10 Best Drill Bit for Stainless Steel Reviews (2022 Buying Guide)

Whether you are a professional contractor or perform some personal DIY projects occasionally as a hobby, aside from just having a power drill, what you will need are well-performing bits.

And when it comes to making holes in metal workpieces, such as stainless steel, the wrong ones can not only damage the drill machine but also put visual defects on your precious workpiece.

Best Drill Bit for Stainless Steel

Because of how overfilled the market is with options, it will be pretty challenging for you to know whether the one that you are shooting is actually the best drill bit for stainless steel or not.

But, as you have managed to find us, you can stay utterly worry-free about that. We are going to make sure that you make the right purchase decision.

Our 10 Best Drill Bits for Stainless Steel Picks

Not all of the bits that are in the market will perform well, let alone being able to make holes in metals. To ensure that you do not end up getting one of those, we have picked the ones that we believe offer the best overall performance on stainless steel. The list that we have compiled by huddling those are as follows:

1.  Champion Cutting Tool Brute Platinum Twister

Accuracy is something that not all of the drill bit sets are going to offer you. But you are going to get that at the full amount in this one.

To start with, each of the bits in this set features a tapered web geometry. The split point is 135 degrees, which means the accuracy you will get will be considerably high. For that reason, you would not have to worry about ruining your precious workpiece for a misaligned hole.

Aside from the accuracy, the design that it features lets it spin considerably faster than most of the other average units. In fact, it turns faster than the cobalt tips that most of the brands are offering. You will be able to finish off most of the drilling tasks in a small amount of time because of that.

Also, because of the material that the tips are of, these can flex. As they have this flexing capability, these will not chip, nor will they break off on top of hard surfaces.

And for the NOMO surface coating that these have, you will be able to get long-term durability out of these. The chances of these shattering will be exceptionally low.

Alongside that, the coating will also make these achieve a higher heat-resistant capability. That will enhance the overall lifespan even further. It will also let you operate the machine for a long amount of time without overheating.

The self-centering capability that it has will make sure that the holes you are going to make are straight.


  • Offers an extreme amount of accuracy
  • Can self-center itself
  • Able to resist heat exceptionally well
  • Spins exceptionally fast
  • Resistant to chipping and shattering


  • Some of the sets ship with missing bits
  • Case that these come in is not that durable

2. DEWALT Cobalt 14-Piece (DWA1240)

If you are a bit familiar with the power tool market, you might already know about DEWALT. They have been around for a long time and always tend to offer reliable products. And this set is no exception in that regard.

To begin with, these features a unique design that makes them spin exceptionally fast. The split-tip makes these achieve a highly optimized geometry, which will let these rotate more quickly. For that reason, you will be able to make holes in the metal surfaces faster using these.

Alongside the split-tip design, these have a pilot point. That point lets these offer a long-term durability. Because of that, no matter how demanding the surface you are planning to make holes in, these will have a low chance of chipping and shattering. You will be able to use these for an extended amount of time.

And the accuracy that these can offer is quite praiseworthy. The tips are optimized to rotate at higher speeds. And for that, there will be a low chance of walking. They will be able to make straight and accurate holes. As a result, you will have more control over the depth and the straightness of the holes you are going to make.

Also, as the set contains fourteen different tips, you will be able to make holes of various sizes. And the container that the set comes in will let you store all of the tips in an organized manner. As a result, you are going to have quick access to them. The container is quite durable as well, which makes it ideal for heavy-duty workplaces.


  • Comes in a set of fourteen different sized tips
  • Container is durable
  • Has pilot point
  • Features split-tip design
  • Optimized to rotate at higher speeds


  • Not that capable of resisting heat
  • Tips tend to get dull pretty easily

3. Bosch 21 Piece Cobalt Metal Set CO21

Even though there are plenty of sets in the market, a few are both tough and accurate. And this one that is from Bosch is among those few

Unlike some of the sets that are out there, this one has laser etching on each of the tips. It includes 21 pieces, where all of them are clearly market. For that reason, you are not going to have trouble identifying these. Also, because of including that much amount of tips in a set, you will be able to make different sized holes using this set.

The design that these features are specially optimized for handling high temperatures. You can operate these for a prolonged amount of time without having to worry about overheating. Also, that capability will let these achieve a long-term lifespan as well. You will not worry about the durability that much.

