10 Best CNC Router for Small Shop [Reviews 2022]

Milling tools has seen a massive upgrade over the years. However, one of the crucial factors that most of them have to catch up on is pinpoint accuracy. That is what only the CNC routers can offer.

These tools sophisticate the things that the other milling tools can provide. As a result, you end up with sellable objects that do not require any further retouching.

However, not all startup shops really have the budget, nor do they have the space to accommodate the beefy ones. Well, that is where the best CNC router for small shop comes into play. And we are here to ensure that you get one that is not only worth your money but also offers the best overall performance.

Our 10 Best CNC Routers for Small Shop Picks:

To make sure that you do end up getting something that is worth every penny that you would have to spend, we have compiled a list of the worthy and well-performing ones. The list goes something like this:

1. BobsCNC Evolution 4 CNC Router

As CNC machines highly depend on the computing algorithm, the processor is one of the most crucial components. And BobsCNC did not skimp one bit in that regard.

To start with, the processor that it comes with is Adruino based. That microprocessor has enough computing units, which will enable it to provide exceptionally precise milling capabilities. There will be a very slim chance of it making cuts that are going to be misaligned or out of the model that you have inputted inside.

Talking about the input, it features a USB port on the back that will enable you to import and export tasks. It can also support the Universal Gcode Platform, which supports all of the operating systems.

So whether you are running a Raspberry Pi, Linux, OSX, or Windows, you will be able to connect it without facing any compatibility issues.

The assembly process of the unit is pretty straightforward too. You will be able to download a step-by-step assembly guide from the website. For that reason, it would not take that long for you to set it up on top of your workbench.

It also has a redefined quick start guide, which will help you to get started. Basically, you are going to have a well-defined user experience with it.

Aside from that, the frame that it features is made of heavy-duty material. That makes it achieve a high amount of rigidity. You can expect it to comply with the heavy-duty tasks easily. It also supports the SG20U rail system, which will make the movement of the unit smooth.

That smooth movement will also enhance the overall precision even further. The belt that it has on the X and Y-axis is the sturdy GT2 belt. And on the Z-axis, it has ACME TR8.


  • Has a USB port on the back
  • Sports an Adruino based microprocessor
  • Software is compatible with all of the OS
  • Comes with a step-by-step assembly guide
  • The heavy-duty CNC router frame is relatively sturdy


  • Controller does not sync with the machine
  • Included software has a junky user-interface

2. SainSmart Genmitsu Machine 3018-PROVer CNC Router

Even though most of the units will be able to import files pretty quickly, few can work while being offline. This one from SainSmart is one of them.

First of all, the unit ships 90 percent pre-assembled. That means you would not have to handle intricate parts, nor will you have to operate complicated tools. The assembly that you do have to carry out will take less than thirty minutes.

There is a 1.8 inches display on the front, which will provide you clear readouts of the process. You will also be able to control the professional machine using that display.

Because of that inclusion of the display, it achieves a true offline capability. You would not have to connect it to a computer to carry out millings. It also has a protection feature that will shut down the operations if anything goes wrong.

You can also activate the emergency stop manually. That will ensure that none of the critical components gets damaged if any accidents do occur.

As the software that it utilizes is open-source, you will not have to worry about the fussy interface that most of the other units have. And the Toshiba drivers that it packs will make it exceptionally powerful while keeping it relatively silent.

The operational noise is considerably low. That means you will be able to carry out overnight projects without any issues.

Moreover, the frame of the unit is from aluminum, which does make it not only sturdy but also reasonably lightweight. You will be able to carry it from one workbench to another quickly.  

The base is relatively wide, which will provide an adequate amount of stability. There are acrylic safety baffles, which will keep the dust in one place, making the cleaning process easy.


  • Can operate fully offline
  • Has a large-sized display
  • Comes with Toshiba silent drivers
  • Utilizes the open-source program
  • Sturdy desktop CNC router is lightweight


  • Included manual is too basic
  • Comes with a relatively short power cable

3. MYSWEETY DIY 3018-PRO 3 Axis CNC Router Machine

Were you on the lookout for something that is strictly designed by keeping the beginners in mind? Well, you can end your search here because MYSWEETY has got the thing that you were looking for.

