10 Best Blender for Frozen Fruit & Crushing Ice [Reviewed in 2022]

One of the best feelings on a hot day is sipping on a frozen drink. Not only will it cool your insides but also it will refresh your mind. Although it is revitalizing to start your day with a drink, an ice-blended smoothie will energize your mood like nothing else.

To get that perfectly-blended drink, you need a blender that will crush the ice instead of getting crushed by it. You need a powerful device to mash up ice cubes alongside frozen fruits effortlessly.

Best Blender for Frozen Fruit

Hence, we have decided to pick the most powerful blenders available in the market for you.

10 Best Blender for Frozen Fruit & Crushing Ice:

As there are numerous devices available in the market, it is easy for you to get confused. We have decided to review the top ten blenders for frozen fruit and crushing ice for your convenience.

1. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

Are you looking for a blender that you can use in your professional settings? We got you covered. Vitamix Professional blender has impressive features that make it suitable for any commercial or household environment.

Notably, it has five different pre-programmed settings that allow you to run the machine smoothly.

Interestingly, with other blenders, you might need to stay beside the machine as it works to ensure its function. Not with this one. This machine gives consistent results even with larger batches. So, you can turn on this durable blender and walk away stress-free to do other chores.

Furthermore, this product has a pulse feature that allows you to manually manipulate the texture and fine-tune your recipe’s consistency. You can also control the variable speed. Therefore, you will be able to change the texture to your liking.

Additionally, the size of this blender’s container is not massive. Meaning, it is perfect for your household as it will not take up much space.

The container is only 64 ounces in size alongside a cord of 6 feet in length, which is the appropriate medium size for a family kitchen. This cord is long enough to cover a large area.

Another essential feature is the composition of the blade. This powerful blender has stainless-steel blades with hardened properties. Interestingly, the construction of steel has air-craft quality. Hence, even rigid materials like ice or frozen fruits will get crushed efficiently.

Overall, this is the best blender for frozen fruit as it works in an organized manner without compromising the quality of the outcome. Even rigid food materials will get crushed smoothly.


  • Plastic is the main component of this product
  • Contains a self-cleaning feature
  • Delivers 120 Volt, 12 Amps, and 50-60 Hz
  • You do not need batteries for this device,
  • Heavy duty blender comes with a good quality electrical cord


2. Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Most blenders available in the market have somewhat intricate designs. They can be very tricky and complicated to operate. You might need to get used to the different options and panels.

Sometimes that can be quite time-consuming. Luckily, there are also blenders available that contain a less complicated design with the same efficiency level.

Blendtec blender contains an easy blending model technique that will allow you to operate without breaking any sweat. It contains one-touch buttons alongside ten different speed manuals.

You can also pre-program up to six cycles to gain various kinds of texture. All these features permit you to control the smoothness of the mixture intermittently throughout the blending process.

Moreover, the quality of the blade of this device is exceptional. This stainless-steel patented blade is 80% thicker, and it offers ten times more manual control than regular ones.

Not only will you get smooth drinks, but also you can create medium-large batches at one go. The volume and blending capacity of this four-sided jar is 75 and 32 ounces consecutively.

Additionally, this is a multipurpose device that you can use to create several meals. The heat created by the friction of the blade allows you even to heat drinks or soups. Hence, in under six minutes, you can create a warm hearty meal for your family.

All in all, you can use this device all year long for both cold and warm drinks or meals. Not only can it crush those coarse ice cubes, but also it can warm up healthy meals.


  • Three feet cord comes with the device
  • Blade is 80% thicker
  • Will not create a loud noise
  • Primary material of this device is plastic
  • You can clean this without any hassle


  • Motor might overheat
  • Not a lightweight product

3. KitchenAid KSB4027PA K400 Blender

KitchenAid KSB4027PA K400 Blender

The heart of any blender is its blade. Its structure, design, and can determine how well it will function. If the angle of the blade is not appropriate, then the device will not blend smoothly.

Rigid materials like ice or fruit shells can even damage your blender if that happens.

If you want smooth drinks, then you need a blender with an asymmetric blade. KitchenAid K400 blender is perfect from this perspective as it contains a unique blade with an asymmetric design.