As these have no-skate split-point ends, these will be able to offer you a maximum amount of precision and accuracy. The holes that you are going to make using these will be abe precise and clean.

Also, the three-flat shank design that these have will lower the chances of slipping. You will have full control over the alignment and the operation.

Lastly, these are made of high-quality cobalt alloy. That material makes these exceptionally sturdy. You will not face any difficulties in drilling holes, even if the surface is dense-metal.

Alongside that, you will easily be able to grind through soft materials, such as plastic, wood, and light-gauge metals with these cobalt bit. And the container that these come in will make it easier for you to store the tips when you are not using them.


  • Made of tough cobalt alloy
  • Able to withstand heat reasonably well
  • Has no-skate split-point tips
  • Features a three-flat shank design
  • Each of the tips is laser-etched


  • Tends to chip a bit when used on hard metals
  • Comes with a relatively flimsy container

4. Neiko 10193A Titanium 3-Piece Set

Having a universal design is a must for the drill bit sets. Without having that, the tips are not going to be compatible with all of the devices. And Neiko had factored that in when they were manufacturing this set.

As we have mentioned, the units boast a tri-flattened shank on the bottom. For that reason, these achieve a universal design. That means no matter which drill machine you are using, you are sure to get get a proper fit on it. You would not have to worry about compatibility at all.

Apart from having a universal design, the set you are going to receive will have three pieces. Each of them sports a different size and has an engraved label on it. As the engravings are laser-etched, you will not have any trouble identifying the sizes. Also, each of them has six different steps, which makes these exceptionally versatile.

Other than that, the units feature a titanium nitride coating on the exterior. That coating makes these exceptionally durable. Also, as these are made of premium materials, you will have the peace-of-mind regarding the lifespan.

The durable construction that Neiko packs in the drill bit set will also enable these to grind through most of the hard materials. You will have no trouble at all in making holes in hardened materials, such as stainless steel.

Alongside that, the two-flute design that these feature on the top will enable these to grind through materials faster. That design will also allow the particles to easily escape from the hole.

The 135 degrees split point tips that these have will make sure that they remain centered. This self-centering mechanism will ensure that you get the maximum amount of accuracy.


  • Each of the tips has a titanium nitride coating
  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Features a tri-flatted shank on the bottom
  • Top has 135 degrees split point design
  • Has two-flute design on the body


  • Units are a bit undersized for some operations
  • Not that resistant to chipping

5. STROTON Metric M42 8% Cobalt Twist 19pcs

High resistance to heat and wears is what makes these drill bits durable. And STROTON has not skimped one bit on any of those factors. That can be well illustrated with this set that they are offering.

To start with, these feature an overall construction of premium material. For that overall construction, these achieve a hardness rating of 68-70 HRC, which usually indicates a high resistance to chipping. That means they will have a low possibility of chipping and shattering over time.

Just like some of the other high-end cobalt bits, these also sport a three-step design. That design will enable them to chew through hard metals like its butter. You will not need a powerful machine, nor will you have to put that much effort into making holes in hard metals.

As the set includes nineteen different sized tips, you will be able to carry out a plethora of metal drilling tasks using this set.

Also, each of the tips inside the container is properly marked. So you will be able to quickly grab the one you require for the task you are carrying out. Aside from that, the geometry that they have is heavily optimized for high-speed rotation.

Because of that, these will be able to spin faster than the average bits that are available. It would not take you that much time to put holes in stainless steel for that reason.

The edges of these are exceptionally sharp. And for the high heat-resistant capability that these have, you will be able to operate these for a long amount of time. You would not even have to worry about overheating issues that much.


  • Container contains nineteen different sized tips
  • Hardness rating is 68-70 HRC
  • Has a high heat-resistant and wear resistant capability
  • Features a three-step design
  • Body has a high-speed optimized design


  • Container is not that durable
  • Some of the smaller tips are a bit prone to chipping

6. amoolo Cobalt Set M35 HSS

The spinning speed of the bits plays a significant role in the case of making different metal drilling tasks feel easier to carry out. And Amoolo knows that exactly well.

To begin with, it features a heavily engineered design that will make these rotate exceptionally fast. The industrial-grade spin rating that these have will make it easier for you to perform different types of metal drilling tasks at ease.

