Top 8 Best Chicken Plucker Reviews 2022 [Buying Guide]

Raising chickens as a hobby is becoming quite popular nowadays.  Now, the people of the city are also building a small-sized farm for raising chickens. And even though the process of raising them might seem simple, the task of processing their meat is not as simple as you thought it would be.

The defeathering process, for example, is one of the tedious and time-consuming tasks that you would have to carry out for processing the meats. Doing that manually will take hours. That is where the plucker machines step in.

Best Chicken Plucker Reviews

However, you would have to get the best chicken plucker if you want to get the most redefined and hassle-free defeathering experience. And we are here to make the choosing process easier for you.

Our 8 Best Chicken Pluckers Picks:

Not all of the pluckers you are going to stumble in the market will provide you a hassle-free defeathering experience that we talked about earlier. To make sure that you do end up getting one of the worthy ones, we have picked the ones that we believe are well-performing. They are as follows:

1. Yardbird 21833 Chicken Plucker

Yardbird 21833

As the process of defeathering is generally messy, the task of cleaning and maintaining the device will also be kind of messy. However, Yardbird Chicken Plucker has managed to make that process straightforward.

First of all, the unit features a body that has a construction of food-grade stainless steel. It also has a removable mechanism, which will allow you to take off the drum within seconds.

The sidewalls of the drum are adequately insulated. That will make it achieve a higher waterproof capability. All of that will make it easier for you to clean and maintain the unit.

Aside from that, the motor that it packs is commercial-grade. The power rating of the engine is 1.5 HP. It can make the drum spin at a full 300 RPM, which will allow you to finish off most of the defeathering tasks within a short amount of time. And it would take you about 15-30 seconds for each bird.

Alongside that, the drum is pretty roomy. It is 20 inches in diameter. That means it would be able to accommodate most of the large-sized birds. The rubber fingers that it has on the inside are food-grade too. They can gently take off the chicken feathers without causing any harm to the skin and the meat.

Lastly, there is an integrated ring in the Yardbird Plucker that has a standard hose connector. That will enable you to flush the pluckings easily. It also has a safety mechanism that will enhance the components’ overall safety and elongate their lifespans.


  • Easy to clean and easy to maintain
  • Comes with a food-grade stainless steel drum
  • Drum is 20 inches in diameter
  • Takes a short about of time to pluck
  • Has an integrated ring with a standard hose connector


  • Drum is not that thick
  • Some of the units ship with dented drums

2. Kitchener Fowl Food Processor

Kitchener Fowl Food Processor

Most of the pluckers that are in the market are quite large in size. For that reason, storing and moving them around is not that easy. However, the case is a bit different for this unit that Kitchener is offering.

To start with, the motor that it packs has a 1 HP rating. It consumes 800 watts of power and can make the drum rotate at 280 RPM, which is quite fast. And the barrel is about 20 inches in diameter, which means the Kitchener Chicken Plucker will be able to accommodate most of the large-sized birds without any issues at all.

Even though the barrel has quite a high capacity, the overall unit is relatively compact. That design will make it easier for you to transport and store it. On the note of transporting, there are two large-sized wheels on the bottom, which are going to make the task of moving it feel like an effortless task.

Aside from being easy to store and transport, the barrel has a construction of 403 stainless steel. The material is food-safe and has a brushed coating. Rust and corrosions will not be a problem for the coating that it has.

Inside the barrel, there are 92 soft fingers, which are capable of de-feathering birds in a short amount of time.

Lastly, all of the electrical components are IP54 waterproof in this Kitchener Plucker. The circuits are also connected to a GFCI overcurrent protector that is going to ensure a long lifespan.


  • Sports a highly capable motor
  • 92 soft plucking fingers on the inside
  • Barrel is made of 403 stainless steel
  • Can resist rust and corrosion
  • Electrical components are IP54 waterproof


  • Might not be able to pluck large-sized birds efficiently
  • Not that easy to clean the barrel

3. SuperHandy Fowl Food Processor

SuperHandy Fowl Food Processor

Are you on the lookout for something that is capable of plucking four chickens under 2 minutes? Do you want something easy to move around? Well, SuperHandy has got you covered in both of the factors with this unit.

