Best Grout Cleaning Machine Reviews 2022 [Top 10 Picks]

Tile floors are one of the most popular flooring materials. Not only do they look attractive but they also are reasonably durable too.

However, one of the problems that occur on tiled floors is that the lines that are between the ceramic tiles tend to accumulate dirt and debris pretty quickly. And when those lines do become dirty, the overall aesthetics of the flooring can degrade significantly.

Best Grout Cleaning Machine Reviews

So if you want to keep your tiled floor clean and free of accumulated dust, you will have to focus on those lines first. And to clean them you would require the best grout cleaning machine.

By getting one of these, you will not only be able to keep your flooring clean but also will be able to prevent the growth of molds and mildew.

Our 10 Best Grout Cleaning Machine Picks

It would not be possible for you to head into a hardware store and check the performance of all of the grout machines you will find on the shelves. To make things easier for you, we have done our research and picked the ones that we believe offer the best overall cleaning performance. They are as follows:

1. Oreck Orbiter All-In-One ORB700MB

Oreck Orbiter All-In-One ORB700MB

Maintenance is one of the factors that make people stay away from electrical cleaning equipment. But Oreck has a solution for that, which they have implemented in this unit.

First of all, the motor that it comes with is constructed of zinc and steel. That makes the component achieve a solid build quality. It is also one of the brushless kinds, which means there are no belts, gears, or other loose parts.

That means you would not have to worry about any of the parts wearing out over time, which means you would not have to carry out any sort of intricate maintenance.

Aside from sporting a highly reliable motor, the cleaning path that it has is reasonably wide. It is 13 inches in width, which means you will be able to deep clean a large area in one sweep. That wide path will make it effortless for you to carry out most of the cleaning tasks feel effortless.

The unit is exceptionally versatile as well. With just one machine, you will be capable of stripping, scrubbing, deep cleaning, waxing, and polishing. You would not have to get a separate device for carrying out those operations.

It is also quite efficient in removing inlaid stains, which means even if you do spill coffee all over the floor, you would have nothing to worry about.

For the random orbital motion that it implements while operating, it will be able to powerfully glide over the grout. As a result, no matter how deep the dirt is accumulated on the lines, it will be able to loosen them up efficiently. It also has fingertip controls, which will make it easier for you to operate the tile floor cleaning machine.


  • Packs a powerful brushless motor
  • Virtually free of maintenance
  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Implements an orbital motion for the operation
  • Wide cleaning path


  • Vibrates a lot during operation
  • Operational noise is a bit high

2. Grout Groovy Electric Stand Up

Grout Groovy Electric Stand Up

Opposed by the idea of having an electric grout scrubbing machine as most of them are relatively heavy? Well, then you should definitely check out what we have picked here.

Let us talk about heft first. The unit weighs just 4 pounds, which is lighter than what most of the other brands are offering. That means you would not have to use that much muscle power to carry it and operate scrubbing operations. The compact size that it has will make it easier for you to store it when you are done using it.

You would not have to go through any sort of hassle regarding disposing of the collected dirt as well. It has a built-in grime guard housing, which will contain all of the accumulated debris and dirt. Also, the housing of the cleaning brush will make sure that none of the loose dirt spreads around, which will keep the air around you clean.

Other than that, you would not have to worry about the operational procedures even if electric scrubbing machines are a relatively new thing to you. It comes with a short instruction manual that will let you know about the device’s ins and outs.

Also, the fingertip controls that it has on the body will make operating the tile floor cleaning machine feel like an easy task.

The brush wheel that it comes along with is specially designed to deep clean all types of flooring. So whether you have ceramic or porcelain tiled floors or any other kinds of floor material, you would not have to worry about the effectiveness of scrubbing.

Besides, the brush wheel is reasonably durable. It is capable of clearing dirt from 500 square feet. That means it will last for an extended amount of time.


  • Weighs only four pounds
  • Easy to carry and easy to operate
  • Comes with a detailed instruction manual
  • Can clean all types of flooring materials
  • Includes a durable brush wheel


  • A bit difficult to deep clean the areas that are tight and hard to reach with it
  • Some of the packages arrive with a defective brush

3. Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber

Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber

Additional accessories can make any device achieve the maximum potential. And getting them separately can be a bit taxing on the wallet. But you would not have to do that with this package that Homitt is offering.