This design allows the blades to function from four different angles. The flow of the blade’s movement pulls the materials towards the blade.

To repeat, the motions created by this blade generates a vortex-like pattern that helps to crush chewy ice cubes or food materials. The peak output of the motor is 1.5 HP, which assists in creating this unique pattern.

Additionally, this device contains a program with three preset recipes. You can crush ice, create smoothies or drinks. By controlling the five variable speed dial feature, you can maintain such versatility effortlessly.

This speed feature includes a soft start option that you can use to initiate the motor at a much slower rate in the beginning. A slow start will allow the blades to pull in the materials effectively. Finally, this product’s motor has Intelli-speed control senses that will ensure consistent speed to crush all the materials. You can rest assure that this product will operate accurately and provide you immediate results.


  • 1200 wattage motor runs the device smoothly
  • Manufacturer includes blender accessories
  • You can use a three-preset recipe program
  • Has LED lights
  • Price is relatively low


  • Blades are not removable
  • May create a loud noise when you use it

4. COSORI C700-PRO Blender

COSORI C700-PRO Blender

The main issue with most blenders is the oxidation of nutrients when it functions. Even though some devices have a high function motor, their ability to retain nutrients is very inferior.

COSORI blender is an exception in this case. The nutrient extraction process of this device is top-notch.

Moreover, it can crush starting from ice cubes to fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, or any ingredient. This quality blender provides high performance as the motor is designed by the producer with 30,000 rpm and 1500 wattage.

Therefore, even the most challenging materials are crushed by this motor without posing any damage efficiently.

Furthermore, the speed controlling panel of the device has an ergonomic design. You can switch from low to high speed whenever you wish.

Additionally, you can choose between those speeds for a mid-blend option. The adjustment of your blender’s speed to create a vortex entirely depends on your preferences.

Sometimes the base and handle material of such devices cause issues. They can slide from your hand and break apart. To reduce such accidents, the manufacturers have created COSORI with a non-slip base and handle.

You can say goodbye to those unfortunate accidents if you get this device.

You can also change the speed however you want afterward to avoid any food splatter from occurring. The wings of the blade can smoothen up even the most rigid food material.

As the best budget blender has an uncomplicated cleaning process, you can remain hassle-free. If you have a picnic or an occasion where you need to produce multiple servings, this device is perfect.


  • Does not create a loud noise
  • Self-cleaning feature is present
  • Additionally, a recipe and travel bottle are present
  • Powerful 1500 watt motor
  • Affordable blender is great for making frozen fruit smoothies


  • You cannot remove the blender blades
  • Quite heavy

5. Cleanblend Commercial Blender

Cleanblend Commercial Blender

With any device, the higher the horsepower of the motor, the better the device will operate. Blenders are no exception when it comes to a powerful motor.

If you want to crush rock-hard materials into a fine and smooth consistency, you will need an appliance with a superior horsepower.

Cleanblend blender contains the most powerful motor that has up to three horsepower and 1800 wattage. This blender has heavy-duty properties that you can control manually. You can even thoroughly blend large chunks of ice cubes.

It contains eight different kinds of speed. Whether you want a smooth paste, pulverized ice, hot soup, or a chopped salsa, it can all be done by you if you manually changed the blades’ speed. The ice-preset feature of this device allows you to pulverize just with a single touch of the button.

The versatility of this product is astonishing. This device can create large batches of frozen drinks, green smoothies, puree, soups in a short amount of time. You can obtain replacements for up to nine appliances.

Additionally, this commercial grade blender contains BPA-free material that is safe for everyday use. A sealed ball-bearing of eight plate blade allows this device to provide high-performance blending techniques. These blades are hardened and long-lasting as they contain durable stainless steel material.

Even though the model of this device may seem intense, the jar is comparatively exceptionally lightweight. Therefore, anyone with a weak physique can also handle this device with ease.