To start with, the design that it features is catered towards newbies. So if you are just beginning your CNC machine adventure, this is the right pick for you.

The mechanics are easy to understand, and all the operating modes that it has are relatively easy to switch to. That means you would not have to go through any extensive tutorials just to get started.

There are three different size options. You can choose from full-size, large, and extra-large options. The only thing that is different in these options is the size of the base. And the power and the functionality remains the same throughout all the variants. Each of them will shop with a 5.5 watts module and a spindle motor.

Also, all of the variants are capable of operating while being totally offline. Each of them will come with an offline controller, allowing you to control each of the mechanics. You will not have to connect it with your computer if you do not want to.

The size of the variants is pretty compact as well. For that reason, you can set these up on the top of small-sized workbenches pretty quickly.

On the note of controls, the chip that it integrates is pretty sturdy. The integrated driver chip has a fixed heat sink on it that will keep it cool when it is operating.

Alongside that, it also has an external fan that will let the air pass through the components and the chip. The casing is pretty sturdy as well. There is a short-circuit protection board as well.


  • Features a beginner-friendly design
  • Comes with an offline controller
  • Three different size variants available
  • Integrated chip has a fixed heat sink
  • Each of the variants is compact in size


  • X-axis coupler tends to slip off
  • Operational noise is pretty loud

4. Genmitsu 3018-PRO 3 Axis CNC Router

Performance and the durability of the CNC machines are two of the most critical factors. And Genmitsu knows that exactly well.

To begin with, it is exceptionally versatile. You will be able to work with almost all the type of material. Starting from plastic to aluminum to softwood to acrylic and PVCs, you will be able to work with them all.

And the assembly process is exceptionally straightforward as well. It includes step-by-step instructions that will enable you to set it up within minutes.

Just like some of the other CNC machines, this one is also capable of operating while being offline. Thanks to the offline controller that it comes with, you will be able to manually adjust and control all of the axes.

You would not need to connect it to a computer, nor will you have to download any build files to make it work. Also, the file import process is pretty easy too.  

Other than that, the software it implements is one of the open-source ones, which is the Grbl. That integrated software is potent and highly adjustable. And the integrated chip is based on Arduino. For that reason, you would not have to worry about compatibility that much.

There is no lack of support or resources for this system. That means you will be able to figure out stuff for this quickly.

Lastly, the power adapter that it comes with is beefy. That will provide the required amount of power for carrying out different cutting tasks. The body is well built too.

It features a construction of heavy-duty materials, which makes it achieve a relatively prolonged lifespan. The base is pretty wide and is reasonably stable as well.


  • Includes a powerful power adapter
  • Integrates an Adruino-based chip
  • Can be controlled offline
  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Uses open-source Grbl software


  • Accuracy is not that praiseworthy
  • There are no limit switches

5. Mcwdoit 3018 Pro 3 Axis DIY CNC Router

One of the problem that most of the CNC machines have is the intricate assembly process. That is where this unit from Mcwdoit sets itself apart from those.

First of all, the unit bundles along with a downloadable manual. That manual has easy visual guides, which will make the installation process a piece of cake for you.

And as it comes about 85 percent assembled, you would not have to handle around too many intricate parts either. In fact, you will be able to finish off the assembly process in under thirty minutes.

Aside from being easy to install, the unit is packed with features too. The control board that it bosts is the latest and the greatest. It has a fixed heatsink, which is going to lower the chances of it overheating.

Also, there is an external fan that will help keep the crucial components cool throughout the process. You would not have to worry about short circuits either because there is built-in circuit protection.

Besides that, the internal storage has also been upgraded. It now has a 1 Gb capacity in comparison to the 128 Mb storage that most of the units have. You will also receive an SD card reader with which you will be able to transfer G-code files if you do not have a computer around.

The integrated software is heavily refined as well. It has a user-friendly interface, which is going to make things easier for you.