Unlike some of the scrubbers, this one is entirely cord-free. It packs a set of powerful 3.65 volts lithium-ion battery. Each of them has a capacity of 2150 mAh, which means you will be able to get a prolonged operational time.

In fact, with a full charge, you will be able to get about 90 minutes of working time, which is more than enough for most of the scrubbing tasks.

On that note, you would not have to wait that long to charge it as well. It takes about 3.5 to four hours to charge it fully. And as it is entirely cordless, you will have the maximum amount of reach with it.

There would be no corners or no space that would be hard for you to reach. And the 21.5 inches extendable handle that it comes with will increase the overall reach even further.

The motor that it comes packed with is exceptionally powerful too. It can make the brushes spin at a staggering rate of 300 RPM, which will enable you to clean the most stubborn stains quickly.

Also, because of the inclusion of four replaceable brush, you would not have to worry about the unit becoming inoperable if one of the brushes become dull. You can easily swap it out with one of the new ones.

Aside from that, the brushes have bristles that are not only durable but also flexible. The flexible nature will make sure that it can efficiently scrub each of the surface areas.


  • Cordless and easy to operate
  • Includes plenty of accessories
  • Handle is adjustable
  • Packs a set of high capacity battery
  • Utilizes brushes that have durable and flexible bristles


  • Handle is a bit flimsy
  • Tends to overheat while charging

4. Homitt Electric 360 Power Scrubber Cordless

Homitt Electric 360 Power Scrubber Cordless

The manufacturer Homitt seems to have an extensive lineup of reliable power scrubbers to offer to the crowd. And this one that we are going to take a look at is not an exception in that regard.

To start with, it features a fully cordless design. Instead of utilizing a power cord, it uses high capacity batteries that perform exceptionally well. The cells that it packs are from LG, and each of them has about 2150 mAh, which is relatively high.

You are going to get about 90 minutes of runtime with a full charge, which is more than enough for most of the scrubbing tasks that you would have to carry out.

Aside from that, the batteries do not take that long to charge as well. They would require just three to four hours to charge up fully. And for the inclusion of a powerful motor, the batteries will be able to provide an adequate amount of power to make the brushes spin at 300 RPM, which will clean most of the stubborn stains in seconds.

You are also going to receive a lot of additional accessories with the package. It includes four pieces of replacement brush heads. So, even if the brush that is installed at first becomes dull, you will have four other ones in your arsenal.

And as the bristles are pretty durable, they would not become dull that easily. You are basically going to get an extended service from them.

Other than that, the handle that it comes along with is adjustable. The handle’s length is about 21 inches, which means you are going to get more than the required amount of reach. Also, because of being cordless, you would be able to clean most of the hard to reach corners efficiently.


  • Features a cordless design
  • Includes four individual replaceable heads in the package
  • Batteries are well-performing and have a high capacity
  • Comes with an adjustable handle
  • Bristles on the brush heads are exceptionally durable


  • Capacity of the battery degrades over time
  • Bit heavier, considering that it is cordless

5. McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister

McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister

Steam is known to be able to loosen up accumulated dust and debris quickly. And McCulloch acknowledged that, and that is why they have implemented steam technology in this unit that they are offering.

First of all, let us talk about the feature that makes it stand out the most. The unit implements steam, which is capable of killing about 99.9 percent of the germs. That means you would not have to use any kind of additional chemicals to sanitize the grouts of your flooring.

Also, most of the chemical solutions have the tendency of ruining the sheen of the ceramic tiles, to begin with.

And the tank that it comes with is quite large too. The overall capacity is 64 ounces, which can hold a fair amount of water for the steam setting. It takes about 12 minutes of heating time, and after being fully heated up, it will be able to offer you steam for approximately 120 minutes.

You will also be able to switch between different steam dispersion modes. There are four modes, to be precise.

Alongside that, the power cord that the steam mop comes along is quite large in comparison. It is 18 feet long, which means you would not have to struggle that much to find a power outlet that is near you. Also, the hose that it comes with is 10 feet long. That means you are going to get more than the required amount of reach using it.