  • Great blender delivers up to 1800 watts of power
  • Multipurpose device can crush ice and frozen ingredients with hardened stainless steel blades
  • Design is sturdy and durable, good for making smoothies
  • Core material is BPA-free plastic
  • Using ice will not damage the motor


  • Design is not very attractive
  • Relatively expensive

6. Vitamix Professional Grade Blender

Vitamix Professional Grade Blender

If you need a high-end blender that provides excellent service and features, then the Vitamix Professional blender is perfect for you. It is a 13 lbs device that has a powerful motor. You can experiment and create any kind of drinks within minutes by using this device.

Moreover, the design of this blender is precise. The container’s folded pattern ensures that all the ingredients you put inside get closer to the blade symmetrically. As a result, they will be grounded by the blade quickly and evenly into a fine consistency.

Additionally, the blades have the friction-creating ability. Therefore, when you put toughest ingredients inside the container, the metal blades’ sharp edges will steamingly heat them under six minutes. Hence, you can create both cold and warm drinks with this one appliance.

One major problem with most devices is their inability to process thick materials correctly. Suppose you put some diced and chopped ingredients inside the container and turned on the machine.

However, you notice some of the stubborn ingredients are sticking to the corner. So, you have to remove them manually each time, and that is a hassle.

If you want to avoid such mishaps, Vitamix blender has a tamper with an exceptional design that will help you process those stubborn bits. You will not have to stop your machine and remove them manually anymore.

Furthermore, you will have no trouble cleaning this product as it has self-cleaning properties. All you have to do is include warm water and a single drop of dish soap. Within 30-60 seconds, the machine will clean itself.


  • Six feet electric cord comes with the device
  • Contains a radial cooling fan
  • Built-in thermal protection system
  • You will get a 64 oz container
  • Motor is powerful


  • Quite overpriced
  • Base of this product is heavy

7. Digital Electric Countertop Blender

Digital Electric Countertop Blender

Even if you are a beginner or a professional person, a kitchen blender with versatile features and superior food processing ability will enhance your skills. Digital Electric blender has the capability to serrate hard materials effortlessly, thereby lessening your workload efficiently.

Furthermore, this device is classic for iced drinks and frozen fruit smoothies because it has containers of 1.7 L capacity alongside a spout for pouring materials quickly. The BPA-free clear Tritan plastic of food-grade quality will ensure that your drinks contain no unwanted chemicals.

Additionally, this electric device has a powerful and robust 360o cylindrical impact feature. Meaning, the blades of stainless steel material will instantly extract nutrients from materials as you turn on the machine. As a result, it will prevent too much oxidation from happening.

None of the other features will work properly if the motor is not powerful enough. This device excels at crushing those rigid materials because the motor has high-speed 1700 watts power. So, the device is the best blender for crushing ice. You can even adjust the blending time up to ten minutes.

You can understand from the name that you can effortlessly set up this blender on your countertop. It will not occupy your kitchen space that much. Furthermore, it contains an electric plug-in design. This plug-in method is the safest option for placing the blender on your countertop.

Overall, within a reasonable price, you get a device that has modern controlling panels with excellent function. It has an LCD screen, which will indicate the status of time and speed. You do not have to measure the consistency of drinks with your eyes anymore.


  • Contains a unique “pulse” button
  • Nutrition extraction process is excellent
  • Three preset blend mode feature is available
  • Large Capacity of 1.7 L
  • You get a container of Tritan material
  • Stainless steel forged blade


  • Very noisy
  • Parts may not be durable

8. Ninja BL770 Kitchen System And Blender

Ninja BL770 Kitchen System And Blender

Blenders with large pitchers are blessings. You can make large batches of drinks for your family or a party in a short period. That means you have to deal with less peeling, less chopping, and less cleaning. You can practically save a lot of time with minimum effort.

The Ninja blender comes with a substantial pitcher that is 72 ounces in size. With bigger size comes more significant power. This device has a strong two horsepower motor that crushes rigid materials quickly. You can serve up to eight cups of chopped food materials in one serving.

The blades of this device run smoothly enough to create dough of two-pound in just about 30 seconds. Therefore, you can create flavorful drinks and make hearty dough for deserts with this device.

You will additionally get two extra cups with lids of 16 ounces each. Hence, you can use these cups to produce personalized drinks. These cups are perfect for traveling purposes. You can even use them on the go for busy days when you are running late.