You will also be able to carry all of them out in a short amount of time. And as the set contains 13 tips of various sizes, you will be able to different sized holes using them.

The hardness of these is also up to par with the high-end units out there. In fact, it is harder than most of the other tips that utilize 4241 HSS.

And the five percent cobalt material that is used during the construction of these will enhance the overall durability even further. You can expect these to resist wearing and chipping exceptionally well.

Also, the top of the units has a 135 degrees split-point design. That design will make these clear away the drilled particles reasonably well. As a result, the amount of friction will be considerably low, which will increase the overall speed.

And the self-centering mechanism that these have will let you get precise and accurate holes in your workpieces.

Lastly, the heat-resisting capability of these is praiseworthy as well. The ability to lower the overall friction will help in this case as well. As the amount of heat will be comparatively low, you will be able to operate these for an extended amount of time without any worries.


  • Set contains 13 commonly used bits
  • Boasts an industry-grade speed rating
  • 5 percent cobalt makes them wear resistant
  • Extremely resistant to heat
  • Features a self-centering design


  • Might not fit some of the power drills
  • Storage case is made of flimsy plastic

7. IRWIN Cobalt, Jobber, Fractional 63221

The units that can efficiently eject the particles while drilling is the ones that can make holes in surfaces relatively faster. And if you were looking for something like that, you should keep this one in your consideration.

First of all, the tips are constructed of an M-42 material with about 5 percent cobalt in it. Because of the inclusion of cobalt, these are super resistant to abrasives. In other words, these can chew through tough metals pretty easily.

For that reason, no matter how dense the stainless steel object is, making holes in it will be pretty much hassle-free for you.

Apart from that, the set contains 21 pieces of differently sized tips. And each of them features the heavy-duty spiral flute design, which allows them to eject chips efficiently.

As a result, these will be able to penetrate through tough metals pretty easily. The 135 degrees split-point that these have on the top will also lower the feed pressure, which will eventually make it easier for you to drill metal objects.

Alongside that, that split-point design will also lower the overall friction. The overall heat that will be created during the operation will be comparatively low. So, you will not face any issues while operating these for a prolonged amount of time.

Also, the cutting lips on the tips are reasonably short. That will not only offer you a clean and accurate hole but also will reduce the overall torque. This means making holes in high-tensile materials will be pretty easy for you.

Again, as the toque is going to be pretty low, you would not require that much of a powerful machine to operate these.


  • Cobalt bit can efficiently eject chippings
  • Top has a 135 degrees split-point
  • Boasts a unique spiral flute design on the base
  • Features a construction of heavy-duty materials
  • Cutting lips are comparatively short


  • Comes with a heavy and bulky case
  • Tends to get dull pretty quickly

8. COMOWARE Cobalt 15Pcs M35

Are you looking for something that comes with all the standard sizes of bits? Want something that can offer you the maximum amount of precision? Then you can end your search here because COMOWARE has got the right thing for you.

To start with, COMOWARE utilized five percent cobalt during the construction of this set. That material does not only extend the overall lifespan of the tips but also makes these exceptionally sturdy. And because of being sturdy, you will be able to grind through most of the high-density surfaces without any issues at all.

Apart from being sturdy, the units can offer you a superior amount of precision. Thanks to the 135 degrees split-point design that these have, you will be able to drill holes with maximum accuracy. That design lowers down the overall possibility of walking occurring, which will eventually result in precisely drilled holes.

The gold oxide coating that it has on the exterior will be extremely resistant to rust and corrosion. So, even if you work in a fairly damp environment, you would not have to worry about these catching rust.

And the straight shanks that these have on the body will also ensure that the chipped particles are ejected efficiently. As a result, the amount of friction created during operation will be pretty low.

Also, the set includes fifteen tips. Each of them has a different size. The sizing starts from 1/16 inches, and the large one that it contains is 3/8 inches. That means you will be able to carry out most of the metal drilling tasks at ease. And as these have a titanium alloy core, they will be able to efficiently resist heat during operations.


  • Includes fifteen standard-sized bits
  • Tips have a 135 degrees split design
  • Has a titanium core
  • Edges have straight shanks
  • Coated with gold oxide


  • Small-sized bits are a bit flimsy
  • Included container is not that easy to open and close

9. JIUWU 13pcs Tungsten Cemented Carbide Twist

If you were on the lookout for something that has a substantially high level of abrasion-resistance, then you should definitely check out what JIUWU is offering here.