To begin with, the barrel of the unit contains 92 soft fingers. Those are capable of plucking chickens reasonably fast. It would take about 15 to 30 seconds for each of the fowls, which means it would take about 2 minutes for four.

The barrel also features durable overall construction. It is made from 403 stainless steel that is food grade. And the thickness is 0.6 millimeters, which makes it highly resistant to bending and enting.  It also has a brushed coating on the exterior that lets it achieve a high rust and corrosion resisting capability.

Apart from that, the unit sports a reasonably compact design. That will make it easy to store. Alongside that, it has two large-sized wheels on the bottom. Those will make it easier for you to transport the unit around.

The barrel is also large in size. It is 20 inches in diameter, which will allow it to accommodate large-sized fowls at ease.

Also, the unit has a proper protection circuit. It has a GFCI overcurrent protector that will make sure that the core components do not get damaged for voltage surge. Also, the core components are coated with a waterproof IP54 coating as well.


  • Sports a compact footprint
  • Easy to store and easy to move around
  • Barrel is resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Boasts GFCI overcurrent protector
  • Capable of plucking up to four birds in two minutes


  • Motor is not that powerful
  • Plucking fingers tend to jam up with plucked feathers

4. Power Plucker Home Processing Kit

Power Plucker Home Processing Kit

Not really fond of the commercial design that most of the pluckers have? Were you looking for something that promotes a DIY approach? Well, then we have the right kit for you!

First of all, the kit contains four different tools. You are going to receive a Swedish knife that is for killing the birds. Then you will find a cone, in which you are going to have to do the plucking process. And finally, it includes a drill attachment plucker, which you are going to need for defeathering the fowls.

The killing cone that it comes along with is made of heavy-duty materials. It is reasonably thick, and as it features a construction of food-grade steel, you would not have to worry about it infusing any chemicals into the meats. Also, it is relatively wide, which will enable you to house most of the large-sized fowls without any issues.

Alongside that, the knife is exceptionally sharp. It is comparatively long too. For that reason, you would not have any issues in killing the birds with it. It also comes with a cover that will let you store it safely. And as it is made of carbon steel, you would not have to worry about it bending either.

And the chicken plucker drill attachment that the package includes has six fingers. Those are exceptionally durable and can de-feather multiple birds reasonably fast. It would take you about 90 seconds to process a single fowl.


  • Contains all the elements that are required for the de-feathering
  • Comes with a sturdy and sharp knife
  • Features a knife cover
  • Included cone is relatively wide
  • Can de-feature within ninety seconds


  • Knife tends to catch rust pretty easily
  • Can not efficiently de-feather because of having only six fingers, good for small birds only

5. VEVOR Stainless Steel Poultry Defeather

VEVOR Stainless Steel Poultry Defeather

For most of the chicken plucker machines out there, you will have to take the drum off for cleaning the inside with water. Well, if you were looking for something that has a more convenient approach to cleaning the drum, you should consider this.  

First of all, it packs a reasonably powerful motor. It has a power rating of 2200 watts and can make the tub spin at 240 RPM. Because of that, it would only take about 30 seconds to process one fowl. That means you would be able to finish off your plucking tasks reasonably fast.

Aside from the motor, the tub that it features is quite sturdy as well. It sports a construction of 403 stainless steel that makes it safe for processing foods. Also, it is about 0.6 millimeters thick, which will make it resistant to bending and denting. You can expect it to last for an extended amount of time.

Alongside that, the barrel is 23.6 inches in diameter, which is wider than most of the other available units. It is capable of accommodating six regular-sized fowls and four large-sized fowls. That means the task of handling a large number of chickens will be pretty easy for you.

Also, the barrel has a built-in water pipe connector that will allow you to connect a water hose directly to the unit.  You would not have to take the tub off to carry out the cleaning process for this.


  • Has a built-in water hose connector
  • Stainless steel chicken plucker barrel is reasonably sturdy
  • Can accommodate six regular-sized birds
  • Able to de-feather fowls in just thirty seconds
  • Cleaning process is straightforward


  • Some of the packages ship with missing nuts and bolts
  • Rubber fingers are not durable

6. Buffalo Tools CKNPLKR: Best Budget Chicken Plucker

Buffalo Tools CKNPLKR

Among all of the pluckers, the ones that feature built-in wheels on the bottom are the easiest to transport. And a perfect example of units such as that would be this one that is from Buffalo Tools.