Lastly, you can use it offline if you want to. It includes a controller that will enable you to control all of the axes manually. You will also be able to manually open and close the spindle. That means you will be able to operate it even if you do not have a computer with you.


  • Assembly process is extremely straightforward
  • Comes with the latest control board
  • There is a built-in heatsink over the control board
  • Has a 1 Gb storage space
  • Includes an SD card reader


  • Durability is questionable
  • Z-axis access cable flexes a lot

6. VEVOR 1610 3 Axis CNC Router Machine

Are you on the lookout for something versatile? Want something that can engrave on most of the materials quickly? Well, we might have the right thing for you then.

To start with, the overall construction of the unit is from aluminum alloy. That material does not only makes it durable and sturdy but also makes it reasonably lightweight. For that reason, you will have trouble at all while transporting the device from one place to another.

Also, as it is sturdy, it will be able to carry out heavy-duty engraving tasks without showing any stability issues.

Alongside that, the screws that it comes along is made of stainless steel. The maximum cutting speed of the spindle is 10000 RPM allowing faster cutting process. That means it can carry out the engraving tasks within a small amount of time.

Again, the control chip that it has supports most of the windows based computers out there. The user-interface of the bundled software is pretty clean as well.

As we have mentioned above, the cutting tool is exceptionally versatile. You will be able to engrave on most of the materials. It can put engravings on wood, acrylic, PCB, plastic, wood, and soft aluminum.

For that reason, you will be able to put your markings on most of the products you plan to sell. And the base is extensive, which will increase the overall stability of the unit.

Other than that, there are two different sizes. One of them is 160×100 mm, and the other one is 240×180 mm. No matter which one you choose, you are going to get an easy-to-follow manual with both. Because of that, the task of setting it up will be pretty easy for you. You will also receive a U-disk on the box.


  • Can engrave on most of the materials
  • Max speed of the spindle is 10000 times in a minute
  • Comes with a refined software
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Includes a U-disk and an easy-to-follow manual


  • Does not support Linux and other OS
  • Has no offline operational capability

7. MYSWEETY 3018 Pro GRBL Control DIY Mini CNC Milling Machine

Even though the large-sized CNC machines are highly capable of carrying out most of the engraving tasks, you might not have the space to accommodate those. Well, that is where this one from MYSWEETY steps in.

To start with, this versatile tool comes with upgraded software. It integrates the open-source software GRBL, which has lots of resources and a large community. You would not have to worry about getting stuck while you are operating it.

There are a lot of tutorials and guides on the internet that will help you know about the ins and outs of the device.

As we mentioned earlier, the overall form factor of the unit is relatively small and compact. For that reason, you will have no trouble at all in accommodating it in smaller workbenches. The assembly process is pretty simple too. It ships about 95 percent assembled.

Also, it comes with an instruction guide that is easy to follow, which will make things easier for you.

Other than that, the control board that it has built-in is the latest Adruino based board. The board has a fixed heatsink on top of the process, which will prevent it from overheating. Also, there is an external fan installed, which will keep the air flowing through the components.

The board is well protected from short-circuit too. That protecting will ensure a long lifespan of the board.

Lastly, the right CNC router bundles along with an offline controller. The controller has a 1 Gb internal storage, which will enable you to keep multiple files inside it. You will also have full control over the components using the controller, which includes all the axes’ movement. So a computer would be necessary all the time.


  • Small and compact in size
  • Includes a comprehensive offline controller
  • Packs the latest and ruin based board
  • Board is cooled adequately
  • Has a built-in short-circuit protection


  • Software is not compatible with Linux and other OS
  • Accuracy of the bundled software is a comparatively low

8. CNCTOPBAOS 3 Axis Desktop DIY Mini 3018 CNC Router

A USB port is a must if you mainly plan to use the router by connecting with your computer. And if you were looking for one that comes with one, then you should consider this one that is from CNCTOPBAOS.

First of all, the overall size of the unit is comparatively compact. Because of that, you will not have to go through the many hassles in setting it up on compact workbenches.

Even though the size is compact, the working area is pretty large in comparison. It is 30x18x4.5 centimeters, which means you will be able to work with most of the large-sized objects pretty easily.

