About Us

Regardless of how skilled or experienced you are as a DIYer, you know you’d be nowhere without your tools. No matter the size or nature of the project, the right tools make all the difference between a botched job and success. Unfortunately, in this day and age when the market for all sorts of DIY tools is constantly expanding, finding the right implements can be a little dizzying.

Which is why we exist. Hi I’m Daniel J Perkins, and I, well, review tools! I am the owner of this website, which I founded with a view to help out fellow DIYers, woodworkers and professionals. As a dedicated lover of building and fixing things since the days of my youth, and with years of experience in woodworking and DIYing, I have accumulated a significant amount of skill and knowledge about these topics.

Which is why, beyond our (hopefully) amazingly helpful product reviews, you will also find instructional, informational, and even some fun miscellaneous articles on this website.

But it’s not just my passion and desire to help you that keep this website running; backing me is a team of equally enthusiastic individuals with varying levels of experience in the industry. So trust me, we know what we’re talking about!
There is no greater joy than that of making and fixing your own things, and with that in mind, we give you a warm welcome to Ireviewtools.com. We hope you enjoy your stay!

Disclaimer: We are a participant in the Amazon Affiliate Services program. Hence, we might receive commissions from sales of the products we review on this website. But we’ll never point you to a bad product, or you can hold us to it!