastic components. Unfortunately, as it has plastic construction, it is not the most durable option out there.

But it does have a number of advantages other than its weight and size. Its multiple speed settings, for instance. Besides mashing potatoes, you can use this machine to make a variety of baked goods. You can adjust the speed level with the slightest movement of a button.

Another great thing about this is its 36 inches cord extension- it lets you move the mixer around in your kitchen. Besides, it is dishwasher friendly. So, not only is it convenient to use, but it is also super easy to clean after.

However, this very model of mixer can only support maximum power of 220W, which is the lowest among all the options on the list. So, if you want fast and powerful equipment, you should go for the other options.


  • Provides different speed options to choose from mixing ingredients
  • Weighs extremely little, so it is very easy to use for a prolonged period
  • Comes with a manual that includes instructions and recipes
  • Has a relatively low price


  • Made with plastic, so it is not the most durable
  • Has a relatively less powerful motor

4. Decen Hand Mixer Electric 6-Speed Kitchen Handheld Mixer

Decen Hand Mixer Electric 6-Speed Kitchen Handheld Mixer

Up next, we have quite a powerful mixer for you. For those who want to try out recipes that require more power than mashed potatoes, this is a good alternative.

In addition to its very powerful 300W motor, the mixer comes with two sets of accessories to enhance your banking process. It includes two traditional beaters and two dough hooks.

With the help of the beaters, you can whip eggs and mix ingredients. As for the dough hooks, you can use them to beat dough and heavier ingredients, especially when making cakes.

Much like the previously mentioned mixers, this can offer several different speed levels. It also has a special turbo function. The turbo function is included to help speed up as you start slowly.

If you want detailed instructions, you can use the first two speeds to mix light ingredients and the next two speeds to mix solid ingredients like bread batter. Lastly, you can use the last two speeds along with the turbo function to whip up meringues.

And of course, it has a final power button which you can use to stop the machine altogether. The mixer, along with its attachments, is built with stainless steel, and that makes them very strong and long-lasting.

As for design, it is a well built stainless steel mixer that is quite light and compact and perfect for home use.


  • Offers 6 different speeds and turbo functions, which makes mixing faster and smoother
  • Includes two traditional beaters and two dough hooks to accommodate differ-ent baking styles
  • Provides high power mixing
  • Made with robust materials to ensure longevity


  • Doesn’t seem to have any major drawback

5. Sunbeam Mixmaster Dual Function Hand and Stand Mixer

Sunbeam Mixmaster Dual Function Hand and Stand Mixer

For our first option, we have an incredible dual purpose hand and stand mixer with a sophisticated finish. If you want a mixer that not only functions great but looks great too while doing that, you’ve got yourself a winner here.

Manufactured in Canada, this mixer from Sunbeam is a gem of a mixer. Apart from its 250-watt motor, it has five different speed levels and a heel rest design. You can use this mixer to mash your potatoes at your preferred speed level to obtain your favorite consistency level.

This model has a white exterior that gives off a classy look, and the main parts along with the chrome beaters and dough hooks are made from stainless steel. Due to its steel construction, the mixer is strong and extremely durable. You can use it at the highest speed level without having to worry about it breaking.

With a dimension of 20.8 x 15 x 10 inches, this is a big sized mixer, and it is perfect for making mashed potatoes. But, you can use it to prepare several other items as well. As for the weight, it weighs about 3 pounds, which is quite lightweight considering the size.


  • Comes in a big frame with stainless steel construction
  • Can be used as both hand and stand mixer
  • Includes five different speed levels
  • Has a motor with great power
  • Can be used for making many different food items


  • Doesn’t function as effectively as a stand mixer as it does as a hand mixer

6. Tibek Hand Held Mixer

Tibek Hand Held Mixer

Although we’re almost at the end of the list, we still have a couple of good options for you. This option from Tibek may not look the most appealing, but it has quite a lot to offer in terms of quality and performance.

Along with the mixer, you will find four other parts in the package. You will get two dough hooks and two whisks. With these two different types of tools, you can whisk, blend, and whip all kinds of food items, be it vegetables or baked goods.

The beater also has an ejector button that lets you easily add and replace the different tools depending on your needs.

Not only does this mixer offer you multiple accessories to enhance your baking time, it includes 6-speed levels to give you the ultimate preparation time. You can choose between the different speeds while working and interchange between the different levels. 

One of the highlighted features of this black hand mixer is its power. It has a maximum capacity of 300 watts, which provides extra control while mixing. You can use it to whip up meringues and whipped creams in seconds and mix hard cake mixes very fast as well.

Basically, if you choose to get this mixer, you will be able to prepare your food very quickly and conveniently, and you don’t have to waste any time in your food-making process.