Also, the motor that it packs is pretty high-performing. It can make the spindle of the unit rotate at 7000 RPM. Because of that, most of the engraving tasks will take a short amount of time.

Again, the assembly process is also hassle-free. It ships about fully assembled, and the parts you do have to install are pretty easy to connect. There is an installation guide in the package as well.

Besides that, the software that it bundles with is the open-source GRBL control software. That is used by an extensive amount of routers, which means there is no shortage of resources on the internet.

And because of the USB port that it has on the back, you will not have to go through any IP address hassles for connecting it to your PC. Also, the interface of the software is pretty simple and clean.

The router is extremely versatile too. It is able to engrave on acrylic, PVC, wood, plastic, and different soft metals. And the bundled software can work with most of the windows, Linux, and other desktop OS.


  • Relatively large-sized working space
  • Boasts a USB port on the back
  • Great rotary machining capability of 7000 RPM
  • Bundles with a highly compatible software
  • Includes an easy and simple assembly guide


  • Build quality of the unit is not that praiseworthy
  • Internal board tend to overheat

9. BobsCNC Evolution 3 CNC Router Machine

We have already covered the Evolution 5 that BobsCNC is offering. Now, we are going to talk about Evolution 3 that they are providing alongside that.

To start with, the frame of the unit is reasonably sturdy for this one. It is also made of high-quality materials, which makes it durable. Because of that, you would not have to worry about the lifespan of the device that much.

And the working area that you are going to get is 16×18 inches, which is larger than most of the other CNC machines available.

Other than having a large work area, the rail system that it supports is the SG20U. And the belt drive that it features on the X-axis and the Y-axis is the GT2.

The blet is exceptionally flexible, which means the router will be able to move from one end to another smoothly. And the Z-axis sports the ACME TR8, which will make the movement of the router even smoother.

Apart from the smooth movements of the router, the microprocessor that it packs is Arduino based. Because of sporting an open-based processor, you will be able to find a lot of resources and tweaks on the internet.

So if you are not satisfied with the UI that it comes with, you will have the option to change it according to your preference.

Also, the bundled software is Java-based, which means it will be compatible with most of the OS as well as Raspberry Pi, which is not that common in the case of CNC routers.

There is a USB port on the back of the device. That will enable you to import Gcode files by connecting them with a laptop. Lastly, the assembly process is pretty straightforward.


  • Packs an open-source Arduino based microprocessor
  • Bundles with a Java-based software
  • Easy to assemble
  • Features a USB port for importing Gcode files
  • Rigid laser cut frame is sturdy


  • Screws are not made of high-quality material
  • Some units might ship with missing assembly parts

10. DiYCNC Mini CNC Milling Engraving Machine

We know that we have included multiple numbers of mini machines on our list. But this one that we are going to talk about comes with a relatively larger working area.

To start with, it has a working area of 240x170x65 millimeters, which is reasonably large. Because of that, you would not have to worry about not being able to work with large workpieces on it. Also, the positioning accuracy of the unit is 0.4 millimeters. You will end up with precise engravings on your workpiece every time.

Also, the engraving machine is capable of carving on almost all types of soft materials. It can also put engravings on top of metals such as aluminum and copper. So if you were planning to handle metal mainly, then this one would be a wise pick.

The belts that are used for connecting the router with the axis are exceptionally flexible. Because of that, it will be able to put clear and rounded engravings on the objects easily.

Aside from that, the overall construction of the large engraver unit is pretty solid. It is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it exceptionally sturdy. As a result, it will have no problems in the factor of stability even if you carry out heavy-duty engraving tasks with it.

The router is housed inside a sturdy plastic body, which will protect it from pieces that might fly from the object during engraving.

Last but not least, the bundled software is GRBL, just like the rest of the high-end CNC milling engraving machines. For that reason, you will not have to worry about intricate UI, nor will you have to worry about not being able to find resources online. And the power supply of the unit is pretty beefy as well.