All of the components of this device have dishwasher-safe properties. As a result, you do not have to worry about any corrosion or damages ruining your device. Besides, such dishwashing properties allow you to clean the appliance with ease.

This machine is genuinely perfect for creating personalized and big batches of delicious drinks as it has different-sized pitches. You will get an eight-cup food processor bowl to efficiently mix all the ingredients, even more than two pitchers.


  • Strong 1500 watt motor is capable of blending ice
  • Producer includes two extra pitchers
  • All the materials have BPA-free plastic
  • You can use it to create frozen desert items
  • Anyone can clean it effortlessly
  • Dual direction blade technology


  • Cannot put hot liquid inside it
  • Drink might be lumpy and not smooth

9. Homgeek Smoothie Blender

Homgeek Smoothie Blender

Blenders usually do not have the available features for meat grinding, ice crushing, or extracting nutrients from pulps like a juicer. You often have to purchase additional devices to perform those functions. But having one device that can operate all these features would be much more efficient.

That is why we suggest Homgeek Frozen Fruit Smoothie blender. This multipurpose device contains all the necessary features to act as a meat grinder or a juicer alongside basic blending mechanisms. You do not need multiple devices when this one device can take care of all the works.

For any device to grind meat or act as a juicer, it needs to have a powerful motor and blades. Homgeek device has a motor of 2.5 horsepower and 30,000 RPM. It also contains in total of eight stainless-steel blades that provide fantastic durability.

Additionally, you can control these blades’ speed as it contains ten different types of adjustable speed. More importantly, you can change the speeds even while the device operates. There is also a built-in pulse function. This function will smoothen up your drink even more.

All the device materials, starting from the jar, handle, and base, are all BPA-free and sustainable plastic, ensuring a long time service. Alongside several grinding features, this device also has hassle-free washable properties.

A unique dual protection system allows you to immobilize the pitchers quickly and maintain them safely. You will also receive an additional manual and tamper to make your juicing experience exciting.


  • Ten different adjustable speeds
  • Enhanced security protection
  • Safe for dishwashing
  • Motor has 1450 watts of energy
  • You will get eight three-layered blades for blending frozen fruits


  • May seem overpriced
  • Produces deep noises when you run it

10. Hamilton Beach Quiet Shield Blender

Hamilton Beach Quiet Shield Blender

So far, we have talked about many versatile products that have excellent properties. However, none of these properties will satisfy you if the device produces loud noises when it operates. Instead of getting smooth drinks, you will get a major headache because of the sound.

To ensure that you have a noise-free kitchen environment, we introduce the Hamilton Beach Frozen Fruit blender. It has unique quiet shield properties that allow it to dampen the noise level when it blends. Moreover, you can remove this quiet shield whenever you want.

Additionally, this device contains an infinite range of speed control feature. The speed level fluctuates from 3,000 RPM to 18,000 RPM. Hence, you can maintain the speed level from super slow to a fast level according to your need.

Furthermore, the program settings contain four different types of features for creating various types of recipes. As there are variable speed dials available, you can control these settings with only one touch. The hardened steel blades will perform a superior task with your command.

Alongside all these great features, you can also set and pre-program your machine in four different ways to make your blending experience exciting. To minimize your workload, you can pour in the ingredients and turn the dial to select your desired program. Your device will do the rest.

All in all, this product contains all the essential features alongside an exceptional noise reduction feature. You will not get distracted when this machine operates.


  • Everyone will get a tamper when they purchase it
  • Powerful 1500 watt motor
  • Blades can rotate over 105 mph speed
  • Variable control feature
  • Shatter-proof jars, good for blending smoothies


  • Relatively harder to clean
  • Cannot consistently give smooth blends

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Blender for Frozen Fruit

There are certain features that you have to check before buying a blender for crush frozen fruits. Depending on what your preference is, that can vary immensely. Therefore, here are some of the essential attributes you should look out for.


The motor is the heart of any blender. A various range of motor power is available that determines whether your blender can crush rigid materials or not. To get a top-notch crushing device, you need to look out for motor power.

