7 Best Dishes for Microwave Reviews 2022 [Buyer’s Guide]

If there’s anything we have seen gaining massive popularity over the turn of this century due to life in the rush hour, that is the use of the microwave. Nothing seems more convenient than heating an instant meal in these devices after a long day of taking the world by the horns.

However, not all utensils are usable in a microwave oven, and many tend to get damaged when put inside it. To avoid this predicament, go through our reviews to learn more about the best dishes for microwave that are currently available in the market.

Best Dishes for Microwave Reviews

7 Best Dishes for Microwave Reviews

Below are seven of the most popular and efficient dishes that you can use in your microwave oven with ease. Continue reading to find out more about these products and the benefits & disadvantages of using them to find out which one will suit your needs the best.

1. Corelle Service for 8 Dinnerware Set

Corelle Service for 8 Dinnerware Set

Value is an essential factor when buying dishes for your microwave, as you want to heat meals for the entire family without having to break open your wallet. You will find this product to be impressive in that regard, as it will come with six sets of dinner plates, bread plates, and soup bowls, making it a complete set.

Another important feature you want your dishes for the microwave to have is universality so that it can smoothly blend into all kinds of occasions. Corelle ensures this benefit with this product, as its simplistic winter white design makes it perfect for just about every event.

You will often find people to own beautiful and lovely dinner sets but get nervous about bringing them out on events, simply because of how expensive and fragile these products can be.

Thankfully, you can check yourself off this list, as each dish of this product features glass with a triple coating, which ensures durability while keeping it lightweight.

Although owning this dinner set might seem very beneficial, there are a few minor flaws that you will need to keep an eye out for when using it. The microwave safe dishes of this unit are relatively smaller than those of its competitors and therefore, might not hold as much content as other options.


  • Ideal for a wide variety of meals
  • Simple design
  • Triple coating to resist rust
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Comparatively smaller in size
  • Extremely thin build

2. Matashi Dish 32-Piece Opal Glassware Dinner Set

Matashi Dish 32-Piece Opal Glassware Dinner Set

Most homeowners typically avoid buying glassware for use in a microwave, because such items tend to crack and break from the heat. This dinner set is quite the exception as you can freely use it in a microwave oven, and it will still retain its shape perfectly.

Another problem that stems from using dishes made of glass is their frail body, which can easily break, making you look for an early replacement. Matashi uses opal glass in this dinner set to elevate its durability substantially. You can use it efficiently because of its ability to withstand both high and freezing temperatures.

Typically, glassware dinner sets are not meant for long-term use as they tend to lose their aesthetic value over time and require you to look for a replacement.

However, you won’t have to worry about this issue when using this oven safe dinnerware, as its unique design helps to retain its aesthetic value over time, granting superior longevity despite everyday use.

Even though this product might seem like a convenient addition to your kitchen utensils, it goes without saying that it also has a few problems of its own. Among them, the most significant problem lies in its surface, which is uneven. This can seem very annoying when serving food on it.


  • Retains shape during microwave use
  • Resists heat and freezing
  • Combination of modern and traditional design
  • Retains aesthetic value over time


  • Uneven surface
  • Poor finish

3. Gibson Home Zen Buffet Dinnerware Set

Gibson Home Zen Buffet Dinnerware Set

Imagine having a dinner set that is enough to serve a complete meal and also accommodate a cup of coffee & dessert. Well, this product turns this wishful thinking into reality. It comes with a total of 30 pieces, with varieties able to accommodate all forms of food courses.

Most porcelain dinner sets do not focus on the components that go into manufacturing it to reduce making costs. Gibson made an exception in this case, as it took great care in producing this dinner set by using natural minerals so that it remains durable while also being light in weight and resistant to heat.

Another fantastic feature of this product is how simple yet classy it looks. This dinner set features a timeless design that replicates a white coupe, allowing you to use it for every occasion, in just about every setting.

Although you can use this product for a wide variety of events, transporting it can be a completely different matter. The overall weight of this item is substantially higher than its competitors, and you will need at least two people for carrying it around, making transportation a huge annoyance.