You will also receive plenty of accessories with the package. The steam mop comes with 23 different attachments, which makes this exceptionally versatile. Those attachments will let you carry out a lot of grout scrubbing operations. The body also has a built-in storage bag that will enable you to keep all the accessories near your reach.

For its great quality mop heads, top-notch steam pressure, and ability to clean tile floors, this is considered one of the best multipurpose steam cleaners.


  • Able to clean up to 99 percent of germs
  • Comes with twenty-three different attachments
  • Capacity of the tank is relatively large
  • 18 feet power cord
  • Features a built-in storage bag


  • Attachments are a bit flimsy
  • Takes a bit of time to get used to different functions that it has

6. Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Orbiter

Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Orbiter

Are you worried that you will not be able to clean most of the corners of your floor for the short power cords that most of the tile cleaning machines include nowadays? Then you should definitely keep this one on your consideration list.

To begin with, it implements a random orbital motion. That motion does not swirl nor requires any sort of torque. It will be exceptionally easy for you to operate the floor cleaner machine because of that motion.

You will get full control over the device. Also, it will not scratch the flooring materials for the orbital motion that it implements. That makes it ideal for all types of floors, including softwood and sealed wood floor ones.

The brush that it utilizes is quite durable as well. It has flexible bristles, which will let it get all of the accumulated dust in just one sweep. You would not have to put that much time into the cleaning tasks because of that.

It is also capable of polishing and revitalizing the sheen of the surface. That means you will be able to get a new look on the ceramic tiles after cleaning floors with it.

Aside from that, the motor that it packs is brushless. It does not have any sort of intricate parts that are prone to wears. That means you would not have to worry about the maintenance process that much.

Moreover, as it is brushless, it achieves a high level of efficiency as well. It will create a less amount of heat, which will lower the chance of performance throttling.

Lastly, the power cord that it comes along is 50 feet long. That length of the cable is higher than almost all of the other scrubbing machines that are out in the market.


  • Comes with a staggering 50 feet long power cable
  • Capable of polishing and revitalizing flooring
  • Utilizes an efficient orbital cleaning motion
  • Leaves no scuffs or marks on the sealed hard floors
  • Easy to control


  • Wight of the unit is a bit high in comparison
  • Tends to output an awkward smell when used for a prolonged amount of time

7. Tilswall Electric Spin Scrubber

Tilswall Electric Spin Scrubber

Even though handling electric scrubbers that are cordless is comparatively easier than the corded ones, one thing most of them can no offer is a longer runtime. Well, that is where this unit from Tilswall stands out.

Unlike some of the other cordless units, this one comes packed with a 3.7 volts battery with 4000 mAh capacity.  That amount of capacity will enable the device to be operational for a staggering 180 minutes, which is higher than what the other cordless units can offer.

Also, the battery is powerful enough to spin the scrubber at 300 RPM, which will make most of the cleaning tasks easy. Aside from packing a  powerful and high-capacity battery, Tilswall utilized high-quality materials for the overall construction.

Moreover, the body is full of metal, and the crucial components are made from poly-ring material, which makes it exceptionally durable. The metal parts that are on the inside have an exterior wall that will enhance the overall lifespan substantially.

Other than that, the body has an integrated hook that will make it easier for you to store it when you are not operating it. You can easily hang it on the wall behind your door.

The handle is also extendable, which means it would be easier for you to clean the tight corners and the places that are usually hard to reach. Also, you would not require any tools for extending the handle.

Lastly, the package includes four different multi-purpose brush heads. Those are ideal for carrying out most of the scrubbing and polishing tasks. And as there are four of them, you would not have to purchase an extra set of brushes anytime soon after getting this package.


  • Battery of the unit is 4000 mAh
  • Can operate for up to 180 minutes
  • Features a construction of heavy-duty materials
  • Includes four different multi-purpose heads
  • Sports a tool-free adjustable handle


  • Does not have a locking mechanism on the hinge
  • Not that lightweight

8. Dupray Neat Heavy Duty Steamer

Dupray Neat Heavy Duty Steamer

Even though there are many steam grout scrubbers out there, most of them will require proprietary cleaning pads, which are generally expensive. However, that is not the case for this steam cleaner that Dupray is offering.