  • Small but has a large working area
  • Positioning accuracy is exceptionally low
  • Utilizes the famous open-source GRBL software
  • Housing is sturdy and durable
  • Can carve certain types of metals


  • The Assembly process is pretty tedious
  • Does not come with any instructions

What to Look for Before Buying the Best CNC Router For Small Shops?

No matter how much money you are willing to spend for the best CNC machine, if you shoot for something that does not perform up to par, you will not spend that money wisely. And to get the most out of the money that you would have to pay, you need to keep these factors into your consideration:

Overall Construction

First and foremost, you need to consider the build quality or the overall construction of the unit. What you have to be on the lookout for is whether the body is made of heavy-duty materials or not.

The ones that have a sturdy frame will be able to comply with heavy-duty engraving tasks easily. You will not have to worry about the durability and the lifespan of those either.


Apart from the overall construction, the thing that you have to factor in when you are buying one of these is the size. Considering that you are mainly focusing on installing these in your small shop, you would want to go for the compact and small ones.

However, you can opt for the hefty and large-sized ones if you have the space to accommodate them.

Working Area

The working area is something that is going to depend on the overall size the most. In general, the bigger the body, the higher the working area will be. But some do have a small and compact but have a large working area in comparison.

No matter what size you get, do make sure that the working area is adequate. Because with a smaller working area, you will be able to work with large-sized workpieces.

Assembly Process

Most of the CNC routers are going to come almost fully assembled. While some will be 95% installed, a few of them will be 80% installed. No matter how much pre-assembled they do come in, you need to consider if there is an easy-to-follow installation guide or not.

Without that, installing the rest of the parts will feel like rocket science, and it would take a lot of time as well.

Offline Controllers

You might not have a computer all the time. And if you want to operate the engraving machine without a connected computer, you need to ensure whether the unit comes with an offline controller or not.

The ones that do include one will let you gain full control over the axes and all the mechanisms while being offline. In other words, you will be able to operate the device without a computer connected.

Internal Storage

Another thing that you need to consider for the devices that include an offline connector is the internal storage. For this, we would recommend you to opt for the ones that have at least 1 Gb of storage.

With those, you will be able to store a lot of Gcode files. And the ones that you need to stay away from are the ones that only have 128 Mb. Those can only save one or at best two files.

Connectivity Ports

The connectivity ports are one of the critical factors for CNC machines. That is what you are going to utilize to connect it with a computer, which is quite essential.

If you can not build a proper connection with the computer, you will not be able to use the devices that do not have an offline controller. Aside from that, you will also have trouble transferring Gcode to the device as well.


One of the most important aspects of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) routers is the software. The most common one that most of the units pack is the open-source GRBL software. However, many might utilize something that is not open-source.

The problem with those is that you will struggle a lot, trying to find resources for those. As a result, there would be situations where you would find yourself stuck. For that reason, we would recommend shooting for the ones that pack the GRBL software only. The internet is filled with tutorials and resources for those.


If the device you get is compatible with the OS that you are running, you will not connect it to your computer. For that reason, you need to consider the compatibility of the device.

Most of the units are compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. There are many that will even connect to Raspberry Pi OS. Those are the ones that we would recommend.


The chip is the brain of the CNC routers. Considering that, the faster and the efficient it is going to be, the smoothly the router is going to operate. Also, ensure that the chip has a heatsink, or else it is going to overheat quite frequently.

And do make sure that the casing has an external fan. That will ensure that the crucial components are cooled down as well.

The Axes Belts

The last thing that you need to consider is the belts of the axes. Ensure that they are flexible, or else the router’s movement will not be that smooth. And if it can not move smoothly, the engravings will be jagged.

Final Words

A CNC router is a must if you want to get highly detailed and sellable engravings. And even though many will claim that they are offering the best CNC router for small shop, not all of them are going to perform to the level.

But if you do consider the things that we have mentioned, you are sure to get one that is going to be worth every penny.

As you have finished reading this exhaustive guide on the top cnc routers, we recommend you to go through the top rated aluminium cutting cnc machines as well. Plus, you should find our guide on the top dust managing shop vac reviews and the clay soil tiller useful along with the cabinet hardware jig reviews.

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