  • Can accommodate a variety of meals
  • 30 pieces of utensils include salad plate and desset plate
  • Natural materials as its main manufacturing component
  • Simplistic white coupe design


  • Extremely hefty in weight
  • Lacks dinner plates

4. Amazon Basics 18-Piece White Kitchen Dinnerware Set

Amazon Basics 18-Piece White Kitchen Dinnerware Set

Most of the dishes that are made to be compatible with a microwave oven do not fare well with refrigerators, as they tend to freeze up and break apart. In this case, this product is an exception as each of the plates in this set are perfectly safe for use in both the microwave and the freezer.

One of the most significant factors kitchen owners are concerned about when buying dishes for their microwave is if they are safe enough to heat food on. Amazon Basics takes care of this problem by ensuring each of the microwave safe plates is free of BPA, making it safe to keep food in it while also being light and sturdy.

Many dishes claim to be compatible with a microwave oven but cannot withstand high temperatures; ending up disintegrating and liquefying within the device. However, you will not have to worry about this issue when using this product, as it can withstand temperatures as high as 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although this is a very convenient dinner set to have around your home, the freezer safe set does come with a very serious flaw. The products can get easily damaged and chipped, making them a safety hazard. This can cause horrifying accidents.


  • Dual compatibility with microwave ovens and refrigerators
  • BPA free for safe food containing
  • Extremely light and durable
  • Able to withstand high temperatures


  • Not chip resistant, susceptible to damage
  • Careless packaging

5. Mikasa Cheers 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Mikasa Cheers 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Buying a dinner set can feel like an overwhelming experience, as most of them have a lot of different components and usually can accommodate a lot of people. However, if you’re planning to get such a product for only you and your family, we recommend purchasing this unit, as it is perfect for a family of 4.

Inconsistency is something that will often frustrate you when buying a dinner set, as they do not typically maintain similar designs for each plate and cup. Mikasa used the same technique for each of the dinner set components, while also keeping versatile shapes and sizes.

Another great feature of this dinner set is its excellent strength and durability, which can help it withstand falls and bumps. Porcelain of the highest quality goes into making each piece of this product, which substantially elevates its durability while keeping its beauty intact.

There are a few minor issues that this product has, which you might want to look into before settling on a purchase. Among them, the most significant problem is the extremely small sizes of microwave safe plates and cups, which decreases their capacity substantially.


  • Suitable for a family of 4
  • Consistency in design
  • Versatile pieces
  • Pure porcelain as the main manufacturing component


  • Pieces are relatively small
  • Susceptible to scratches

6. Amethya Premium Ceramic Colorful Meal Stoneware

Amethya Premium Ceramic Colorful Meal Stoneware

Most dishes that you can use in a microwave tend to put no stock in their design and focus more on the materials that go into making them. Thankfully, this product is very different from the rest, as they sport bright colors while also having a strong build.

You will find these microwavable dishes’ build material to be exceptionally impressive, as it plays a crucial role in elevating their durability and longevity when used on the dinner table. Amethya uses ceramic to make these plates so that they can withstand high temperatures and don’t break easily.

Most dishes tend to get very messy when a variety of food is put into them, as they tend to merge and mix. However, this product is big enough, with a diameter of 11 inches, for you to pile up a lot of food at once while its full-meal design ensures a proper nutritional intake.

This product may be extremely efficient and convenient to have around; it does have its fair share of flaws that you will do well to remember before popping it into a microwave oven.

Stoneware dinnerware is heavily affected by the microwave’s radiation, which causes it to get very hot. Therefore, you need to exercise extreme caution to avoid getting burnt.


  • Bright colors are aesthetically pleasing
  • Ceramic build to withstand high temperatures
  • 11-inch diameter
  • Full-meal design for proper food intake


  • Susceptible to overheating
  • Extremely bulky in weight, not a great choice for daily use

7. Stone Lain Marble Fine China Dinnerware Set

Stone Lain Marble Fine China Dinnerware Set

When looking to buy dishes for use in the microwave, it’s always best to go for an option that will let you make the most out of it. In that regard, you will enjoy using this product, as it is an entire dinner set that will allow you to heat small dishes like lasagna and beverages like coffee.