First of all, the unit utilizes regular clothes instead of proprietary cleaning pads. For that reason, you would not have to spend extra money on special pads, which performs the same as the towels that you have in your wardrobe. You can also use regular pieces of cloth if you do not have any spare towels with you.

There is an integrated funnel on the top of the body that will make it easier for you to fill up the steam tank. The Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner can hold up to 16000 milliliters of water, which will be able to provide you steam for up to 50 minutes.

That amount of steam dispersion is more than enough for cleaning grouts of multiple rooms. It also takes a considerably less amount of to heat up. After filling up the tank, you would only have to wait for about seven minutes for the steam.

Aside from that large container, the head that it comes with is compatible with all of the surfaces. That means you would be able to work with it even if you have porcelain tiles in your rooms.

Also, the steam mop unit is exceptionally lightweight. That, combined with the retractable handle that it has on the top, it would be pretty easy for you to carry it from one room to another.

The power cord that it comes along with is quite long too. It is 16 feet long, and the hose is 6 feet 6 inches in length. That means you are going to get a total of 22 feet and 6 inches of reach.


  • Heats up within 7 minutes
  • Utilizes regular towel or clothes
  • Works on all kinds of surfaces
  • Large-sized tank
  • Features a retractable handle
  • Multipurpose steam cleaner


  • Tends to leave too much water on the floor
  • A bit noisy

9. PurSteam 10-in-1 Pet Friendly Steam Cleaner

PurSteam 10-in-1 Pet Friendly Steamer

If you have pets, then there is a high chance that there are a lot of small furs engraved in the grouts. And if you were looking for a grout cleaner machine that can extract those engraved furs, you should check what PurStream is offering here.

To start with, it implements the steam technology that most of the cleaners are integrating nowadays. That technology will enable you to sanitize your entire floor without using any sort of harmful chemical solutions.

It is capable of clearing out up to 99.99 percent of germs and bacterias, which will keep your pet safe. And the overall capacity of the water tank for the steam is 350 milliliters.

Also, the steam setting gets ready quite fast. Unlike other units, you would not have to wait for ten to twenty minutes. It will become ready in just 30 seconds, which means it would not take that much time to finish most of your cleaning tasks with this.

As the Purstream Steam Mop Cleaner comes bundled with a special surface scrubber,  it will not only be able to extract dirt from the lines but also engraved furs too.

Aside from that, the overall form factor of the steam mop machine is compact. It also has a relatively lightweight body as well. The overall weight is just 2.2 pounds, which means you would be able to carry it easily from one room to another.

Besides, the scrub pad that it comes along with is ideal for all types of flooring. You would not have to worry about it leaving any marks. They are also reusable and washable.

It also bundles along with plenty of accessories. One of them is the extendible hose, which will elongate your overall reach. Also, it is relatively easy to operate.


  • Can kill up to 99.9 percent of bacterias and germs
  • Able to extract engraved pet furs
  • Comes with washable and reusable pads
  • Steam mode starts up in just 30 seconds
  • Lightweight and ideal for all kinds of floorings


  • Cleaning path is not that wide
  • Replacement mop pad is not that easy to find in the market

10. PurSteam Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner

PurSteam Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner

Are you looking for something that is exceptionally versatile? Want something that is easy to carry? Then what you are probably looking for is this unit that PurSteam is offering.

To begin with, it has a premium build quality. The materials that PurSteam has utilized are all heavy-duty. For that reason, it achieves a fairly high durability level. Even though it is built like a tank, the overall weight is considerably low.

It weighs just 2 pounds without any accessories attached to it. That means carrying it around will not be a hassle for you.

Talking about accessories, it comes with nine versatile ones. Those will make it easier for you to carry out different kinds of scrubbing tasks. And even though it is handheld, the hose that it comes along with is fairly long.

That will let you reach places that are tight and hard to reach. The power cord that it has on the back is 9.8 feet long, which will extend the overall reach even further.

The steam mechanism that it utilizes creates pressurized steam. For that reason, it will be able to disperse low-moisture high pressure steams, which will let you extract stains and accumulated dust pretty easily.