Unlike some of the other sets, this one includes tips made of a combination of different heavy-duty materials. The materials are chrome vanadium and cemented carbide. Because of that unique combination, they can resist abrasion exceptionally well, which means the rate of wear will be substantially low.

Aside from using heavy-duty materials, JIUWU has amped things up by coating these with a heavy-duty coating. That will increase the overall toughness, which means you will be able to quickly grind through most of the high-density materials.

In fact, you would not even need a heavy-duty drill machine to make holes in sturdy metals, such as stainless steel.

Also, the sizes of tips that it includes are all standard-sized. For that reason, you will be able to attach them to almost all of the machines out there. Also, the design of the tip that these have will allow them to eject chipped particles efficiently.

As a result, the torque they would create while rotating will be quite low, which will enhance the overall control.

Other than that, these also have a self-centering design. That will enable you to make precise and accurate holes on your workpieces. Also, they can resist rust and corrosion quite well because of the special coating that they have on the exterior. You would not have to worry about the durability that much.


  • Has construction of cemented carbide and vanadium steel
  • Can eject chipped particles efficiently
  • Features a rust-resistive coating on the exterior
  • Compatible with most of the machines
  • Offers a superior amount of accuracy and control


  • Does not have any heat-resistant capability
  • Prone to chipping

10. Hymnorq Metric M35 Cobalt Steel

Prolonged drilling operations demand bits that can resist heat buildup exceptionally well. With those, the chances of overheating are pretty slim. And a perfect example of units such as that would be this one that is from Hymnorq.

Let us talk about the overall construction first. These utilize m35 cobalt steel, which is quite durable. And these also have a combination of molybdenum, which makes these exceptionally sturdy. The hardness level is 67, which is comparatively high, considering what the other units can achieve.

Also, as we have mentioned above, these can resist heat exceptionally well. For that reason, no matter how long you want to operate these, you would not have to worry about these overheating.

That heat-resisting capability will also enhance the overall lifespan. You can expect these to last for an extended amount of time without showing any instability.

Other than that, the top has 135 degrees quick-cut points. That is combine with a self-centering design, which will make them spin exceptionally fast. As a result, these will be able to penetrate surfaces faster than the other average unis.

Even if you are working on a highly dense material, it will not take you that much amount of time to finish the drilling tasks.

Aside from that, there would be a low possibility of walking or wandering because of the self-centering design. That means that the holes that you are going to make with these will be precise and straight. The straight shank that these have will increase the overall accuracy even further.

Alongside that, you would not have to worry about compatibility either. Most of the standard chucks and other regular collet chucks will be able to accommodate them.


  • Has a hardness level of 67, requires low maintenance
  • Able to resist heat reasonably well
  • Features a self-centering design
  • Spins exceptionally fast while being abrasion resistant
  • Fits most of the standard and round chucks


  • Some of the smaller bits do not have a standard size
  • Durability of the tips are not that praiseworthy

What to Look for Before Buying the Best Drill Bit for Stainless Steel?

Drilling stainless steel requires bits that excel in all of the factors. And if you head out in the market just by going through the reviews, you will not be able to get the right one for making holes on stainless steel or other metal applications. Along with the reviews, you will also have to keep these factors in mind for:

Construction Material

The first thing that you need to consider is the construction materials that are utilized. That will determine the overall durability and the hardness of the bits.

Usually, no matter what the materials they are made of, there would be a percentage of cobalt added. That small percentage of cobalt is what is going to make these capable of penetrating heavy-gauge surfaces.

However, there will be some that will not have any percentage of cobalt at all. Those will have a substitute element, which is what you have to stay wary of. If the material used instead of cobalt is not high-quality, you will not be able to penetrate through hardened steel that easily.

The Top

Apart from the construction materials, the top of the bits also plays a big part in the case of making these capable of penetration through the hardened steel surfaces. For that reason, you should consider the design of the top as well.

The ones that we would recommend are the ones that ahs a three-falt shank design. Those will be able to have a proper grip on the surface.

Also, ensure that the shanks are pointy and sharp, or else penetrating the surface can become a hassle for you. You might even have to get an industrial-grade machine if you happen to get one of the sets that have relatively dull bits. You would not be able to make a proper penetration using the regular machines.