Aesthetics are an essential part of buying food and beverage utensils, as you want to get dishes that you can use yourself and wheel out in front of guests in picnics and dinners. Stone Lain ensures that you will feel comfortable using this set, as it sports warm colors with a beautiful clay-like design.

Convenience is a crucial factor that users look for when buying dishes for the microwave because no one has the time to spend scrubbing utensils nowadays. Thankfully, this product is safe for cleaning in a dishwasher, which will save you both time and energy and make the maintenance procedure more efficient.

This dinner set might be a beautiful piece to have to decorate your dining table. It is handy for microwave use.

There is a significant flaw in using this product that you will do well to remember. Dishes and cups of these sets are easily breakable and will chip easily, and you will have to handle them with care and sensitivity to avoid damage.


  • Marble body
  • Usable for heating a variety of food
  • Aesthetic modern design
  • Dishwasher safe and microwave safe dinnerware set


  • Lacks durability
  • Flimsy packaging

What to Look for Before You Buy the Best Dishes For Microwave

Buying dishes for your microwave can seem like a straightforward task because of how one-dimensional these products might look. However, you won’t believe the things that are put into play to make the ideal item.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the following traits when buying such a product to make the most out of your purchase.

Build Material

It’s crucial that you learn to identify the ingredients that go into making dishes for a microwave oven to buy the one that will serve you the best. The last thing you would want is a dinner set that is fragile enough to break on a mere fall.

Among the many components that are considered to be critical manufacturing ingredients of dishes for a microwave, the best ones are porcelain or ceramic.

Dishes for Microwave

Products made from these components can conveniently withstand harsh heat while also maintain their shape when in contact with radiation from the microwave.


The weight of dishes for a microwave plays an integral part in their durability. However, it’s essential to get this factor precisely correct. After all, what’s the point of buying a dinner set or a plate that is challenging to bring to picnics and other outdoor events?

Dishes for Microwave

Look into the depth of the microwave safe plates that you’re going to buy and check the packaging to find their exact weight. Not only will having the microwave-safe dishes with the right weight play a role in the portability of these products but also it will help them be sturdy and prevent dents and chips.


Buying dishes for your microwave can seem like an expensive affair. So, you’d want to buy the product from which you can get the most value out of, and one that has the most uses. In that regard, it’s always best to purchase these items in sets to maximize their utility.

And buying a dinner set means you will be able to use it for a wide variety of meals without having to make any additional purchases. At the same time, you will be able to heat different kinds of food and drinks through microwave ovens and consume them safely without harming your health.


It’s essential to understand the various types of dishes and their shapes so that you can buy them according to the occasion you plan on using them for.

This factor’s lack of knowledge is very visible, as many homeowners tend to make the mistake of confusing a dinner plate with a serving plate and ending up with smaller portion sizes.

Dishes for Microwave

It’s important to go through the size charts to understand which dishes will go with which meal the best. At the same time, you need to go for a set of plates that have an even surface for a proper serving of meals.


There’s no point in getting dishes that are compatible with a microwave oven but have no aesthetic value whatsoever. You would want to buy beautiful dishes as well so that you can proudly present them to house guests on any occasion or event.

Focus on color and design when buying dishes for your microwave ovens. Try to get the ones that are a blend of modern and traditional design, as they tend to be the more attractive ones and grab the attention of your guests.

Final Words

Finding the perfect utensil for a quick hot meal at the end of the day might have felt like a complex task. However, now that you have gone through our reviews, you can easily accomplish this job by buying the best dishes for microwave out there!

Since you are looking for quality dishes, you may in need of a pan for searing fish, or maybe a set of stainless steel cookware without aluminum? Either way, we have you covered!

Plus, you can find versatile types of knives like a dishwasher safe knife set, tomato special knife, and budget chef knives under 100 USD.

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