The steam mop takes a comparatively less amount of time to heat up as well. You would only have to wait for about 4 to 5 minutes to warm the water inside.

Lastly, it is compatible with most of the floor materials for the different versatile accessories that it comes with. Even if you have a delicate flooring material, you would not have to worry about leaving any marks on the surface. You can remove molds, stains, and accumulate dust without any worries.


  • Handheld and easy to carry
  • Offers an extended amount of reach
  • Bundles with nine versatile attachments
  • Takes about four to five minutes to heat up
  • Safe for all the types of floor materials


  • Container tends to leak
  • Includes a vaguely written instruction manual

What to Look for Before You Buy?

Unlike the sweepers that are available in the market, these grout cleaning machines are not that cheap. You would have to spend a good amount of money to get one of them.

Grout Cleaning Machine

And as you are spending this much amount of money on something, you would want to get the most out of it, right? Well, for that, you would have to keep these factors in mind:


The first thing that you need to consider is the types. Typically, there are three different kinds of grout cleaning machines. They are:

  • Corded

For the corded ones, you need to consider whether the power cable is long enough or not. The lengthier the cable will, the less you would have to worry about not being able to find a power outlet near you.

For that reason, if you are shooting for a corded machine, we would recommend shooting for the ones that have a lengthy power cord.

  • Cordless

On the other hand, if you are shooting for a cordless version, you need to consider the battery. The first thing to consider would be the capacity. In this case, the higher the capacity of the battery, the longer the run time you would get.

Most of them will hover around 3000 mAh. However, if you want a reasonably long amount of run time, you should go for the ones with a 4000 mAh battery.

Also, you need to consider the charging time as well. If it takes more time to charge up, you would need to wait for a long amount of time after the charge depletes. With the ones that charge faster, you would have to wait for about three to four hours.

  • Steam

Lastly, for the steam versions, you need to factor in the capacity of the water tank. The higher the capacity of the water tank, the longer the tile floor cleaning machine would be able to provide the steam. Also, you should consider the heating time as well.

The ones that take a short amount of time to heat up will get ready to disperse the steam in a small amount of time.

Alongside that, do ensure that it features a convenient fill port. If the fill port is hard to open and access, it would be a hassle for you to fill the tank up when it gets empty.

The Motor

There are two types of motor that these will come with. One of them is the brushed or regular motor. These will have metal components on the inside. However, these are not that well known for efficiency. They tend to get fairly hot when used for a prolonged time as well.

Grout Cleaning Machine

And the other type of motor that is available in these machines the brushless ones. These are the most efficient ones. They do not have any sort of metallic parts inside, which means they are virtually maintenance-free.

And because of how efficient they are, the chances of overheating will be pretty slim as well. You will be able to operate them for a long amount of time without any heating issues.

The Power

In the case of power, the corded ones tend to beat the cordless ones by a small fraction. However, there are many cordless ones out there that can provide an equal amount of power as the corded ones.

Nevertheless, no matter which version you are shooting for, make sure that the motor is powerful enough because that is what the cleaning power is going to depend on.

Brushes and Pads

For the regular cleaning machines, you need to consider the brushes. If the one that you are shooting for does not come with a durable brush, you would have to buy replacement brushes quite frequently.

Aside from that, do make sure that the bristles on the brush are flexible. Without that, the cleaning efficiency of the brushes will be fairly low.

On the other hand, for the steam machines, you should factor in the pad compatibility. Most of them will use a proprietary pad. Many will be able to accommodate regular towels and pieces of clothes.

Grout Cleaning Machine

With those, you would not have to worry about special cleaning pads. You can use the pieces of clothes that are available in your wardrobe.

However, if you do opt for the ones that come with proprietary pads, do make sure that the bristles on it are firm. Also, do make sure that they are washable, or else you will have to get new sets of pads every week, which would not be that much cost-effective.

Size and Weight

Aside from all other things, you must also consider whether the one that you are shooting for is lightweight or not. Without getting one of the lightweight machines, it would be quite hard for you to carry it around. Also, do make sure that the unit has an adjustable handle. That is going to make it easier for you to carry it around.

Other than that, you should also consider the size of the unit. The smaller and compact the body will be, the easier it will be for you to store it.