In general, blenders that have 1000 watts or above can crush ice and frozen fruits. However, it is always better to pick an appliance with One thousand five hundred watts or more if you plan on using it too frequently.

It is okay to use low-power motors for blending purposes as they are more budget-friendly. But if you use them too often for pulverizing hard materials, it may cause damage to the motor.

Furthermore, it is better to go for a relatively expensive product that contains a long-lasting motor for such instances. Crushing ice require more power than a basic blender.


Previously we mentioned how it is better to get more expensive products if you want to use them daily. There are some fantastic products that you can find within a budget that does the job perfectly as well.

For example, the COSORI blender comes with a motor of 1500 watts, and its price is relatively reasonable.

With more budget, you will find products with additional and better features. It all depends on what your needs at the moment are. We recommend staying away from cheap blenders as they often come with less power and life expectancy that may cause issues in the long run.


The second most important feature of any blender after the motor is its blades. They must be long and sharp enough to cut through ice or frozen smoothies with ease. The blade quality will determine how much of the right consistency your drinks will have.

Stainless steel is a fantastic component that provides extra durability. Therefore, blades made up of this material will last even longer than the normal ones.

Blender for Frozen Fruit

There are different types of shapes, numbers, and sizes of blades available in different devices. Additionally, the size of the blade’s tip also determines how well it performs. If you want the device for crushing ice, then it is better to have two-tip blades. They are much easier to clean.

On the other hand, most multipurpose devices come with more than two-tip blades. Those are relatively harder to clean even though their performance is superior.


Your life will be more comfortable if most of your kitchen appliances are durable. Blenders are no different. An adequately manufactured device will operate and function effectively for a long time.

The durability of devices depends on the core material it contains. You will find several devices’ with stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, or tempered glass material. Some even contain BPA-free food-grade plastic that is not harmful to your health.

Additionally, Tritan plastic materials are known for their longevity. If the base of the device is sturdy, then it will hold up the infrastructure more appropriately.

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Interface and Features

Suppose you found a device made up of excellent material and contains the appropriate blades for a smooth blending procedure. However, you do not know how the machine functions. That will be a real pain. Hence, we urge you to always check out the manual before purchasing any device.

Some blenders have a simple one-touch system that allows you to control the various speeds with just one button’s press. Others have more complicated designs that might take you some time to master; however, nothing is impossible to do.

If you like to control your device’s speed, you should get one with dials. This feature allows you to change the speed however you like without any hassle. There are also more modern LED panels that you can use with just the touch of your fingertips.

Blender Jars

You also have to look out for the jars. Their sizes and materials vary from product to product. You might have to make sure that the jar of your device is thick and has durable properties. If you are a student or you have a small family, then medium-sized jars are perfect for you.

Blender for Frozen Fruit

However, if you have a relatively large family or are looking for devices for your professional setting, you have to get large jars. Some devices contain up to 75-ounce jars that are perfect for serving large portions in a short time.

Power cord

The electric cord is an additional feature you need to look out for. Some devices come with such cords, and others do not. If you do not check beforehand, you might have to search for an appropriate cord additionally.

How to Clean a Blender For Efficiency?

You have to be careful while cleaning a blender because the blades’ sharp edges can cause significant accidents. Here, we will be explaining how you can clean blenders effortlessly without harming yourself.

How to Clean a Blender

Clean the Blender

  • At first, you have to fill half of your already dirtied device with plain water. That will take off the loose dirt and grease that are present.
  • Then, insert a few drops of any dish soap that you have available.
  • After doing that, you can close the lid and turn off the machine for a short time.
  • The blades will create a mini water whirl, and the dish soap will remove dirt even from the narrowest areas.
  • Finally, stop the machine and rinse it with clean water.

Using Baking Soda to Remove Dirt

If you are worried about the stubborn stuck-on food particles that do not leave with the simple cleaning process, then we have another process for you. A pantry stable like baking soda will work like magic to remove them.

  • Process

You can fill your blender jar with equal parts of baking soda and water. Then, turn on the machine for a few moments. Afterward, rinse the blending jar and insert warm water with dish soap and proceed as mentioned before.