First of all, the overall construction of the unit is pretty solid. The drum that it includes is made of sturdy 403 stainless steel. It is a food-safe too. Also, the walls of the drum are reasonably thick, which means it will not bend, nor will it dent that easily. You can use to for heavy birds without worrying that much.

As we have mentioned, the budget chicken plucker unit sports built-in wheels on the bottom. There are three wheels in total. Each of them is large-size and can tread on most of the surfaces pretty easily. Those will make it easier for you to move the unit around from one place to another.

Also, the overall footprint of the CKNPLKR chicken plucker unit is pretty compact. The motor is installed on the bottom, which makes it achieve a small form factor. And as it is reasonably compact, you would not have any issues regarding storing it either. You can easily keep it in tight and cramped places.

And the barrel contains durable fingers as well. It also has a built-in water connector that will allow you to connect a water hose directly. You would not have to disassemble the entire unit just to clean it.


  • Features a durable overall construction
  • Three wheels on the bottom
  • Compact and small in size
  • Can be easily cleaned
  • Durable fingers inside the barrel


  • Motor is a bit underpowered for some plucking tasks
  • Takes quite a long amount of time to de-feather large-sized fowls

7. Popsport Chicken Plucking Machine

Popsport Chicken Plucking Machine

As most of the plucking machines have an exposed motor, the chances of short circuits occurring when you are cleaning the barrel will remain relatively high. However, Popsport has managed to come up with a solution for that.

To start with, it features a built-in housing for the motor. It is installed on the bottom and has a metal wall surrounding it. For that reason, you would not have to worry about it getting in contact with water when you are cleaning the barrel. The housing also has proper venting, which will keep the engine cool.

Aside from that, the motor that it comes with is quite powerful as well. It has a power rating of 2200 watts and can make the barrel rotate at 240 RPM. Because of that, it can process a single fowl in just thirty seconds. That means it would not take you that long to finish off the plucking tasks.

Also, the diameter of the barrel is 24 inches. It is capable of accommodating large-sized fowls easily. You can also work with multiple regular-sized chickens because of the large-sized barrel that it has. The barrel also has an integrated port that will enable you to attach a garden hose directly to the unit.

Alongside that, the overall construction of the unit is pretty solid. Both the housing and the barrel are of 403 stainless steel. That material does not only make the overall unit durable but also food-safe.


  • Bundles with a 24 inches wide barrel
  • Has a housing surrounding the motor
  • Both the housing and the barrel is of sturdy stainless steel
  • Can process chickens relatively fast
  • Features an integrated water hose connector


  • Fingers are of flimsy rubber
  • Comes with small-sized wheels on the bottom

8. Richo 2HP Picking Machine for Quail and Chicken

Richo 2HP Picking Machine for Quail and Chicken

The efficiency is an essential factor for the motors of the heavy duty chicken pluckers. And Richo knew that exactly well, and that is why they have implemented a highly efficient engine in this unit that they are offering.

Unlike some of the other units, this one packs a powerful 2 HP motor. For that reason, it can spin the barrel at a speed of 275 RPM with a full load. It only takes thirty seconds to pluck one bird. That means it would not take you that long for removing feathers from a large number of birds.

Alongside that, the motor is highly efficient as well. It consumes only 1500 watts of power at full load, which is lower than most of the other pluckers that are out there. The unit also has four wheels on the bottom, which will enable you to move the device around pretty quickly.

Other than that, the barrel that it includes is pretty wide too. The tub’s diameter is 20 inches, which will allow you to accommodate four medium-sized at a time. It is made of 403 stainless steel, which makes it exceptionally sturdy. And the fingers that it has on the inside are durable too.

And as there are a total of 106 fingers on the inside, the chicken plucker machine will be able to efficiently pluck feathers off from the birds. You would not have to remove feathers manually. Also, you can install a water hose directly to the barrel, thanks to the integrated hose connector.