  • Arrives with few attachments for easier beating, whisking, and whipping
  • Made with stainless steel, which makes it strong and sturdy
  • Has a maximum power of 300W
  • Can be used to make different kinds of foods, including cakes from tough doughs
  • Safe to use with a dishwasher


  • Doesn’t have a stylish exterior

7. VonShef Hand Mixer

VonShef Hand Mixer

Last but not least, we have this superb hand mixer that has a lot to offer. If you’re looking for a budget option, you should consider getting this.

Although it does come at a relatively low price point, it doesn’t compromise in quantity or quality. For one, the mixer comes with 5 different attachments for easier baking. It includes two beaters,  two dough hooks, and one balloon whisk.

You can use the beaters to comfortably whip egg whites, soft liquid ingredients, and soft cake mixtures. And, you can use dough hooks to combine dough and hard cake mixtures quickly. As for the whisk, you can use it to make meringue-like items if you add in the turbo function.

Since the mixer, along with all its counterparts have stainless steel construction, you don’t have to worry about durability.

For smoother and effective performance, the mixer has a motor that can power up to 250W. With this level of power and the 5 interchangeable speed levels, you can make everything from soft mashed potatoes to big birthday cakes.

If you’re looking for a light and compact mixer for baked goods at home, this VonShef Hand Mixer is definitely worth considering.


  • Comes in a small and very light structure
  • Has a sleek design with strong stainless construction
  • Can be safely used with a dishwasher
  • Offers five interchangeable speed settings with additional turbo function
  • Includes several attachments for the ultimate baking experience


  • Includes flimsy beaters

What to Look for Before Buying the Best Hand Mixer for Mashed Potato

Considering this article focuses on a mixer for making mashed potatoes, it shouldn’t be difficult to choose one as the process doesn’t require much power. However, if you intend to use this mixture for other purposes as well, like baking brownies, this is for you.

All the choices described above are indeed fantastic, and you can definitely find the best electronic hand mixer out of them, but you’ll have to evaluate some essential components before you make any decisions.

Hand Mixer for Mashed Potatoes

We have discussed the primary factors below, which you should take into consideration when picking from the mixer list for the kitchen.


One of the essential factors when choosing a hand mixer for the kitchen is power. Power is denoted by “watt.”

As you will see, the different models have different power levels, ranging from 220W to 300W. The more powerful ones work faster and are good for mixing hard ingredients.

Although this is surely a key factor, it is not the most important one for everyone. This is only relevant to you if you want to make cakes or other similar items using hard doughs, and also if you want to get your work done in a short amount of time.

Speed Levels

It is actually an obvious feature. All electronic hand mixtures are equipped with different speed levels. The ones on this list range from 5 to 7-speed settings.

Now, these speed levels are interchangeable. You can start off with a lower level of speed and gradually reach the highest level. In some cases, you don’t need to reach the highest level. For instance, if you’re whipping egg whites, a lower level of speed is all you’ll need.

Hand Mixer for Mashed Potatoes

If you’re interested in a detailed explanation of the speed system, this is usually how it works. Speeds 1 and 2 are there to blend ingredients, 3 and 4 to mix chunkier ingredients like bread crumbs, and 5 and 6 to make whipped cream and meringues.

Much like power, speed level is needed if you want to work on harder ingredients and work at a faster pace.

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Additional Parts

This refers to the attached parts and accessories that are included with a mixer. Most great mixers include chrome beaters, dough hooks, and whisks, or a combination of these.

While beaters are used to beat eggs and combine ingredients, dough hookers are used to beat dough and to prepare heavier items. And finally, whisks are used to combine the ingredients evenly and to introduce air into the combination.

Now that you know the purpose of each of these tools, you will know which one to look for.

Structural Integrity

By structural integrity, we mean the base of the mixer. While most great hand mixers are constructed using stainless steel components, a few are made from plastic.

Hand Mixer for Mashed Potatoes

If you want durable options, you should try getting one that has a stainless steel construction as they’re generally more strong and robust and are designed to last a long time.

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You can find mixers of different sizes. We have included one as big as 20 inches and one as small as 8 inches in this last alone.

Which one you should get depends on your needs. If you prefer working with smaller gadgets, there a lot of options to choose from. And if you want a bigger one, you can do that, too. But weight might be an issue.


Weight is a big factor, especially if you intend to work for a long term or on a regular interval. If the mixer is too heavy, it will weigh you down. And if you don’t enjoy the process, you will end up making mashed potatoes a lot less than you want.

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Final Words

With the multitude of choices available when it comes to mixers, finding the best one can be a tricky job. We have given in-depth descriptions of a few great hand mixers to make your decision process simpler.

If you look into the details given on each of the items and the purchasing guide, you will be able to get the best hand mixer for mashed potatoes.

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