Sure this will take a few more seconds extra, but the result will be worth it.

Automatic Cleaning System

Although this is the necessary process of cleaning most blending devices, there are also machine that that automatic cleaning process. Others contain dishwashing safe properties.

The automatic ones require no assistance. You have to insert some dish soap, and it will automatically clean itself.

Dishwasher safe feature

On the other hand, if they are dishwashing safe devices, then you can disassemble the parts and let the washer take care of it for you. But keep in mind that not all the properties can withstand a washer’s motions, and their materials can degrade.

How to Crush Ice with Blender?

Ice crushing is a fun technique that adds zest to your drinks. You can crush the ice with different consistencies to create diversely flavored frozen drinks or frozen fruit smoothies.

How to Crush Ice with Blender

Moreover, you can create sophisticated cocktails by adding crushed ice and impress your guests. We will be showing you the essential steps of crushing ice with your blending device.

Collect Ice Cubes

After making sure that your device is perfectly capable of crushing ice, at first, you will have to get the ice cubes out from your freezer and leave them to rest for about five minutes.

Add the Cubes

While the ice sits and rests, take out the pitcher or jar of your blending machine. Go on and fill up about one-third of it with the ice cubes that you got out.

Remember to keep plenty of space available so that the ice cubes have room to move when your machine operates. Otherwise, it may damage the motor.

Add Water or Juice of Your Choice

If you wish to speed up the ice blending process with your drinks and give it a much more cooling effect, you can add fruit juice or water alongside the ice cubes.

Let Your Machine Do the Work

Then place the cover on top of the blender’s pitcher. Turn on the machine and pulse five-six times with brief two-second bursts. At this point, you have to set the machine at medium speed and, from time to time, shake the pitcher gently for 15-30 seconds to churn the ice cubes.


Some devices have a tamper or additional stick available with the lid. You can use that stick to stir and move around the crushed ice particles to mix with the liquid part evenly.

Ice Cubes

Ice Consistency

You can keep the consistency of the ice either semi-solid or completely crushed. Do keep in mind that your drinks will have a more bland taste if you choose crushed ice. Whereas whole or soft ice cubes melting takes time, it does not dilute the drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can all types of blenders crush ice and frozen fruit?

Not all blenders have the features or design for crushing frozen materials, mostly ice. Only blenders with 1000 watts or more power can crush those hard substances.

It is always better to check the owner’s manual to ensure that your blender can do this function. Otherwise, ice cube pieces can damage the blades, break them, or even harm the motor’s health. Because of that, the product will not last very long.

2. Can I blend frozen fruit without water?

It all comes down to how powerful your blender is and how much it can handle. If the manufacturer robustly builds the device, you can get away without pouring any additional liquid materials.

However, if it is not a premium quality device, preferably a normal one, we suggest adding water or fruit juices with the frozen ingredients. This addition will increase the life and health of your device tremendously.

Even with a superior quality appliance, if you frequently use it without additional liquid support, the motor will be damaged by the friction between dry, frozen fruit and the device’s wall.

3. What motor power should I seek in a blender?

That truly depends on how routinely you wish to use it. If you do not need to create drinks for many people, it is better to get a medium motor power device. We suggest you get something with 1000 watts or more.

On the other hand, if you want to use the device in your professional setting, then a device with a higher power level will be your savior. You can use it frequently without worrying about the regular usage causing damage to the motor.

4. How can you blend frozen material smoothly?

You can blend any frozen food component swiftly without creating any gloppy mess. To do that, you always have to remember to add the ice cubes or frozen components in a slow amount. If you dump a large chunk, then not all of them will reach the blade’s end. Therefore, your result will not be smooth.

5. Should I put the frozen materials in the blender first?

It is always safer to include the softest food material first. You have to layer them from the softest to the most challenging component. Otherwise, you will not get a smooth result.


Now that you have a general idea about which device will be suitable for your kitchen, do not hesitate to purchase the one you want.

Whatever machine you choose, as long as it contains the essential features that we have mentioned, it will work perfectly enough so that you can create mouth-watering frozen fruit smoothies.

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