  • Utilizes a highly efficient 2 HP motor
  • Can make the barrel spin at 275 RPM at full load
  • Comes with four wheels on the bottom
  • Features a relatively wide barrel
  • Has an integrated water hose connector
  • Stainless steel body


  • Barrel is not that thick
  • Included wheels do not roll that smoothly

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Chicken Plucker

As we have said earlier, the task of plucking feathers can become quite tedious if you are unable to get the right chicken plucker machine. And if you want to make sure that you do not end up getting one of them, you would have to keep these factors in mind before making a purchase decision:

The Motor

Before anything else, you need to factor in the motor. The motor is what is going to decide how efficiently and how properly the machine can operate the plucking tasks.

Considering that, the first thing that you need to consider is power. It is usually rated at HP. And the higher the number of HP, the more powerful the motor is going to be.

Chicken Plucker

Aside from power, you will also have to consider the efficiency of the motor. The motors consume a lot of energy but can not offer that much amount of power will not be that much cost-effective.

Alongside that, the inefficient motors will overheat pretty easily as well. Keeping that in mind, we would recommend you to shoot for the units that pack a highly efficient motor.

Protection Circuits

You should also consider whether the unit that you are shooting for comes with any protection circuits or not. Most of them will include a GFCI circuit, which will regulate the overall voltage. That circuit will turn the power off when a voltage surge occurs, which will eventually increase the overall lifespan of the motor.

Alongside that, many of the machines will also have an IP54 waterproof coating on the crucial components. Those will lower the chances of short circuits occurring. As a result, you will be able to clean the barrel with water without any worries.


The barrel is where you are going to keep the chickens in place. And for this, the first thing that you need to consider is the overall diameter. The higher the diameter, the more the capacity will be.

Most of the units will be able to accommodate four large-sized fowls and up to six chickens of regular-size. Those are the ones that we would recommend to opt for.

Secondly, you need to consider the build quality of the barrel. Even though almost all of them will be constructed of 403 stainless steel, not all of them will have the same thickness for the walls.

Chicken Plucker

And the thicker the walls, the more resistant to bending and denting the barrel will be. The thicker ones can also accommodate heavier birds pretty easily as well.

Lastly, you need to consider whether the barrel has a rust-resistant coating or not. With any sort of coating, it will catch rust and corrode relatively fast, which can make the overall unit inoperable.

Plucker Fingers

The rubber fingers that remains inside the barrel is one of the crucial components of a chicken plucker. Those are what is going to carry out the de-feather process. And for this factor, the first thing that you need to consider is the durability of the fingers.

Make sure that they are constructed of heavy-duty rubber, or else you would not be able to use the machine for a long amount of time.

Aside from the construction, you need to consider the number and the density of the fingers. The higher the number of fingers inside the barrel, the more efficient the plucking process will be. Considering that, we would recommend shooting for the machines with a large number of fingers inside the barrel.


The plucking speed will depend on two factors. One of them is the motor, and the other one is the number of fingers. For the motor, you would have to go with the units to make the barrel spin at a fast rate.

Shoot for anything that can achieve a 250 to 270 RPM speed at full load. Those can finish off plucking each of the fowls in just 30 to 40 seconds.

And for the fingers, the more the number of durable fingers inside the barrel, the faster the chicken plucking process will be. If you happen to get something that can make the barrel spin at high speed but does not have enough fingers inside, it will take you about 50 seconds to de-feather one fowl.

For that reason, you need to factor in both the speed and the number of fingers while buying one of these.


Generally, these machines for plucking chickens are a bit hefty. And moving them by carrying them around would not be possible for how heavy these usually are. Considering that, you would want to shoot for the ones that have wheels on the bottom.

Chicken Plucker

Also, do make sure that the wheels are large in size, or else you would have trouble in the case of moving the unit around.


Lastly, you need to factor in the size of the machines. For this case, we would suggest opting for the ones that are small and compact in size. With those, you would not have any troubles regarding storing. You would be able to store them in small and cramped places pretty easily.

Final Words

The best chicken plucker machine can save countless amounts of time and make the overall defeathering process feel effortless to carry out. And we ensure you that no matter which one you decide to purchase from our review section, you are sure to get a redefined and hassle-free chicken plucking experience.

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