As we have mentioned earlier, the accessories are what makes these machines versatile. Considering that, the more versatile accessories the package will come with, the more types of scrubbing tasks you will be able to carry out with the machine you purchased.

Aside from the number of accessories, you need to factor in the build quality too. If you get a package that is full of flimsy attachments, you will be able to get the most out of the tile floor cleaning machine.

The Hose

Lastly, you have to consider the length of the hose. Make sure that the one that you are opting for has a lengthy hose. The ones that include long hoses will enable you to easily reach hard to reach places and tight corners.

How to Clean Grout Efficiently?

Getting one of the decent grout cleaning machines is not the end of the process. If you want to clean the lines properly, you need to know how to properly carry out the process. And if you do not have any idea about the operational procedure, here is a step-by-step guide:

Grout Cleaning Machine

Step 1: Prepare the Machine

Before anything else, you need to prepare the machine for the procedure. If you have a cordless machine, charge it up for a while and make sure that the battery is full.

If the battery goes down in the middle of the process, you would have to start the whole process again. And for the corded ones, you need to make sure that a power outlet is nearby.

After that, you will need to make sure that the right attachment is installed to the hose. If the hose of the machine you have is not that long, we would recommend installing an extended.

Alongside that, do ensure that the nylon brush head that you have installed is not worn out. If you use a worn-out brush, you will not be able to get a proper result in the end.

Step 2: Prepare a Cleaning Solution

Now that you have prepared the machine, you need to prepare a cleaning solution. For the solution, we would suggest mixing hot water with diluted bleach. You can also use vinegar with water as well.  

If you do not want to go through the hassle of making a solution on your own, you can purchase one of the readily available commercial cleaning solutions from the market. Those will work great too.

Step 3: Wipe the Grout with Hot Water and Spray the Solution

After preparing the machine and the cleaning solution, you will have to wipe the grout lines with some hot water. That will remove all of the dirt and the grimes that are accumulated on the surface. After that, before the surface dries up, apply the cleaning solution. Leave it for five to ten minutes.

However, if the surfaces tend to dry up before that designated five to ten minutes, you will have to respray the solution.

Step 4: Clean the Grouts Using the Machine

Once that designated time is over, you will have to start the cleaning procedure. Plug the machine into a power outlet, or if you are using a cordless unit, turn it on. Gently scrub over the lines. Do not put too much pressure, or you will break off the bristles, which would not be that ideal. Scrub until the outer layer is taken off from the grouts.

Step 5: Prepare a Solution for the Stains

Now that you have taken off the upper layer of dirt, you will have to prepare a solution for the stains that you have on the lines. If there are no visible stains, you can call it off here.

However, if there are inlaid stains, you will have to use a proper cleaning solution.

For the stains, you would need something strong. You would need to prepare a 60-40 or 70-30 diluted solution. Get the strongest diluted commercial bleach solution you find if you do not want to prepare it by yourself.

Step 6: Apply the Stain Removal Solution

After you got yourself an adequate solution for removing the stains, you would have to spray it on the grouts. Spray in a good amount and leave it for about 10 minutes.

Step 7: Use the Machine Again

You will have to use the versatile cleaning machine again at this point. Plug it on the power outlet once again, or start the machine up if you have a cordless unit and scrub over the surface. Just like we mentioned above, do not use too much force, or you might break off the bristles. After a couple of scrubs, the stains should get removed.

Step 8: Use a Sandpaper

If the stains are still there, the last resort would be to use sandpaper. Fold one of the sandpaper and work your way through the creased edges. You can use the stain removal spray too.

Once you have gone back and forth with the sandpaper, the stains should come off. And once it does, we would recommend rinsing the edges thoroughly with hot water.

Final Words

Tiled floors are not that easy to keep clean. Considering how porous the grouts are, it would be reasonably challenging for you to keep them clean without getting the best grout cleaning machine. And we hope we were able to make choosing one of them more manageable for you.

Grout cleaning machines are made to wash the floor only. In case you want a all-round solution for dust, we recommend using a powerful vacuum cleaner. Without a proper vacuum, you will be unable to clean the corners, especially behind the garbage disposal units, refrigerators, oven, and other heavy furniture.

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