Number of Bits

It goes without saying that the higher the number of bits, the more versatile the set is going to be. However, that is not really the case for all of the sets that are out there.

There would be many that would skimp on the smallest tips. Those will be weak and will not be able to comply with heavy-duty work scenarios, which is required to make holes in stainless hardened steel surfaces.

Aside from shooting for the sets that have a high number of bits, you should also consider whether all of the units the set contains are usable or not. In a nutshell, we are recommending to go for the ones that have a high number of durable and sturdy tips.


Aside from the number of tips, you should also consider whether the tips have a standard size or not. If the bottom of the units does not have a standard or a universal port, you will not be able to use these with the standard machines. You might have to purchase a separate machine just to operate them.

For that reason, we would recommend checking whether the kit that you are planning to purchase is compatible with the device that you have or not. However, if you do not own a machine yet, you should buy the one capable of fitting the bit set you are planning to get.


Even though the container might seem like something that you can ignore, in reality, it is one of the things that you need to prioritize the most. First of all, if the container is flimsy and hard to operate, you will have trouble accessing the bits.

Alongside that, if the container does not have proper slots, you will not be able to organize the tips properly.

Considering all the two, we would recommend shooting for the kits that come with a container that is not only sturdy but also has proper slots in it.

Also, if the units do not have size engraving on the body, make sure that the container has some sort of marking on it, or else you are not going to have quick access to the bit that you might require for a specific task.


Even though most of the sets are going to be fairly accurate, you might require pinpoint accuracy for specific drilling tasks. And for those tasks, the regular kits are not going to cut it. You would need the ones that are able to provide precise drilling operations.

And for those cases, we would suggest shooting for the ones that have a self-centering capability. Those will make sure that walking and wandering does not occur, which will eventually make sure that the holes are straight.

Also, there would be a less amount of slippage with those, which means the chances of damaging your precious workpiece.

Heat-Resisting Capability

The last thing you need to consider is whether the unit you are shooting for can resist heat buildup or not. If you happen to get one that can not resist heat, you are going to face a lot of overheating problems, which will slow you down substantially.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are cobalt bits durable than titanium ones?

Not really. The cobalt ones are specially designed specifically to pierce through heavy-gauge metals. On the other hand, the titanium carbonitride ones are designed by keeping durability in mind. For that reason, the titanium ones are about six times durable than the regular units.

Considering that, we would say that the titanium bits are better than the cobalt ones regarding durability. However, durability is not really the only thing that you have to consider while buying one of these.

  •  Why do manufacturers not use more than 5 percent of cobalt for the bits?

Cobalt is something that will make the tips exceptionally resistant to heat. Alongside that, they also make those more capable of piercing holes in the heavy-gauge and highly dense metals. However, one of the negative sides is that the more the amount of cobalt, the more brittle the tips are going to be.

Keeping that in mind, manufacturers tend to use only about five percent of cobalt in their sets. And if they do use more than that, the tips are going to have a higher possibility of shattering and chipping.

  • Are cobalt bits worth it?

Cobalt bits are a bit expensive comparing the other available ones. And the first thing that might cross your mind is whether they are worth it or not.

As we have mentioned, the cobalt is the thing that makes these capable of piercing through highly dense metals. Alongside that, that material also makes these achieve heat-resisting capability.

Also, even though cobalt tends to make the tips a bit brittle when used appropriately, it will not ruin the structural sturdiness. In fact, the ones that are properly manufactured will be sturdier than most of the average ones that are out there. Considering all that, we would say that they are absolutely worth it.

  • Are exterior coatings necessary for drill bits?

Most of the sets that you are going to find in the market will have titanium oxide coating on the surface. That coating has two purposes. One of them is to make sure that the tips spin at a fast rate, and the other is to resist corrosion.

For being able to resist corrosion, that coating will be able to make sure that the bits last for an extended amount of time.

  • Should I use any sort of solution while drilling stainless steel using a drill machine?

It depends. If the bits you have do not have any heat-resisting capability, you will have to use coolant oil or any other coolant solution to prevent the tip from overheating.

Final Words

The best drill bit for stainless steel is an absolute necessity when you are planning to pierce holes on stainless steel surfaces. Without them, you will end up damaging the workpiece instead of making holes in it. And we hope that we were able to make it easier for you to choose one.

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